10 Best Songs About Coffee

There is simply nothing more refreshing than that first cup of hot coffee in the morning. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that many artists would use coffee to symbolize different events in life. Below is a compilation of some of the best songs about coffee.

One Cup of Coffee” – Bob Marley

It is only befitting to start this list with songs about running and struggle from the reggae legend himself, Bob Marley. The song is about divorce and the different feelings attached to the whole process.

He reminisces about how great life was when he was still married and all the great times they had that can be compared to having a warm cup of coffee every day. This Tommy McCook instrumental was released in 1962 and is one of Bob’s earlier songs. This version of One Cup of Coffee is a rendition of the 1961 coffee song by Claude Gray.

Coffee Song” – Frank Sinatra

All avid coffee lovers must have come across this coffee anthem by Sinatra. The song plays into the imagination of coffee drinkers by painting a picture of a place where coffee rules and is even more encouraged than drinking water. Everything about this song pays homage to the process and equipment used to make a great cup of this cherished beverage.

Many people have sung this fantastic song, but it was originally sung by Frank Sinatra and was among the Top Ten hits in 1946. He jokes about the insane amount of coffee supposedly grown in Brazil and how pretty much everything can be associated with coffee.

Espresso (All Jacked Up)” – Todd Rundgren

Most people love coffee’s number one reason is the rush and awake feeling that comes with every sip. This song revolves around the high people get from the caffeine in this drink. It is clear what Todd was on about with coffee and traveling when he produced this song about running in 1995. 

Coffee” – Miguel

This song seeks to create a correction between coffee and lust. The gratification he would get from having a wild intimate moment with his partner would be as exciting as waking up to a cup of coffee in the morning. He also speaks about how he is wild at heart, and his partner has been quite accommodating with this fact. This song was released as part of an EP on his Wildheart album in 2015.

Cup of Coffee– Johnny Cash

Many things transpire when on the road as a long-distance truck driver. Johnny Cash wants to show how simple pleasures such as a good cup of coffee and a pleasant conversation can make all the difference for people.

The monologue and yodel in the song give it a lovely country feel while he expresses how a cup of joe doesn’t compare to whiskey or even wine. The song was written by Ramblin’ Jack Elliot and released in 1966 by Columbia Records as a part of his Everybody Loves a Nut album.

The songs on this album have a humorous tone, and Cup of Coffee is no different because he ironically sounds drunk throughout the entire piece.

Coffee Shop” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

There was a time when going on dates was considered synonymous with going to a coffee shop. This beverage has a way of easing a situation and bringing both parties to a state of less anxiety.

The lyrics point to how the singers would like to find someone to love and possibly be intimate with, and they reiterate that the ideal meet-up spot would be a coffee shop. Some people have hailed this fifth single from the 1996 album, One Hot Minute. The song’s video is live performance footage by the band directed by Gavin Bowden.

One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)” – Bob Dylan

Written by the great Bob Dylan in 1975, One More Cup of Coffee speaks about a complicated romantic relationship. He did confirm that the song was written after he had attended a gypsy celebration.

When he was about to leave, he requested a bag of coffee as a parting gift from the gypsies. The song has seen great success ever since Bob first performed it at a live show in Massachusetts. Many artists have made their own versions of this song, including The White Stripes. The track has been used in various movies, such as I’m Not There in 2007.

“Two Beds and a Coffee Machine” – Savage Garden

This track paints how an abusive relationship torments the wife and kids. She then resorts to hiding in a cheap hotel to protect herself and her kids from the violent rage of her alcoholic husband.

The song’s title eludes to the simplicity, safety, and comfort of life’s simple pleasures, such as a nice bed and a simple cup which have eluded the woman’s home, although she knows she will have to go back eventually. The song is part of the Affirmation album, which did surprisingly well at number six on the charts in 1999.

Black Coffee” – Ella Fitzgerald

Break-ups are awful and leave you feeling half-empty, sad, and even unwilling to go about your daily routines. This song, written in 1948, narrates how the singer went through difficult times after a break-up and how coffee was her only solace to get through her day. This track was used in the 1960 movie, Let No Man Write My Epitaph.

“Forty Cups of Coffee” – Ella Mae Morse

Lastly is this heartbreak song by Ella that covers all the basses with all the smooth jazz and country music style. The 1953 hit tune has what good coffee brings to her, and that is a happy ending as she waits for her lover to get home. It is the perfect song to drift coffee drinkers into pure coffee bliss.

In Conclusion

Different artists have used coffee to express a diverse range of feelings. Whether you’re looking for perfect coffee captions on social media or something much deeper, these songs deliver. The one thing the artists seem to agree on is that coffee is an excellent reprieve for many people. Need a last-minute gift for a coffee lover in your life? Make them this playlist and give them printable thanks a latte Starbucks gift card!


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