10 Best Songs About Flying  

There is greatness in flying—most people like the thrill of it and the adventure it offers. There are very many songs that revolve around it. The term may be used straightforwardly or as a metaphor to represent something else. Here are ten great songs about flying.

“Learning to Fly” – Pink Floyd

The song was released in 1987. It won MTV Video Music Award for Best Concept Video on September 14, 1984. It was written by David Gilmour, who was learning how to fly. The song uses the term fly as a symbol of freedom. Moreover, this was the first song they produced without their founder member Roger Waters. Consequently, it brings out the concept of breaking free and attaining freedom. The song encourages us to be independent and stand on our own.

“Fly Me To The Moon” – Franka Sinatra

The song was released in 1964. It won him the Annual Grammy Awards for Best Performance by an Orchestra – for Dancing. “Fly me to the moon” is a love song. As a result, it does a perfect job of giving one a euphoric feeling. The artist Frank pours out his heart and soul into this song. The song shows how much he is in love with his partner. The phrase flies me to the moon shows the extent of his feelings for his lover and how he feels when he is with his significant other.

“Learning To Fly” – Tom Petty

It was written in 1991 and released on June 17, 1991. The song’s inspiration came to him when he watched an interview with a pilot on television. The pilot said that flying is easy, but landing is quite challenging. Tom related this to his daily struggles in life. The song is inspirational because it encourages people to rise above their struggles. Here he said, “You can lay down and let tragedy overwhelm you or glide above it.” If this does not feel like inspiration, I do not know what does.

“Time For Me To Fly” – REO Speedwagon

This song was released in 1978. It is from the second single; You Can Tune a Piano. The writer regrets giving up everything and going for the girls’ love, who was selfish and hurting him. This song finds him ready to move on. It means that he has accepted it’s over. He is ready to move on and doesn’t want to be her boy toy anymore. For anyone in a toxic relationship, this song helps one see the light.

“Born To Fly” – Sara Evans

This brilliant song was released in June 2000. The track earned the Music Video of the Year Award from Country Music Association. The melody encourages one not to keep their feet on the ground, especially when they know they were born to above. The song encourages one to take a step in life and do what is deemed impossible. In addition to that, it helps one to stop underestimating themselves. It speaks of greatness over one’s life.

“Amelia” – Joni Mitchell

Amelia Earhart was known as the first woman to ever fly across the Atlantic on her own. She would fly across the world just like anyone would like to do. However, she could not complete her trip as her plane vanished over the Pacific Ocean. The song encourages people to strive to do what they want to. Like her, so should everyone strive to achieve their goals whether there is support from others or not.

“Flying Without Wings” – Westlife

The track was released on October 18, 1999, and later awarded the Record of the Year in the United Kingdom. Media houses used it for television shows and advertisements. The song is about finding closure. It tells of someone looking for something to complete their life. This tune is about the joy found in friendship or being with a loved one. The artist compares that kind of happiness with flying without wings.

“Fly Away” – Lenny Kravitz

“Fly Away” is one of the many Grammy Award-winning songs. This catchy rock melody has been used for advertising southwest airlines. It describes the writer’s wish to become like a dragonfly and fly high into the sky. It shows the desire to explore the world and other places. To be free to travel to Mars. Many can view it as a straightforward rock song, but it carries a great message.

“Free Bird” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

This track is southern rock music that is so good it just can not be forgotten. After its live performance in Atlanta’s fox theatre, it became a hit song, a tune about being free. The writer is deeply in love but resists the urge to get into a commitment. It shows the human nature of resisting change. However, the songwriter died in a plane crash sometime later. Nevertheless, this did not stop the song from being a hit song. Even now, the song is as romantic as when it was released.

“Wind Beneath My Wings” – Bette Midler

It was released in March 1983 and became a big hit. Consequently, it scored number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. In addition to that, it won the Grammy awards twice! The song is quite emotional and has a great flow, conveying the message quite well. This singer receives excellent support from someone (the hero). The support helps her achieve a lot; she almost touches the sky. Touching the sky is a metaphor for the great extent of her achievements.


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