10 Best Songs About Cars

Most people have a sentimental attachment towards their cars since it is not just a machine they use for transportation.

As such, it is unsurprising that some artists release songs with cars as the central theme.

This blog will depict the ten best songs about cars that everyone should listen to, especially when on a road trip.

“Aston Martin Music” – Rick Ross ft Drake & Chrisette Michele

The best way to start this list is through Rick Ross’ song “Aston Martin Music.” The video highlights the joy of having an Aston Martin, one of the best cars in the world

Furthermore, the song starts with Rick Ross as a child who dreams of acquiring an Aston Martin when he grows up. Fast forward, we see Rick Ross driving the car, implying that he achieved his dreams in the end. It is a victory song!

Additionally, we shouldn’t forget Drake and Michele’s input in the song. Their vocals are exciting, thus giving someone some RnB vibes when listening.

 “Cars” – Gary Numan

“Cars” is from Gary Numan’s album “The Pleasure Principle.” The song became a fan favorite immediately after its release because the title was self-explanatory.

However, Numan does not talk about the benefits of having a car in the song but compares it to having a house. He reiterates in his lyrics that he always feels safe while he is in his car because you can lock it.

It demonstrates how people feel safe when they are in their cars, which is similar to how someone feels safe when they are at home.

“Get In My Car” – 50 Cent

We were bound to see 50 Cent on this list due to the number of cars he owns. As such, it is no surprise that he released a song about cars where he touts his passion for driving expensive cars.

“Get In My Car” is a song from his 2005 album, “The Massacre.”

50 Raps about his Mercedes Benz in the song and boasts about the car’s rims. You should listen to this song when you want to experience how these celebrities feel when driving shiny and expensive cars.

 “Fast Car” – Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” is one of the best old songs about cars. After its release, the song ranked high on the Billboard Hot 100, and many radio stations, including international ones, played it.

“Fast Car” propelled Tracy Chapman’s career since she performed the song at Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday concert. 

The song’s central theme is being positive and hopeful. Tracy highlights that no matter how many challenges you face, things will always get better.

“Ride With Me” – Nelly ft City Spud

“Ride With Me” was a fan favorite immediately after its release. Nelly released the song when he was buzzing in the entertainment industry and was one of the best musicians at the time.

Additionally, this is the perfect song for a road trip or when on vacation. The song’s tone and melody make it the perfect song for your trip if you have been looking to add it to your traveling playlist.

“Drive My Car”- The Beatles

The Beatles were one of the most famous bands in England. Thus, it is no surprise that “Drive My Car” became a fan favorite after its release.

Despite the song’s title, “Drive My Car” is a euphemism for sex. The song is mainly about a girl who wants to lure a man and make him her lover. It goes against the natural order of things where a man is supposed to pursue a woman.

The girl wants the man to be her driver so they can be close, but when he agrees she tells him she does not have a car.

 “Purple Lamborghini” – Rick Ross & Skrillex

Rick Ross makes it on the list again with “Purple Lamborghini.” Lamborghinis are expensive cars, and one may assume that Rick Ross is bragging about a purple Lamborghini he owns.

On the contrary, the song takes a different direction when looking at its primary meaning. The song depicts the life of various Suicide Squad members from the movie of the same name, including crime and drugs.

The purple Lamborghini mentioned in the song illustrates the car the Joker drives, which Rick Ross states that it describes his craziness.

“Get In the Car” – Moxy Fruvous

Driving a car is exciting, especially if you are driving the car for the first time. This is the central theme in “Get in the Car.”

The song is mainly about the joy and excitement of driving a car. The video also illustrates the pleasure of driving your vehicle during the summer. Many people have experienced this, which made the song a fan favorite after its release.

As such, you should listen to this song if you have not listened to it since it is the perfect jam for your road trip.

“Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car” – Billy Ocean

“Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car” was released in the 1980s. Many fans enjoyed the song since it was ranked number one in the US, Australia, and South Africa.

This is a love song where Billy Ocean begs a girl to enter his car so he can whisk her away into the sunset. This is an excellent song to dedicate to someone you love and tell them about your intentions to be with them.

Ultimately, this is one of the best 80s songs about cars.

“Mercedes Benz” – Janis Joplin

We cannot finalize this list without including a female artist. “Mercedes Benz” is Janis Joplin’s single from her album, “The Essential Janis Joplin.”

The song’s main theme is that people like material things like cars and money. In the song, Janis further elaborates that these material things make people happy because they solve people’s problems.

This is an excellent song to listen to while relaxing at home.

Final Thoughts

You should download these ten songs about cars and add them to your playlist if you are planning a road trip.

The songs will keep you company during your trip, especially when traveling alone.


Born and raised in Austin, David is a dedicated writer and avid fragrance lover. When he's not trying out perfumes, he enjoys traveling and exploring new restaurants.

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