10 Best Songs About Pets

Life would be awful without our furry companions. In our opinion, it’d be just as dull as it would be without music. Here’s a list of songs about cats and dogs that includes ten of the best songs about pets!

“My Dog And Me” – John Hiatt

Dogs are man’s best friend and “My Dog and Me” by John Hiatt is the perfect example.

This 2003 song is from his seventeenth studio album, “Beneath This Gruff Exterior.” It goes into detail about his love for his four-legged pal. The lyrics speak about how much he loves dogs by detailing the freedom and joy he experiences while hiking with his furry pal.

“Me and You and a Dog Named Boo” – Lobo

“Me And You And A Dog Named Boo” is Lobo’s second most successful song. It’s a number one hit released in 1971. Pet names provide inspiration for a lot the songs on this list and Boo is no exception.

The story about how this song involved a dog is exciting and funny. Lobo’s German Shepard, the titular Boo, ran into his room when he tried to find something to rhyme with “you.” The song is about going on a road trip across the country with someone you love and a dog named Boo. It is a song about dogs happy to be with you.

“Delilah” – Queen

“Innuendo” was Freddie Mercury’s last album, and “Delilah” was one of the tracks on this album and the only rock song about pets on it.

When you see the name “Deliah,” you might think this song is about a dangerous temptress. That couldn’t be further from the truth because it’s about a cat. 

This one is a personal favorite. Its lyrics speak about how Mercury finds his pet cat irresistible.  He sings about how much he loves everything she does, her tantrums, mischief, and kisses. He even loves his cat when she pees all over his hotel room.

“Me And My Arrow” – Harry Nilsson

Harry Nilsson’s “Me And My Arrow” came out in 1970 as a theme song for his fable, “The Point.” The song tells the story of Oblio, the black sheep of his village, and his dog Arrow. It speaks about the two being inseparable, as his dog is his only true friend.

Nilsson released the song as a single in 1971. It peaked at the 4th spot on Billboard’s Hot 100. It is one of many songs about dogs, love, and friendship.

“I Love My Dog” – Cat Stevens

Most people would struggle to choose between their dog and their lover, but Cat Stevens doesn’t need to think twice. In “I Love My Dog,” he tells his lover that he loves his dog as much as he loves her, but his dog is easier to please and guaranteed to be loyal forever.

Yusef Lateef later received credit for creating the music for the 1966 jazz hit. While this is not one of the Disney songs about dogs, it’s still a wholesome song.

“Man Of The Hour” – Norah Jones

In “Man Of The Hour,” Norah Jones faces two unsavory love interests. Instead of choosing either one, she chooses her reliable dog. While the dog won’t be able to fill the role of a lover in the traditional way, she says that the unconditional love and loyalty her dog proves is more than enough for her.

The song was released on her 2009 album “The Fall.”

“Old Shep” – Red Foley

Red Foley’s “Old Shep” is about his childhood dog. Interestingly,  he never had a dog named Shep. His childhood dog was called Hoover. The song tells his tragic tale of being forced to euthanize his dog to put him out of his misery. It is one of the songs about pets dying that brings a tear to your eye.

Since its release in 1935, the song has been covered by several notable artists such as Hank Snow, Elvis Presley, and Johnny Cash.

The song is a part of Presley’s legacy as the first song he publicly performed at only age ten at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show. While he placed 5th for that performance, he won first place when he performed the song at a high school talent show and eventually released a cover of the song in 1956.

“Ben” – Michael Jackson

Most of the songs on this list are about cats or dogs, but this one is about a pet mouse. Don Black and Walter Scharf wrote it in 1971 for a movie called “Ben.” You may be surprised to know that Ben is a murderous rat in the movie.

The lyrics speak of a deep connection to Ben because he’s the singer’s closest friend in the world.

The song reached number one on Billboard and won several awards, including a Golden Globe. It was covered by Marti Webb in 1985, which once again placed it on the charts. The song was also featured in “The Brady Bunch,” a TV show.

“The Cat in the Window” (The Bird in the Sky) – Petula Clark

“The Cat in the Window (The Bird in the Sky)” holds the unfortunate title of Petula Clark’s lowest charting single. In the song, she speaks about a cat that is birdwatching. The cat envies the bird’s freedom and wishes that he was also capable of flight so he could experience the same freedom as the birds.

The song is arguably her less popular one, but that didn’t stop the Turtles from recording the song in 1970, three years after its initial release.

“Rockin’ Robin” – Bobby Day

The version of “Rockin’ Rockin” that you’re likely familiar with is Michael Jackson’s 1972 cover. The original version was Bobby Day’s and it came out in 1958.

It was the number one song on Billboard upon its initial release, making it his biggest song.  Rockin Robin is an upbeat song about a joyful Robin that flies around singing happily. It’s energetic, positive, and guaranteed to get you moving, so it’s our favorite song on this list!

The song took the number two spot on Billboard’s Hot 100. The song is currently in the public domain, so anyone can cover it.

Final Thoughts

If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, pets are one of the best things that life has to offer. These artists are from different genres and backgrounds, but they all created beautiful songs about their pets. Songs about dogs, happy or sad, are likely to speak to us all!


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