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10 Best Songs About Witches & Wizards

10 Best Songs About Witches & Wizards

Pointy hats, black robes, boiling brews, and more are ever-present throughout the collection of songs gathered on this list. Magic and mischief inspire the material in the songs about wizards and witches and the deeds that occur.

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Magic can show itself in many different forms and in the case of this article, it is shown through the art of music. Below you will find 10 of the best songs that have been written about magic, witches, and wizards.

Rush – “Witch Hunt”

Rush is considered one of the most powerful three pieces in rock and roll. Rush experienced the massive success of its album called Moving Pictures, which was released in the year 1980. Rush is known for taking on all sorts of different topics in its lyrics.

This song Witch Hunt is a slow-building song that builds as a spell from a wizard might to a peak. The song focuses on the evils that a closed mind can cause and compares this mind to the sorcery and other evils present within magic. To make this song even creepier, John Lennon was murdered on the night this song was recorded.

Iron Maiden, “Moonchild”

Iron Maiden is a group that has created much impressive imagery to present right alongside their music. Decrepit creatures and mystical mayhem are what the band’s imagery seems to focus upon. The band has experienced much success throughout the course of their career and this song is also a fan favorite.

Iron Maiden’s seventh full-length studio album, released in the year 1988, holds a track about good and evil, magicians battling over an unborn child’s soul. The song begins with the lyrics “Seven deadly sins”, which set the tone for the overall song.

Peter Green, ”Black Magic Woman”

Black magic woman has been played by many cover artists, but Santana is the most famous to cover the song. Although Santana didn’t sing the song, he brings witchcraft and sorcery through the sound of his guitar and rhythm section.

A truly compelling song for any man or woman, the song is focused upon a woman with mystical and magical powers of seduction and control. The song was released also by Fleetwood Mac as a single in 1968, along with many artists to follow.

Megadeth – “Five Magics”

Megadeth has a scary name and they make the name even scarier with this bass guitar-driven song Five Magics. The song was released just before the pinnacle of the band’s career in the year 1990.

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The song begins with bass guitar chugging along and slowly climbs to a thrash metal peak. One lyric from the song goes, “Bestow upon me knowledge, wizard all-knowing, all-wise.”

Fleetwood Mac, “Rhiannon”

Fleetwood Mac with lead singer Stevie Nicks can conjure up the idea of a witch leading the group behind her. The song is one of Fleetwood Macs biggest hits on the charts and continues to this day to be a song Stevie Nicks must be heard singing at concerts.

Stevie Nicks has said in interviews the song is written about a Welsh witch, even though she may not specifically say so during the song.

Ozzy Osbourne, “Mr. Crowley”

The Prince of Darkness, known for having quite a deep dark side, created this song out of the blackness of his heart. The song was released on Ozzies Blizzard of Ozz album in 1980.

The song is about the mystical magic of a magician and how the magician was waiting for Satan to find him in the end.

Jethro Tull, “The Witch’s Promise”

Released in 1970 by Jethro Tull, this track sets itself apart with a trademark flute riding in the song. The vocal attitude brings forth many feelings of being haunted and having a scary tale told to the listener.

The tale of temptation is one of the scariest things and this song pushes that to center stage. The song overall warns of the perils of becoming a selfish self-centered person.

Black Sabbath – “The Wizard”

Black Sabbath, one of the darkest bands in rock history, released this song about a wizard in the year 1970. The song has gone on to garner much success throughout the years with adorning fans loving the content and sound of the track.

A rare harmonica makes a debut with Black Sabbath to make the track a bit different from other offerings. A key lyric in the song is about a wizard walking by wearing strange clothes and everyone is happy.

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Donovan, “Season of the Witch”

In this classic track, Donovan addresses the season of the witch. The band released this special mystical track in 1966 on their album release called Sunshine Superman. The song feels like fall is rolling in. The song has been covered by many artists, since the original release.

Eagles, “Witchy Woman”

One of the biggest bands to ever grace the earth, the Eagles released this song in 1972. The song was released on their first studio album.

With very catchy lyrics and melodies to push the song along, it has become a fan favorite. The song has become a classic for the band. Witchy Woman came right out after their first hit and kept the run of number one hits going forward.

John Fogerty, “Wicked Old Witch”

John Fogerty’s Wicked Old Witch will end the list. The song was released later in Fogerty’s career on the album Deja Vu All Over Again in the year 2004.

Fogerty sings of goblins, spooks, and other creatures over the course of the song. The song starts with a banjo and quickly turns into a rock song with a strong backing beat and a southern feel.