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10 Best Songs About Healing  

10 Best Songs About Healing  

Healing and recovery from rough situations is a long continuous process that needs a lot of patience and effort. While it’s a roller coaster of sad, angry, and some peaceful moments, it becomes better with time. Whatever you are trying to heal from, music is one of the most tried and tested ways to make your healing process smoother and probably faster. Here are ten great songs about healing.

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“Fix you” – Coldplay

“Fix you” is one of Coldplay’s most iconic songs of all time. Its inspiration was Chris Martin, the lead singer of the British band, who was trying to get Gwyneth Paltrow through the grief following her father’s death. The song is an uplifting melody to comfort you through trying times through its lyrics “When you try your best, but you don’t succeed…when you feel so tired, but you can’t sleep”. 

“Heal” – Tom Odell

Tom Odell is an English singer known for his raw music about heartbreak and healing. “Heal” is a beautiful and vulnerable melody that is featured in his debut album “Long Way Down,” which expresses the need to get reassurance in a relationship. The song highlights the need to have emotional pain from the past to be lifted and to get healed from the agony.

“Thank u” – Alanis Morissette

This precious hit by Alanis Morissette is a subtle reminder to look at the bigger picture as you go through your healing process. In the song, she is grateful for all the things, situations, and people that caused her pain, leading her to where she is in life at the moment. The song’s message is that tough experiences are just that – bad experiences – and are they are supposed to help you appreciate the good moment more.

“And the healing has begun” – Van Morrison

This heartwarming melody makes you feel optimistic and cheerful in your healing journey. It is a reminder that everything will get better in the end, and the days ahead will be brighter. Its powerful lyrics serve as a gentle assurance that you’ll get back on your feet and smile again. It encourages you to stand up, dress up, and enjoy summer because your healing has begun.

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“Easy on me” – Adele

“Easy on me” is a catching song by Adele, an award-winning English singer, and songwriter. The song highlights her broken marriage and her plea to her son to take it easy on her. It is an expression of regret, nostalgia, and forgiveness.

Through her powerful vocals and sweet melody, the song serves as an encouragement to take it easy and forgive ourselves because we made our choices based on the circumstances we were faced with.

“Everybody hurts” – R.E.M

“Everybody hurts” is a popular hit by the award-winning American rock band, R.E.M. It will make you understand the fact that everybody goes through tough times and that it is normal to feel low every once in a while. The song reminds you that the tough times are not permanent, and you can overcome anything. It conveys a powerful message that you should not give up on yourself because everyone hurts, and we all cry sometimes.

“Claire De Lune” – Flight Facilities

“Clair De Lune” is a French song that means “Moonlight” in English, sang by Flight Facilities. It is a sweet melody with powerful lyrics that gently remind you of your worth even in your worst moments. It helps you refocus your thoughts on a more positive perspective and reminds you to look at the beauty of life, like the birds on trees, the beautiful fountains, and marble statues.

It takes you to another dimension where everything is more beautiful, and life is more positive, and helps you appreciate the positive parts of your life more.

“Heal me” – Lady Gaga

“Heal me” is a moving soundtrack from the award-winning movie “A star is born,” performed by the legendary songstress Lady Gaga. Using a combination of powerful lyrics and a sweet melody, the song is a great source of comfort when faced with tough times.

The song provides reassurance that you are not alone even in your loneliest moments, and someone will be there to inspire you even in moments where you cannot find inspiration to move forward by yourself. Lady Gaga is known for pouring her heart out through her lyrics and helping her listeners overcome tough situations.

“Stop crying your heart out” – Oasis

“Stop crying your heart out” is a moving and comforting heart to keep you strong and help you throughout your healing process. It is a hit by the English rock band ‘Oasis,’ who release heartfelt songs enjoyed globally. The song reminds you that you cannot go back to change your past, but you can look forward to a better future. It gently tells you to stop being scared and walk with a smile because, in the end, we are all-stars, and we’ll overcome.

“Heal the world” – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is arguably the greatest musician of all time. His megahit “Heal the world” reflects how society needs healing for the coming generations to have a better world. The song’s message is that we need to heal ourselves first so that the entire world can be healed and make it a better place.