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20 Best Songs About Tequila

While many people love tequila, many of them do not handle it in the best way. It can be a truth serum and make shy people suddenly become social butterflies, or some people may even start fights.

Whichever the case, the best way to try and explain what tequila does to people is through music. Some songs express how it makes people feel, while others explain the aftermath. Some of the best tequila songs include:

Top Songs About Tequila

“Tequila Again” – Brothers Osborne

There is a sub-genre of songs in the music industry where the singer pretends to be in love but is in love with tequila. “Tequila Again” is one of the best songs in that sub-genre.

Released in 2018 in the Port Saint Joe album, it is a relatively new and deceptively sweet instant classic.

“Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” – Joe Nicholas

This is one of the best songs that illustrates what happens after someone has had too much tequila. In this 2005 country classic, the singer says the woman makes excuses for her infidelity by saying the tequila makes her clothes fall off.

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The woman says that every time she has tequila, she either has one earring, goes home without her pantyhose, or eaves her jacket at the restroom stalls.

“Everybody Hates Me” – The Chainsmokers

While it may take a lot of tequila for someone to think that everybody hates him, it is exactly what happens to the singer of this 2018 synthpop tune. His girlfriend humiliated him in public and broke up with him, and now he needs to pick up the broken pieces.

He goes to the nightclub, and as he goes in, he is self-conscious, and all he wants to do is share tequila with his friends to relax and keep his mind off all the pain.

“Jose Cuervo” – Shelly West

Just like Tequila Again, this 1983 hit is another song in the sub-genre, where the singer’s subject of affection is Tequila. She sings to Jose and says that it is a friend of hers and she loves to drink it with salt and lime.

She wakes up one Sunday morning trying to remember what she did last night after having too much tequila. She does not remember whether she shot out the lights, kissed all the cowboys, started any fights, or danced at the bar.

She then looks over only to find a stranger sleeping next to her, with his shirt on her, but she blames it all on the tequila.

“Victoria” – Eve 6

This 2012 rock hit song reflects a jealous and mistrusting boyfriend whose girlfriend is in Mexico with another man. He tries to drink tequila to relax and calm his nerves, but it does not seem to help.

His girlfriend did not call as expected, which gives him too many thoughts. In the end, he realizes that if he still cares too much about what his girlfriend is doing, he has not drunk enough tequila.

“Stays In Mexico” – Toby Keith

This 2004 country song illustrates what happens to people after having too much tequila. It affects the judgment of vacationers who are not each other’s spouses.

Because of the influence, they dance, flirt, and share a night of hot passion before returning home to their different spouses and obligations. The singer is a bystander who watches the whole affair and cautions people not to bite more than they can chew.

“Last Name” – Carrie Underwood

This 2008 country hit explains what happens when people combine a lot of tequila and bad judgment, which is nothing less than trouble. The singer says she had too much of the poison tequila the previous night, and she ended up hooking up with a stranger on the dance floor.

They traveled to Vegas, where they married, as she is now wearing a wedding band. The most unfortunate thing is that she does not know the guy’s last name.

“Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo” – Tracy Byrd

This 2002 country song describes a cowboy’s efforts to drown his ex-lover’s memories with tequila. By the first round, the band music sounded incredible. Even if he had two left feet by the fourth round, he joined the dance floor.

He even bought everyone in the bar rounds, and by his tenth round, he started over. When the night ended, he had forgotten all about his ex-lover and almost forgot his name!

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“Mexico, Tequila, And Me” – Allan Jackson

The narrator of the song wants to escape the daily life hustles, which leads him to hop on a truck and drive out of the country looking for higher spirits.

He wants a long weekend away from the busy life, where it will be just Mexico, tequila, and him.

“Tequila” – Dan + Shay

This song is for all the people who have a drink they cannot drink or a song they can’t listen to because of a broken heart.

The singers say that they can drink red wine, whiskey, scotch, and champagne all night, but they still remember their ex-lover when they drink tequila.

“He Drinks Tequila, She Talks Dirty” – Sammy Kershaw and Lorrie Morgan

Nothing but downright, all-night partying in this country classic. The story’s simple and fun. Senor Jose works all day in the sun, planting, tending and harvesting crops, row after row.

But when the weekend comes, he goes Tequila wild with the hottest girl in the trailer park, who likes to talk dirty.

According to Mr. Kershaw, Senor Jose loves wearing his sombrero, while his girl runs around in her purty pink jammies. The pure party power makes this one of Kershaw’s most memorable.

“One Tequila” – Darius Rucker

This song is about a man who can hold his booze just fine, as long as he’s north of the border. But when he hits Mexican soil and drinks like the locals, he eventually ends up on the floor, but not immediately.

His first couple of Tequilas go down pretty smoothly. In fact, by the second Tequila, he’s already buddied up with the bar. However, the poor guy only makes it to four Tequilas before he becomes just another drunk gringo.

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“You and Tequila” – Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney takes you to Los Angeles where a man is driving up Mullholland Drive fantasizing about two things: a hot chick and Tequila. From his lyrical ranting, it’s not readily apparent which he adores more.

What you do know is that he loves the feel of both of them running through his veins and that he’d let both do great damage to him, even kill him.

“Straight Tequila Night” – John Anderson

Mr. Anderson gives a clear warning to every guy in this piece: If you see a particular woman sipping white wine, don’t invite her to a straight Tequila night. The woman in question seems to behave quite pleasantly when partaking of the grape.

However, according to Mr. Anderson, Tequila sends her into a frenzied rage. You see, the Tequila triggersr bad memories of a man who broke her heart, causing her to act aggressively toward every man in the bar.

So, buy her another wine if you see her out.

“One Shot” – Robin Thicke

This catchy piece is all about getting it on, thanks to the Mexican elixir that Tequila is.

Although the title is One Shot, in the song, Thicke sings about how two shots eventually turn into five shots, which is how many he and his baby needed to start, in his own words, getting it on.

“Tequila Sunrise” – The Eagles

In this classic by the Eagles, a man passes his evenings drinking Tequila until the sun comes out. One night, he sees a beautiful girl mixing it up and decides to try his game.

Too bad the Tequila he looked to for courage became the impediment that kept him from finding the right words to say to this beauty.

“Tequila Sun Rise” – Cypress Hill

This is not a remake of the Eagle’s classic but a deep dive into the world of cross-border drug dealing. It’s perfect for those who like dance-inspiring beats and clever lyrics.

The main character in the lyrics that are spit is a youngster who makes his way to drug riches, thanks to a mentor in the game. His mentor eventually dies, and he goes out on his own with a plan to get mad riches and victories over his enemies.

“All the Tequila in Tijuana” – Kevin Fowler Band

Got someone special on your mind but want to get them out of your head? Well, join the Kevin Fowler Band on a trip to Mexico to try and obliterate that person’s face from your brain by drinking as much Tequila as humanly possible.

Full disclosure: The singer drinks copious amounts of Tequila only to end up in the depths of despair, feeling like he was going to die, all the while with that person still in his mind.

“Cheap Tequila” – Johnny Winter

Sometimes, some feel the need to get dark and depressed when sipping Tequila. If that’s you, then cue this song up.

It’s highly metaphorical, but literally talks about a woman living a sad existence who dresses herself up in clothes to hide her sagging body. Winter’s advice to her is to drown herself in cheap tequila and flush herself away.

“On the Tequila” – Alanis Morissette

This is the perfect tequila song if you’re looking for some good old-fashioned hangin’ time with friends and zero to no drama.

In this work, Morissette and a bunch of friends get together to make some homemade pizza and horse around. How much more lighthearted can you get? Is this really a Tequila Song?


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