20 Best Songs About Storms

The storms of life are made of wind and rain and sometimes melancholy feelings that surround us during hard times.

Musicians know that we can all relate to the turbulence that sometimes upsets our lives, whether it be in the form of disruptive weather or just the hard time we are going through.

Let’s look at the best songs about storms that remind us that although the tempests may be strong, they always give way to sunnier weather. 

“Here Comes The Rain Again“ – Eurythmics

The song has a timeless and retro feel to it. This is a love song that reminds listeners that there are good and bad times. It’s an unforgettable, emotional song that people should experience.

“Thunderstruck“ – AC/DC

This song deserves to be on the list as well. This is a high-energy song that has to be heard to be believed.

If a person imagines what a thunderstorm might sound like as a song, it’ll be this one. It’s erratic, fast, powerful, and intimidating all at once.

“Thunder“ – Imagine Dragons

This piece is about seeking fame and the type of hardship one must face. In broader terms, the song is about how challenging it may be to reach those dreams.

The work tries to be honest about the journey, but it’s also quite inspiring. The catchy sound and lyrics make it a memorable song as well.

“Set Fire To The Rain“ – Adele

Adele is a powerful singer. Something in her voice evokes strong emotions in listeners. This is probably the reason people love her music so much.

One example of how powerful she can be is tucked away in this song. It’s a breakup song. She is hurting, but it’s also an empowering piece. The song lets folks know that it’s okay to let go of a relationship that’s gone sour.

“Hurricane“ – Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan has given the world some memorable songs. One powerful work is “Hurricane.” While some parts of this song may sound like the singer is singing about a storm, the truth is that it’s a protest song.

It highlights the injustice brought upon a boxer who bared this nickname. He was wrongly imprisoned for a long time, even though he was innocent. He was a victim of racism.

“Electrical Storm“ – U2

U2 is a powerful band. There’s a unique energy in their songs that folks can recognize. The song tries to connect storms to the tumultuous emotions people go through in relationships.

The band talks about wanting love, about the hurt one feels after a breakup, as well as the longing. That covers part of the song, but there’s so much more. It’s worth a listen, and it’s a great song to have on this list.

“Crying Lightning“ – Artic Monkeys

For folks who want something dark and brooding, this is the perfect song. Storms can be a lot of things, but in the case of this band, the storm is a scary and mysterious one.

The piece talks about someone a bit deranged and wild. It’s a wild song that might get under the skin of anyone who listens to it. That’s part of the fun and the reason people love this song.

“I Of The Storm“ – Of Monsters And Men

Some songs are centered on internal battles. This song highlights the emotional battle everyone goes through at some point. It refers to the battle where emotions and thoughts seem to contradict each other, when things don’t make a lot of sense.

It feels like there’s a storm inside, and it’s tearing reality apart. As wild as this song is, it’s quiet and contemplative. It’s a piano-focused song.

“Blown Away” – Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood hit this one out of the park. The song is a traditional country song. It’s a story told in song form. The story in this song follows a young girl who lives under the tyranny and abuse of an alcoholic father.

Her life is filled with misery and a storm hits. Her father won’t wake up because he’s too drunk, so she leaves him and all that pain to be blown away as she hides in a storm shelter.

“Don’t Rain On My Parade” – Barbra Streisand

While this song doesn’t talk about storms, it talks about clouds and rain. Specifically, the song is a metaphor where the singer doesn’t want anyone to bring her down.

She wants to be happy and be who she wants to be. Some people want to bring a dark cloud into her life, but she’s not having it. The song is powerful and fun.

Ridin’ Out the Storm – REO Speedwagon

This popular song, recorded originally in the early 1970s, was actually written as a response to the band’s bus being stranded and lost in Colorado during a snowstorm.

As they recalled riding out the treacherous time, this song shot to infamy and became an anthem for getting through difficult times. 

“Rock You Like a Hurricane” – The Scorpions

The German band members behind the hit Rock You Like a Hurricane admit that their 1984 song is really about relationships but that the comparison to the storms of life is one they knew fans would love.

Now popular as a sports arena anthem as well as with metal and rock fans worldwide, this hurricane-themed song is easily recognizable for its memorable hurricane chorus tagline.

“Help!” – The Beatles

No UK band has made more of an impact on the worldwide music scene than the Beatles and their song Help! rocked the charts like many of their other hit songs.

This tune reminds us that when we are in the middle of the storms life throws at us, we can reach out to our friends to get us through. 

“Come Sail Away” – Styx 

When the storms and challenges of life get you down, Styx famously suggested that sailing away to a new situation is the best way to cope.

Come Sail Away has inspired listeners to hope for a better tomorrow since its release in 1977. 

“It’s Raining Again” – Supertramp

This melancholy song speaks to those who have lost relationships, comparing the returning storms to the feelings of sadness and loss.

An anthem for anyone who has felt the pain of a relationship ending, Supertramp’s lyrics end with a nod to a childhood song about rain, connecting our whole lives to the feelings of loss we all feel at one time or another. 

“Who’ll Stop the Rain” – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Written as a response to being caught in a storm during a concert, CCR’s John Fogerty realized that the show will go on, rain or shine.

His optimistic viewpoint of storms not getting in the way of what we want out of life resonated with fans just as much upon this song’s 1977 release as it does today. 

“Umbrella” – Rihanna

An anthem for those who are looking for protection, Rihanna’s song likens the use of an umbrella as a shield from the storms of life. With its repetitive, catchy hook, Umbrella topped the Billboard charts in the US as well as around the world.

The song’s promise of support resonates with listeners who understand that Rihanna was singing about looking for a reliable respite in life’s storms. 

“Riders on the Storm” – The Doors 

Notable for many reasons, the biggest of which is that it was the last song recorded by iconic singer Jim Morrison before his untimely death.

He wrote the song during an impromptu jam session, and those close to him revealed that he viewed himself as the rider through the storms of life.

In addition, the rain and stormy sounds on the track were produced by an electric piano adding to the mysterious and melodic sound of this hit song. 

“Knock on Wood” – Amii Stewart 

A classic disco-era tune, the chorus famously compares being in love to being struck with thunder and lightning.

Stewart sings of being caught up in a storm as a parallel to the life-changing love felt in a relationship, an apt comparison that many listeners can relate to.

This 1977 classic song is still championed today as a fun dance tune as well as a memorable feeling that still resonates with decades of listeners.

“Standing in the Rain” – Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) 

The genius writing of ELO’s Jeff Lynne combined with a haunting melody brings us one of the most memorable songs about storms.

With a dramatic, stormy entrance, this song hits all the right notes as it entrances listeners during the lyrics that remind us that at one time or another, we are all standing in the rain, enduring a storm. 


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