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10 Best Songs About Food

10 Best Songs About Food

Why do we love food so much? Well, we need it to survive, for one thing. But just being a necessity isn’t what makes it special; it’s the variety and the culture around it. If we’re going to be forced to eat merely to be able to live, then it makes sense that we would want to make that experience enjoyable.

From home-cooked meals to five-star restaurant gourmet dishes, and even to a simple candy bar, we love food so much that not only is there an endless variety of it available to us to consume, we’ve also written many songs about our desire to eat.

Here are 10 songs about food that you can’t resist from chomping down on.

Sugar – Maroon 5

Using food as an allegory for love is fairly common in music. But here, we’re talking about a powerful craving that is more than just having a sweet tooth. Going too long without food can make your body weak and bereft of energy. Likewise, this song suggests, can you feel down if you go too long without love.

Whether that love be a deep emotional bond or just a physical craving for intimacy, it’s no surprise that most of us are always happy to have a little sugar now and then.

I Want Candy -The Strangeloves

Most dentists will say that too much candy is no good for you. But what if you’re smitten by a girl named Candy? They can probably make an exception in that case. Both the sugary confections and the girl of your dreams are able to make your mouth water, so there’s nothing wrong with declaring your desire for candy.

This song has such a catchy beat that it’s been covered in quite a few instances to keep up with the times, simply updating the tune a bit but keeping the lyrics mostly the same, though sometimes Candy is a boy. But he’s probably just as sweet.

Cherry Pie – Warrant

Cherry Pie is such a staple of American culinary history, it’s no wonder there’s a song about it. Not just a song, it’s practically an anthem at this point. It’s one of the most recognizable hair metal songs from the 90’s.

Naturally, we’re talking about more than just the pastry dessert here, but the point is that both forms of cherry pie are very satisfying. Whether it’s the kind you eat or the kind you share with another special someone, cherry pie is always sure to take care of that sweet tooth of yours.

Sugar Sugar – The Archies

Another song about love so sweet that it can only be compared to sugar. The candy girl here is also compared to honey. Two savory, sweet foods that can be used to complement any number of dishes. So too can the candy girl complement your life by merely being by your side.

This song harkens back to American summers, going on picnics and vacations, meeting other people, making memories and having wonderful experiences. If you have those memories, hearing this song is sure to bring them to the forefront.

Candy Shop – Madonna

The candy shop was naturally a lot of people’s preferred place as children. All the candy you could ever eat, all in one place. You’d be lucky to convince your parents to let you get some candy every now and then, and maybe you could save a little bit of money and get some yourself.

Having complete and total access to a candy shop might not be the best thing, as it could lead to overindulgence, but as long as you set your limits, candy shops are pretty sweet.

Red Red Wine – UB40

Not everyone’s old enough to drink, but if you are, then sometimes a nice glass of red wine is what you need. Especially if you’re trying to cope with the loss of someone leaving you.

Nobody is saying you should drink yourself in a stupor, but being able to take the edge off some of the pain with some wine is acceptable. Nobody likes a broken heart. Neil Diamond wrote Red Red Wine but perhaps the most famous cover is UB40’s reggae-inspired hit.

Cake By The Ocean – DNCE

What could be more relaxing than eating cake by the ocean? This song is all about savoring the moments of life that are worth it, and not wasting time with things that don’t matter.

We don’t always have the greatest view when it comes to our own priorities, so some important things might fall by the wayside. But it’s mindful to remember the big things, while also not forgetting the small things.

Yes, take care of the important stuff, but also make time for the little things, otherwise you might look back and wish you had set aside some time to have some cake by the ocean.

Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leppard

Another amazing rock song from the last century, this one paints of picture of using sugar as a topping for oneself. Like you’re saying that you, yourself, are a sweet treat, and you’ll only get sweeter with a nice topping of sugar.

A lot of people think highly of themselves, and whether or not that’s true, self-confidence is a great thing to have. Considering yourself to be a tasty dessert that others would be so lucky to have a taste, now that’s having a lot of self-confidence.

Peaches N Cream – Snoop Dogg

We all wish we could be millionaires. Having enough money to be able to buy anything you want. Peaches N Cream tells the story of someone being so wealthy that it’s become trivial to find love (or at least companionship) when you have so much to offer.

I might even be enough to tempt people away from their companions. Whether or not this is a good thing is neither here nor there, but it’s something to be aware of.

It may not be enough for everybody, but you can’t deny that having those opportunities opens the door to many possibilities, including as many peaches and cream as you want.

Birthday Cake – Rihanna

Everybody loves a birthday cake! And of course, you can still have some birthday cake even if it’s not someone’s birthday. This song is sexy, flirty, and not at all appropriate for family birthdays.

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