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20 Best Songs About Hell

Whether or not you are a believer, you have probably thought about Hell at one point in your life. Some artists have voiced their thoughts through music. Metal is not the only genre that vividly talks about Hell.

There are country, rap, and even pop songs that have touched on the topic. Some songs have the word Hell on the title, while others are entirely about the underworld. Without further ado, these are some greatest songs about Hell.

Highway To Hell — AC/DC

This song is probably one of the most famous hell songs. It is featured in many movies, and different artists have put out many versions. The song is from an Australian hard rock band in 1979.

The narrator lives a free life with friends, which they describe through the lyrics. The most used definition of the song is based on the arduous AC/DC touring schedule. The co-writers would refer to their road life as a highway to Hell, and that’s where the title comes from.

All the Good Girls Go To Hell — Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish came out with this song in 2019. A somewhat terrifying video accompanies the song. Scary imagery and lyrics aside, the singer says it’s about the urgency of climate change.

But the message is evident even after listening to the lyrics once. It’s a warning to take action against the drastic changes happening all over. She talks about hills burning and waters rising, among other things. The song starts with the words ‘my Lucifer is lonely.

Raising Hell — Kesha ft. Big Freedia

This is an upbeat party song, and the title tells it all. It’s about good people having fun doing some bad things.

The character in the lyrics is a bit aught and goes all out with partying. The pop banger incorporates some gospel terminology but in a playful way. She talks about hangovers, walks of shame, and other aftermaths of a vigorous night of partying.

Sympathy for the Devil — The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones is a renowned English band. The song is one of the most controversial songs in history. You can already tell from the title that it’s about the devil. It’s about human atrocities from the devil’s point of view.

The narrator even says that some of the bad things people do are not the devil’s fault. But the song has plenty of symbolic meanings as well. 

Bat Out Of Hell — Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf was a great performer and artist, and this is one of the many songs associated with him. The song clocks at nearly ten minutes; it’s possible to over-analyze it because it’s very long. It depicts an ultimate crash scene.

The song title is an expression that means very fast. It talks about a rider being thrown off his motorcycle. This classic tune has been in people’s ears since 1977.

Hell N Back — Bakar

Hell and back is a popular expression people use when they have been through a challenging phase. The narrator talks about drugs and how they affect his relationships. But he finds someone who becomes his light.

It’s a pretty common story but told differently. The cheerful production manages to mask a heartfelt narrative of the artist. The journey to Hell and back was to find inner peace and comfort. It’s an alternative indie track from 2019.

Give Heaven Some Hell — Hardy

If you are a great country music lover, you are going to enjoy this country track from the American singer Hardy. The singer says an emotional goodbye to a fallen friend.

It is storytelling at its best, and the ward-winning video completes the message perfectly. It’s from Hardy’s debut studio album, A Rock, released in 2021. The song is meant to help anyone going through a similar loss.

Gives You Hell — The All-American Rejects

This song is a way of looking for someone you hate. It can be anyone from an ex-lover to a family member. The common phrase from the song is “when you see my face, hope it gives you Hell.”

You can tell the narrator has a lot of history with the person he hates based on the harsh words in the lyrics. It’s one of the most played songs from the band’s third album.

Hell & Back — Kid Ink

This is yet another song detailing some harsh and troubling scenarios in the singer’s life. The vivid video tells it all. There is a remix featuring Machine Gun Kelly.

The singer keeps saying he has been through Hell and back, and he gives contexts and reasons why. The American rapper pours his heart out in this piece. Most people who relate have been through similar issues.

Hell on Heels — Pistol Annies

Pistol Annies is a great country music girl group. Since their debut in 2011, they have had a couple of successful songs, including this track. Hell on Heels is a show of independence and how she is not going to let anyone pin her down.

She says she is pretty and smart and will break a million hearts. It’s a fun song, and most people agree the girl depicted in the lyrics is possibly an exotic dancer or a call girl.

Hells Bells — AC/DC

The phrase hell’s bells is an exclamation of surprise. But this song brings up the images of Hell or the underworld. The lyrics are from the devil’s point of view. It was their comeback song after their lead singer Bon Scott died.

Hell is one of the recurring topics in AC/DC songs. If you are a fan of theirs, you have probably heard a few. But this one is well-structured and easy to understand.

In Hell, I’ll Be In Good Company — The Dead South

This masterpiece from The Dead South describes a roller coaster of emotions and a tragic end to a relationship. Their video has now racked up over 291 million views on YouTube. The band will draw you in with their unique storytelling abilities.

You may miss it on the first listen, but you will realize it’s also about murder if you go back to the song. According to them, murder plays a significant role in most tragedies; that’s why they wanted to talk about it.

Good as Hell — Lizzo

This is the song that believes in you even if you don’t. Hell, in this context, represents something good. The uplifting music has become an anthem for most people who want their spirits lifted.

The flute-playing artist delivered these lyrics with the best attitude for people going through self-esteem issues. The song officially came out in 2016 and had a lot of positive responses. Good as Hell is a phrase you have probably said from one occasion to the next.

Hell of a Night — Dustin Lynch

Hell of a Night song details a night of fun-filled with some booze and good company. There are so many songs that share the same title, and all seem to have one theme. It’s from the Where It’s At album in 2014.

The music video shows Dustin performing at various shows. He believes his performances usually make Hell of a night, and that’s where the song came from. 

Raise Hell — Dorothy

According to Dorothy, the song Raise Hell is a cry for people to break some of society’s impositions. That is why she tells the masses to raise Hell and be bolder.

Some so many people feel chained by societal rules, and these are the kinds of people she is addressing. Anyone can adopt this song as a mantra to get through whatever issue you face.

If You’re Going Through Hell — Rodney Atkins

Here is a message to live by when you are going through a tough situation.

Rodney urges you to keep going even if you feel a hundred demons breathing fire down your back. Every bit of the song has some encouragement. This is the kind of mentality everyone could use every now and then when they are at their worst.

Cowboys From Hell — Pantera

This song broadcasts Pantera’s Texas origin using different western themes. It is a big hit, and fans and the band highly used the abbreviation of the title CFH.

They refer to themselves are cowboys from Hell in this song and say they are untouchable. That’s the theme the song maintains from start to finish.

Heaven Nor Hell — Volbeat

The song is about who sells his soul to the devil and is in debt forever. It shows the singer has done a few things in the past that he is not proud of.

But there is a twist as the man steals his soul back from the devil. Then there is redemption after all the struggle. You should add it to your playlist because it’s a great piece.

Hell Yeah — Rev Theory

This song doesn’t talk about the underworld or the devil but uses the word Hell as an expression instead.

It’s about the rush and feeling you get when you see the girl you like. The narrator describes this particular girl as a ten. The lyrics show how the guy in question reacts and the thoughts running in his when he sees the girl.

Heaven and Hell — Black Sabbath

This metal rock song from Black Sabbath came out in 1980. The tune was pretty popular in the US; it reached number 28 on the Billboard chart. The song is about which path you take, whether it’s the one to Hell or heaven.

But the in-depth lyrics have received a lot of interpretations. You can derive your own meaning as well after listening. The lyrics highlight different life scenarios that are thought-provoking. 


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