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10 of Morgan Wallen’s Best Songs

10 of Morgan Wallen’s Best Songs

Morgan Wallen has quickly become a namesake in country music. His career began in 2016 with the release of his first EP, and then the release of his first full-length album came out in 2018. His songs and lyrics resonated with country music fans and even those who don’t usually listen to country music. 

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Wallen released his newest album in 2021, with TikTok making many of his songs larger than life. Selected from his plethora of number one hits, here are ten of Morgan Wallen’s best songs. 

“More Than My HomeTown”

Popularized by a TikTok trend, “More Than My Hometown” has become a massive hit among music lovers. Morgan sings about the girl he loves and how great their relationship is but ultimately, his love for his hometown will never match his love for her. 

While kind of a blow to the woman, this song will resonate with anyone who is in love with where they grew up. Even if you can’t relate, you can’t deny how catchy the tune and lyrics are. 

“Whiskey Glasses”

Everyone’s been through a breakup. No matter how messy or seamless the breakup is, it can still be an emotional experience for both people involved. Morgan Wallen’s song “Whiskey Glasses” talks about how getting over someone can be incredibly painful and challenging. 

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The lyrics talk about how Morgan Wallen’s drowning his sorrows in a glass of whiskey to forget all the pain from the relationship and breakup. It’s a sad song about wanting to stay under the influence so he can’t feel a thing. 

“The Way I Talk”

Anyone who grew up in the South with a Southern accent will relate to this song more than likely. Some people make fun of Southern accents because people with them say things “funny,” but Morgan Wallen took to songwriting to express why he talks the way he talks. 

The lyrics are heartwarming, talking about how he sounds like his dad, doesn’t cuss around his mom, and uses slang words and phrases many people probably haven’t heard. 

“Up Down”

Many of Morgan Wallen’s songs are ballads and heartwarming yet upbeat country songs, but “Up Down” is arguably the first and best party anthems he released. Florida Georgia Line is featured on the track, but it’s still a Morgan Wallen song. 

This party anthem talks about drinking and listening to good music with friends. Whether it’s in a backyard, cruising down backroads, or anywhere else. It’s a great party song to play at really any occasion. As the lyrics say, you’ll feel like living it up whenever this comes on.

“Country A$$ Shit”

“Country A$$ Shit” is one of Morgan Wallen’s top five songs. This Morgan Wallen song is one to jam with friends while doing country stuff. The song is all about not wanting to go to work, do the mundane things in life, think about relationships, and more. 

The country stuff Morgan Wallen sings about in “Country A$$ Shit” includes fishing, drinking cold beer, wearing blue jeans, boating on a pontoon boat, and playing guitar. 

“7 Summers”

Almost everyone has someone they consider the one that got away, and this Morgan Wallen song hits the nail on the head. Wallen sings about a girl he spent his summer with seven summers ago and wondering where she’s at now. 

He imagines she’s moved further South where it’s summer for longer, getting married, having kids, and living a great life. As the lyrics progress, you’ll feel it pull on your heartstrings if you’ve ever been in a similar situation. 

“Chasin’ You”

One of the best Morgan Wallen love songs is actually a little heartbreaking. “Chasin’ You” is all about a woman who isn’t in his life anymore, but he’s still chasing her. The lyrics are beautiful and talk about a passionate relationship that’s no more. 

What makes it heartbreaking is the one line about how he’s holding someone new, but he’s still chasing “you.” It’ll tear at your heartstrings a bit, but it’s still a great song.

“Thought You Should Know”

We love this song by Morgan Wallen. This beautiful song is a letter to his mom, filling her in on everything in his life. For anyone who has a child, this song will resonate deeply. It’s also a great song if you’re the child running off chasing your dreams, but you miss your mom.

Some lyrics include talking about how he’s still her only son and that all her prayers must’ve gotten through because he’s living a great life. 

“You Proof”

If you’re wondering what song made Morgan Wallen famous outside of the country music scene, it’s this one. “You Proof” is popular on TikTok, and the lyrics are fantastic. It’s another country breakup anthem, talking about how drinking is helping drown his sorrows. 

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The song references how alcohol has different proofs determining how strong they are. He sings about how to get over this girl and how he will need something even more potent than he’s used to, aka “something you proof.”

“Somebody’s Problem”

Last but not least, we have “Somebody’s Problem.” It’s a good song but not our favorite on the list. But, just because it isn’t our favorite makes it less popular. The lyrics tell a story about being at a party and someone looking to pick up a girl. 

Wallen sings about how they can’t find her, and she’s somebody’s problem, but at some point, somebody’s problem will be his. It’s not just about taking a girl home after a night out, but about how she’s the girl you change your life for.

Final Thoughts

Morgan Wallen is known for creating excellent country music, from ballads to upbeat hits. So next time you’re in charge of the playlist or are craving some country music, give one or more of his best songs a listen.