10 Best Songs About Trees  

Thousands of songs have been written about trees. We want to be like them because we want to be strong, powerful, and able to develop and bloom throughout the year. Alternatively, trees might represent a sign of timelessness and wisdom.

Furthermore, trees have long been revered as hallowed sanctuaries where nature’s power may be found. Artists and vocalists have long drawn inspiration for their work from trees and woods. Below is a list of the 10 best songs about trees.

“Lemon Tree” – Fools Garden

This song by Fools Garden was a massive success in the 1990s and educated the audience about the folly of existence via a lyrical homage to a notably captivating tree. Many people interpret the lemon tree as a symbol of bitterness; hence it stands for melancholy, gloom, and the reverse of the blue sky.

This is not a standard metaphor. Lemonade is a famous adage that implies that when life hands someone lemons, they should make lemonade. The saying signifies that people should attempt to create something positive out of unpleasant things.

This is an excellent song because it emphasizes the value of transforming bitter ingredients like lemons into something extraordinary.

“Hanging tree” – LEJ

LEJ has resurrected the tune of the “Hunger Games” rebels in a timid twilight woodland setting with the melodic, vibrating sounds of cellos. Numerous interpretations of “The Hanging Tree” are available, regardless of its exact meaning. A need for independence is expressed in this song, making it an excellent piece of music. In other ways, it’s a call to sacrifice or possibly even death.

“Norwegian Woods” – The Beatles

The Beatles’ Norwegian Woods is a song that evokes memories of the quiet sadness of the woodlands of a person’s youth. Enchanted and waking up in the freshness of the woods is the theme of this song. Norwegian fake wood was used to produce low-cost furniture.

Sitar, a popularly known Indian instrument, was used in this Western pop song for the first time. This song was recorded on October 12, 1965, the First day of Rubber Soul sessions. Although the song is metaphorical and refers to a relationship, it alludes to Norwegian wood, a substance that may burn a home down when ignited.

“Matangi” – M.I.A

M.I.A. has always been able to create tunes that are both chaotic and mesmerizing at the same time. To appreciate her songs like Matangi, one has to look to the natural world, surroundings, or cultural influences for inspiration. Her albums and singles, including “Matangi,” are based on the Hindu deity of a similar name. This beautiful song can be likened to what it feels like to be lost inside a vast forest.

“Old Pine” – Ben Howard

According to Songfacts, the song’s title is drawn from a frightening occurrence when Ben Howard was 16 years old and almost killed by a breaking pine tree. However, this song’s idea came from that near-death experience, not the content.

Instead, old Pine seems to be about Ben’s “surf vacation” and the significant impact on him and his friends at the time of the occurrence above.

The song reads more like a plea for recreational activities as a means of emotional refreshment, even though most listeners might not even be aware that the eponymous “old pine” almost killed the vocalist.

The song reads more like a plea for recreational activities as a means of emotional refreshment, even though most listeners might not even be aware that the eponymous “old pine” almost killed the vocalist.

“The Memory of The Trees” – Enya

The Druids, who revered trees, are mentioned in The Memory of Trees, an Irish folk tale. In Celtic folklore, trees were considered holy because they were thought to contain souls. Their job was to preserve the past. Ogham was named in honor of Ogma, the deity of poetry and language. Hence trees’ memories provide a window into the past.
The loss of the world’s woodlands may offer us a different meaning for the title. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful song since it encourages people to care for the trees.

“A Forest” – The Cure

There is a sketchy scenario of a female being pursued in a forest by The Cure’s “A Forest” from their Seventeen Seconds album. However, Cure’s fans and reviewers see this song as an excellent illustration of the band’s distinct sound.

A childhood fantasy (horror) that turned out to be true with adolescence was how Robert Smith put it. When Rockstar interviewed him back in 1984, he said that the song was inspired by his childhood memory of being lost in the woods.

I attempt to depict that sensation of intense terror and how maybe in various ways this sort of horrible experience could still be felt by everyone,’ he stated. Finding real love in such a short time by random coincidence encounter is a near-absurd impossible game, as this song appears to suggest.

“Cactus Tree” – Joni Mitchell

On Joni Mitchell’s first album, Song to A Seagull, the last song is “Cactus Tree.” in the song, there are various guys who are in love with the same anonymous lady, and all of their stories revolve around the woman’s desire for independence and her reluctance to get into intimate relationships with anybody.

All the men believe they adore her, but she is so busy being independent in every instance. He misses her in the forest and sings about it beautifully that it’s hard to put down.

“Canopée” – Polo & Pan

Polo & Pan’s poetry portrays the narrative of a couple who found sanctuary beneath the canopy of a wild forest. This song has all the right elements. It’s beautiful and uplifting. Lavishly sensual but soothing rhythms are infused with the ideal melody.

The crisp silences and atypical rhythms that emphasize pauses in “Canopée” adds complexity to the acoustic guitar, the crisp, soft bass, the French vocals, and the bell patterns, making the song more complicated. Polo & Pan created “Canopée” in the manner of abstract art, shattering conventions and focusing on negative space.

“Feed the Tree” – Belly

Loyalty and respect were the themes of this song. The tree used as a reference point on huge farms serves as the metaphor (the only tree sometimes). The families would be trapped under the enormous tree since nothing could grow there. There is a peaceful vibe to the music, and the vision that comes from the words is enchanting.


For centuries, musicians have used trees and woods as a metaphor to convey a wide range of emotions. Others have written songs about running which are also extraordinary.

Trees and woods may feature prominently in certain songs; however, these phrases are often used metaphorically to describe an array of moods and sentiments. Thought-provoking songs by singers and composers have brought attention to the significance of forests and the environment in our world.

It’s not uncommon to hear people refer to the interaction between trees and branches to represent themselves.


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