10 Best Songs About Chocolate 

Undoubtedly, music fosters creativity; you can make songs about anything. However, for this list, we’re presenting some of the best songs about chocolate. There are different classes of chocolate songs; some are metaphorical, while others are literal. Read on to find out.

“The Beatles” – Savoy Truffle

Take a thorough dig into the best candy tunes, and instantly ten titles appear, but the greatest by far gets omitted—The Beatles’ “Savoy Truffle.” While a handful of the other sweet songs are memorable, none match the grandeur of this George Harrison with first band, The Beatles, classic.

After all, practically all of the other sweet songs are not about sweets in and of themselves but rather serve as an allegory for something else entirely. However, “Savoy Truffle” from The White Album is not an allegory or an indirection. It’s about chocolate confectionery and the consequence of such excess: poor teeth.

“The Undertones” – Mars Bars

Here’s a song by The Undertones, a punk rock band. While it may appear to be a shameful act of brand promotion today, that was not the case back then. Jimmy’s B-Side is undoubtedly not Shakespeare, but it is a burst of sheer energy and pleasure, guaranteed to grin as you doodle jump along the high street!

For international fans, here are some of the song’s references explained:

  • Mars Bar – nougat wrapped in caramel and milk chocolate – not to be mistaken with American chocolate, which contains almonds.
  • Twix – a chocolate snack or candy bar manufactured by Mars, Inc. featured a cookie center covered with caramel and topped in milk chocolate.
  • Buttons in Packets – chocolate buttons
  • Patrick Moore – a renowned astronomer from the United Kingdom
  • Spar – Convenience store in the neighborhood

“Chocolate City” – Parliament

This song, by Parliament, was sung to express pride and admiration for chocolate cities, which are cities having a majority of African Americans. The song also shows the cohesiveness and togetherness of black communities during that time. The singer imagines a government with predominantly black figures, including Muhammad Ali and Aretha Franklin. Therefore, the term chocolate represents the color of African Americans’ skins. 

“Chocolate Cake” – Crowded House

Here’s a jab at contemporary consumerism. The song serves as a reminder that the general public is uninterested in genuine art and instead prefers crowd-pleasing, sentimental fare such as Andrew Lloyd Webber theatrical productions and “cheap Picasso fakes” that pass as authentic works of art but are cheap imitations.

The authors make an excellent point. Regrettably, the modern consumer has such poor taste. 

“Chocolate” – Kylie Minogue

This song is a ballad in which Minogue utilizes a chocolate metaphor to explain her infatuation with love. However, too much of anything (chocolate or love) becomes sickening; “If love were liquid it would drown me.”

It incorporates disco and funk elements and features breathy and whispered vocals.

“Chocolate Pope” – Electric Six’s

If you’re seeking a song about chocolate and spirituality, you’ve come to the perfect place. With this tune, you’ve struck Easter gold.

Electric Six, as a band, has always been regarded amongst the most intriguing acts to emerge. However, that much is evident from the band’s name and nearly every video they’ve made.

“Chocolate” – Kiana Ledé feat. Ari Lennox

This one is for the younger generations. It was shot via Facetime during a COVID self-isolation phase. It demonstrates what can be accomplished with a cell phone and a little imagination in the limits of a small room. It’s quite difficult to know whether she is singing about love (the chocolate) of the man who provides the chocolate, or sex.

I guess any interpretation along those lines should suffice.
So in awe
I just want your hand all on my jaw ayy
So chocolate craving it
So amazing like it ain’t real mmm yeah

“Chocolate” – The 1975

This chart-topping track is from the self-titled British indie-rock band, The 1975. They sing about evading authorities in their cars while concealing a cache of cannabis, with the name “chocolate” serving as a metaphor for cannabis.

Matthew Healy, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist, described the song as “love letters to authority figures in our towns – you know about tiny rural weariness and tiredness, among cops and youngsters.

“On a Saturday Night, a Chocolate Sundae” – Doris Day

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a chocolate sundae is a serving of ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce. Day sings about devouring several types of chocolate on a Saturday night, evoking an idyllic world brimming with passion and joy:

Lover’s Lane, it just won’t do

For real sweet romance lead me to –

A chocolate sundae on a Saturday night

“Chocolate Girl” – Deacon Blue

This last song on our lost talks about a toxic relationship. Deacon Blue sang about a man who’s dating a chocolate girl; She knows she’s the chocolate girl, Cause she’s broken up and swallowed

The girl is broken and so, he takes advantage of her, dates his old flames. She’s deeply in love and melts when he touches her, yet he sees other women. We know, this song is probably the worst depiction of chocolate.


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