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10 Best Songs with Baby in the Title

10 Best Songs with Baby in the Title

Baby, you may have heard this word spoken through a plethora of mediums, but we can confidently say that you may have heard it the most through music. The word baby has been used to describe everything from infants to romantic love.

This is why, for so many years, the word continues to make the rounds through all genres of music. However, only a few select can be placed at the very top; therefore, the following list includes the top ten songs with baby in the title. Note that the list is in no particular order.

Songs with Baby in the Title

10. “Be My Baby”—The Ronettes (1963)

Ah, the age of innocent, kind of. Well, it certainly did sound like it when “Be my baby” by the Ronettes debuted in 1963. However, they have not received the best of notoriety throughout the years due to backstage issues.

The band has certainly made its mark in history. The song was produced by Phil Spector, who at the time built a reputation as someone who could build a wall of sound.

The song was so popular and so well crafted that Beach Boy’s Brian Wilson even called it the best pop song of all time and was even recorded as saying that he had listened to the song well over a hundred times.

9. “Dont Worry Baby” -The Beach Boys

As stated above, the song “Be my baby” was very much beloved by Brian Wilson that he would go on to create a male version of the song for the Beach Boys.

Very much like the original, “Don’t Worry Baby” would use some of the simple elements that made the original so great. Although the song was a hit, Brian Wilson quickly went back to producing music that was more aligned to his creative mind.

8. “Since I Lost My Baby”—The Temptations

If there was ever a great example of the sounds of Motown, it’s this song by the Temptations. The song written by Smokey Robinson and Pete Moore of the Miracles was an instant hit and would reach the top 20 charts within the R & B & pop charts. The single would be released during the summer of 1965.

7. “Baby, I Love Your War” – Peter Frampton

There’s no doubt about it; the 1970s were all about going on the dance floor and getting your groove on. However, even then, you still had singers such as Peter Frampton bringing us incredible love songs. The song is catchy as it is irresistible to dance to.

Peter Frampton would re-debuted the song within his live album “Frampton Comes Alive.” The song did very well on the charts and would re-emerge in the early ’90s when Big Mountain would go on to cover the song. Even today, the song has been used constantly throughout commercials, television shows, and movies.

6. “Give it to me Baby” – Rick James

A true innovator, Rick James not only presented the world with incredible music but also introduced a new sub-genre called punk-funk. Rick James would hit the mainstream when he introduced his late 80’s Motown album “Street Songs.”

One of the songs included within that album was “Give it to me Baby.” Although the album included another major hit, “Super Freak,” it was “give it to me baby” that would not only reach the Billboard Hot 100 Chart but also become a staple of many dance clubs during that time.

5. “Baby, Baby, Baby” – TLC

At first glance, you may not think that these baggy pants, eyewear accessories ladies could present the world with one of the most romantic songs, but that’s exactly what they did over 20 years ago.

The song, which was inspired by true events, speaks about a man who doesn’t think they have to work for their girlfriend’s love. The song is not only upbeat and catchy but tells an amazing story of taking love for granted.

4. “Baby One More Time” – Britney Spears

Baby one more time was not only Britney Spears’ debut song but also the turning point of the 90’s culture. The song, which was originally created for TLC, was produced by Max Martin and Martin, Denniz Pop, and Rami Yacoub.

The song was quickly offered to Britney Spears, who at the time was not happy with the music being presented to her. However, this one was different, and she quickly fell in love with it. Along with the video, the “baby one more time” quickly rose to the top of the charts and into the heart of American pop culture for years to come.

3. “Baby” – Justin Beiber

Perhaps the biggest pop star to come out of the early 2010s, Justine Beiber struck gold with his debut song simply titled “Baby.” The young Canadian was first discovered by Justin Timberlake and Usher when he began to post videos of himself singing on youtube.

Needless to say, his stint on Youtube didn’t last too long as he quickly rose to fame with “Baby” being the perfect launching pad for his career.

2. “Baby” – Ashanti

Although her music career wasn’t too long, the time she did spend putting out music provided us with an incredible amount of musical content that we still enjoy today.

Perhaps one of her more popular songs, and in fact, one of her last included “baby.” the song, which was released on November 17, 2002, was written by Irving Lorenzo, Mike Dean, Andre Parker, and Brad Jordan.

1. “Ice Ice Baby” – Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice broke into the mainstream with his hit “Ice Ice Baby” in 1989. Although surrounded by controversy due to the similarity to the “Under Pressure” song by Queen, the song would become one of the most played hits within clubs, homes, and radio stations.

The song, according to Vanilla Ice, is his account of a crazy weekend he spent with his friend Shay.

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