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10 Best Songs About Sunsets

10 Best Songs About Sunsets

Sunsets are one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that we get to witness in our lifetime. Sometimes, they can be so captivating that it’s hard not to stare at them for a while and just enjoy their beauty.

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Below are 10 songs about sunsets that you should check out if you want to hear some amazing sunset jams.

1. Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers

This is the first song that came to mind when I thought about songs about sunsets. The lyrics describe a person traveling from NY to LA and finally arriving at a beach somewhere in California.

It’s a very poetic but chill song with great instrumentals and vocals by Anthony Kiedis! It’s definitely the perfect song for your sunset drives down the West Coast.

2. Riders on the Storm – The Doors

“Riders on the storm, into this house we’re born, into this world, we’re thrown….” The song describes a guy who’s trying to maintain sanity as he rides with waves crashing at his feet and cold winds blowing.

It has such an eerie but beautiful vibe that will mesmerize you as you listen to it. Jim Morrison’s vocals coupled with Ray Manzarek’s groovy keyboard make for one of the best songs ever made.

3. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) – Marvin Gaye

This is my favorite Marvin Gaye song and definitely one of my all-time favorites. Like most of Marvin’s songs, it deals with social issues like racism and drug abuse.

The lyrics describe a man who’s feeling trapped in his surroundings and wants to break free from all the negativity. It has a very soulful tune with some pretty funky instrumentals, definitely a song you should listen to if you want a little bit of funk in your life.

4. Strawberry Swing – Coldplay

Strawberry swing is one of those songs that make me feel happy every time I hear them. It has such a light-hearted melody that will lift your spirits as soon as it starts playing.

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The lyrics are about basking in the glow of the sunset and enjoying each moment to its fullest, something we often forget to do when we’re busy with our daily routines! This song is a must-listen for people who want to relax and chill out.

5. Perth – Bon Iver

I don’t know if it’s just me, but most Bon Iver songs sound like they’re about the end of the world. This one is no different! The song has a very melancholic tone that will bring you down, even though the vocals are really high-pitched and calming.

It doesn’t have any lyrics except for “I’m on fire,” “Perth,” and other random words that don’t make much sense when you read them. It’s an instrumental song, so you can imagine whatever it is you want while listening to this one.

6. Love Me Two Times – The Doors

A song about a guy who can’t understand why his lover keeps leaving him, even though he loves her so much. He expresses his confusion through the lyrics, “Love me two times baby, Love me twice today.”

It’s a very raw and honest song that captures your attention! Jim Morrison has such an amazing voice (I sound like I’m about to turn into a groupie, but I swear it’s true!).

7. Submarines – The Lumineers

The song is about a man who’s saying goodbye to his lover since he’ll be leaving soon. The music video gives you an animated version of what the lyrics are describing, a very beautiful and colorful sunset.

It’s a great song if you’re going through a break-up or just want to listen to something very calm and soothing.

8. Lonely Boy – The Black Keys

This is another song that makes me feel happy when I listen to it. It’s very danceable, and the lyrics are about a guy trying to handle his woman and party at the same time, without letting any of them down.

It sounds like something you would hear in an old-school 50’s diner, and trust me; you’ll want to dance around every time you hear it.

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9. Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

A very upbeat song that basically tells someone that “home is where the people are,” no matter where that may be! It has a comfortable feel with very simple lyrics and is a great song to listen to when you’re feeling down!

This band pairs the right amount of harmonic and groovy music with a soothing voice, and it’s definitely something you can groove to! This song definitely takes you on a little journey in your mind.

10. Here Comes The Sun -The Beatles

Here comes the sun is one of those songs that everyone knows, but not everyone has heard it in its entirety.

It’s a simple yet beautiful song sung by George Harrison about how he feels when he sees the sun coming out behind a cloud. It’s a great song to listen to on a sunny day.