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10 Best Songs by Volbeat

10 Best Songs by Volbeat

Volbeat is a Danish heavy metal band formed in Copenhagen, Denmark, and they’ve been making music since 2001. Volbeat is a Danish rock band that has been around since 2001. They are known for their unique sound, which incorporates rockabilly, metal, and punk elements. 

Over the years, they have released two live albums, three video albums, eight studio albums, 27 singles, and other albums as still in the making process. 

The band’s songs have become popular among fans of alternative rock music. Ensure you have your rock ‘n’ roll attitude ready to go when you press play in this list of top ten best Volbeat songs. 

1. “Goodbye Forever”

Volbeat’s fans find this song the best of them all and have attracted millions of fans across the globe. Goodbye Forever features a heavy but timely message that pays tribute to iconic musicians who contributed so much in their respective fields. 

The song honors legendary artists with new meaning. It takes on an uplifting light from its studio version, which featured Harlem Gospel Choir behind the band during recording sessions for this album release.

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2. “SoulWeeper”

SoulWeeper is the perfect song to play when you want something that sounds like it came straight out of an oldies compilation.

The strength and sound are present in this track, with its chugging riff and almost fifties-style rock n roll vibe reminiscent perhaps most strongly from “Saturday Night” by The Misfits. 

This album was not widely distributed outside Denmark, which may explain why few people have heard about them before now, but it is one of their best songs, being among the first song released in their first album, The Strength/The Sound/The Songs in 2005.

3. “Lola Montez”

Many Volbeat fans enjoy “Lola Montez,” especially when played live. When the band performs this classic, they do an outstanding job, and any fun of a classic musical can quickly join in the beats. 

The song can be found in the sixth album dubbed Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies. It is about a renowned historical lady named Eliza Rosanna Gilbert, the Countess of Landsfeld and a great dancer, and was released as the third single from the album.

It reached number one on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts in the United States.

4. “The Hangman’s Body Count”

The song is from the album Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies. The song is one of the most outright metal-sounding in the Volbeat discography.

It was the album’s second single to be released. It had an animated lyric video and reached number one on the US Mainstream Rock Songs Chart.

5. “Sad Mans’ Tongue”

This song tune, which is also on Rock The Rebel/Metal The Devil, is just off the top and showcases Michael Poulsen’s affinity for Johnny Cash. The song sounds like a Johnny Cash song with a contemporary metal edge. 

The music is performed after the band does a Johnny Cash rendition in the band’s live gigs. Being among the band’s hit songs has attracted millions of fans.

6. “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown”

The Devil’s Bleeding Crown is a song by the Danish rock group Volbeat. It was released as their most recent single in 2016 from their sixth studio album Seal The Deal and Let’s Boogie. 

This track reached number one on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Chart, making it the fifth consecutive Top Ten hit.

With its galloping guitar sound paired with an old-fashioned Iron Maiden vibe, this tune has something to offer fans across America.

7. “Still Counting”

The song Still Counting has a different tempo with an upbeat style that is more like ska in its opening riff.

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The song was initially part of Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood before being included as a bonus track in some editions for their fourth album, Beyond Hell/Above Heaven, released in 2010. 

It is one of the most popular songs by Volbeat. In fact, the song became available across all formats four years later, with radio success reaching number one Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart upon its release. 

8. “Maybelline I Hefteholder”

This song is from the band’s third studio album, Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood, released in 2008. It’s about a stalker who falls in love with Maybelline, a stripper. Girdle is called Hefteholder in Danish. 

Volbeat published a live video of this song in 2015. Even though the song’s title is in Danish, the lyrics are sung in English and are loved by fans.

9. “Fallen”

Fallen is among the best-selling Volbeat song to date, and it’s easy to see why. The lyrics resonate with so many sons who had great dads that they love and respect, just like these guys do in their own lives.

There’s something about a father figure you can’t help but identify yourself when hearing or reading them out loud. 

This track has been listed among their best-loved and most influential tracks ever since it was released in 2009 to critical acclaim from fans all over the world. 

The lyrics speak directly about dealing with loss in life – something which resonates deeply for many people who had gone through similar experiences themselves or knew someone else closely affected by them too soon before they passed away unexpectedly.

10. “For Evigt”

The lyrics to “For Evigt” by Volbeat, a Danish rock band from 2007, reveal the title means forever.  If it’s your first time to come across it, try to listen to it and you will surely fall in love with the music.

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The song became their third top hit in 2016. It led them into superstardom when it rose on stages across Europe, including at Telia Parken concert hall, where Johan Olsen achieved peak vocal talent with Rod Sinclar’s guitar.

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