20 Best Kid Cudi Songs

In his short career, Kid Cudi has made a big impact on hip-hop and pop music. He’s had some of the most memorable songs in recent years that are perfect for any occasion.

Kid Cudi is a Grammy-winning American rapper and singer. He has released six studio albums, four mixtapes, two compilation albums, one EP, and ten singles. Kid Cudi’s first single “Day ‘n’ Nite” was met with critical acclaim from music critics when it was released in 2008; some even went as far as to call it the best song of that year.

The song peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and became certified platinum by the RIAA in 2009. His latest album “Passion Pain & Demon Slayin” debuted at No. 1 on US Top Rap Albums charts upon release in December 2016 which made him only the third artist ever to have seven consecutive albums debut atop the chart. In the following list, we will countdown our picks for his ten best songs to date.

“Day ‘n’ Nite”

This song was not only the first single from Kid Cudi but also one of his most popular songs. The song peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and became certified platinum by the RIAA in 2009 which made it an instant hit. The song is about Cudi’s drug addiction and how it eventually led to his decision to quit.


Kid Cudi’s depression is a haunting topic, and he eloquently paints such in “Ghosts” off of his second album. He describes mundane tasks like grocery shopping as being difficult to do while feeling so low on oneself:

‘the tears just drip down my face onto the pavement every time I’m trying to make it happen at Kroger’

He also reflects upon how fame has made him feel less human- ‘I swear they’re fake but they screamin’. They see me out there and all that shit hurts.’

“Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)”

The song “Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)” is the second single from Kid Cudi’s 2010 album Man on The Moon: The End of Day. It was released as a digital download in 2009 following the release of his critically acclaimed debut album, which went gold by selling over 500 thousand copies. The song is about his struggle with depression.

“Embrace The Martian”

“Embrace The Martian” was a dance track produced by Crookers, yet Kid Cudi found a way to turn it into something that sounded like nothing anybody had heard before. In 2008 on his debut mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi showed every side of the new artist and we were blown away with how unique he was for someone who just debuted in the game.


This song is the second single from Kid Cudi’s debut album, Man on The Moon: The End of Day. It was not a huge hit for him when it was released as a digital download in 2009 but has since been considered one of his best songs and remains popular today. The song is about his addiction to marijuana and how it has had an adverse effect on his life.

“Up Up & Away”

Even though Kid Cudi is known for his nihilistic attitude, he still has some positive messages in many of his songs. The message to ‘do you’ couldn’t be clearer and it’s a sentiment that people can really identify with on any given day!

By Design (feat. Andre 3000)

Kid Cudi was feeling positive about his career in 2016, and he chose to share that elation with listeners by collaborating on the track “Don’t Play This Song” with Andre 3000. The song encourages people around him not to jinx what has come so far for both of them as they are seen walking into a bright-colored future together.

Brothers (feat. King Chip & A$AP Rocky)

When Kid Cudi returned in 2013 with an album entirely produced by himself, he was able to showcase his talents as a musician and producer. His 17-track project Indicud is filled with gems; one of them being the song “Brothers.” It features unique brain-tickling synths that never get old!

“Heaven At Nite”

This song is on Kid Cudi’s album “Passion Pain & Demon Slayin” and it follows the same vibe as his previous two albums. The lyrics are dark but they also have a sense of hope to them. It’s a very emotional song that was showcased on his live performance of the track at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

“Baptized In Fire (feat. Travis Scott)”

Kid Cudi fans were waiting on the edge of their seats for his long-awaited follow up to 2015’s Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven, and when Passion Pain & Demon Slayin’ dropped a year later they weren’t disappointed. Tracks like “Baptized In Fire” reminded listeners that Kid Cudi was still very much present in this one with both Travis Scott’s favorite producers Plain Pat and Mike Dean producing it.

Mr. Solo Dolo III

With the release of his seventh studio, L.P: Man on the Moon III: The Chosen, in 2020, Kid Cudi decided to release a new visual on one of the songs in the album, Mr. Solo Dolo III. The song, he said, was inspired by his addiction and mental health struggles throughout his music career.

This song was among the other 18 tracks that got his album for the fifth time on the Billboard 200 thanks to the numerous recognitions from his fans. The album also featured other stars like Pop Smoke, Skepta, Trippie Redd and Phoebe Bridges. 

The Void

Going by the name, Kid Cudi released The Void to mean he might fall into an empty place to avoid anything that might bring him down. He tries to use this song to show how he escapes emotional stress by just ignoring it.

The song also features in his album, Dot Da Genius, with the beats and hook created during the Indicud sessions, he revealed. 

Another Day

The song, Another Day features Kid Cudi’s third track on the first Act: Return 2 Madness of his album Man on the Moon III.

In the music video, Kid Cudi is seen at a night party surrounding himself with women, alcohol, and drugs numb his “same old pain.” He then wakes up the next day at the end of the video and yearns for a change in his lifestyle, wishing to take his life in a different direction. 

Soundtrack 2 My life

In 2009, Kid Cudi, inspired by his father’s death, the work ethic of his mother, and the depression he went through at that moment, released the song Soundtrack 2 My Life.

To debut his Music video of his song ‘Day n’ Night” in 2009, Cudi performed on stage alongside Kanye West, and he rapped a verse, a Capella, that later came to be the first verse of ‘Soundtrack 2 My Life’. It is also featured on his studio album Man On The Moon: The End Of Day. Cudi wrote the lyrics, but the music was written by Emile Hayne, an American record producer. 

Erase Me

As the lead single on Kid Cudi’s debut album in 2010, Man on The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, the song ‘Erase Me’ was a banger. It even hit the top 40 spots of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart with the support of its fans and other successful artists. It also features Kanye West as a guest appearance being Cudi’s mentor all through his music career.

Erase me was produced by a renowned music producer Jim Jonsin who took part in two singles that topped the Billboard charts, “Lollipop” by Lil Wayne and “Whatever You Like” by T.I. The producer couldn’t stop praising the impact the song had on his career, too, from his own Rebel Rock artist B.o.B.’s album The Adventures of Bobby Ray. 

Just what I am

‘Just What I am by Kid Cudi featuring King Chip talks about human acceptance and vulnerability that makes you a better person. The lead single on his third studio album Indicud was released on October 2, 2012 and reached platinum status by the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA).

The music video, he said, will be in the form of art in a baroque frame to conform to the art I create, “ART IN MOTION.” He is also the song’s producer, stating that he thought of adding specific distasteful imagery and symbols as an experiment that later got kids so outraged! 

The Prayer

‘The Prayer’ by Kid Cudi featuring Plain Pat is one of a kind. No one would believe that one would blend ‘The Funeral’ by Band of Horses to a Hip-Hop track and make it such a banger. It is featured on Cudi’s original Mixtape, “A Kid Named Cudi,” released on July 17, 2008.

He said in an interview that the inspiration of the song comes from what he expects his influence to be on people, especially his fans. He wants to be remembered for the message put across in his songs and not his fancy lifestyle. 

Alive (Nightmare)

Featured on Kid Cudi’s album ‘Man on the Moon: The end of Day,’ the song, ‘Alive’ features Ratatat among the best songs in Cudi’s career. It fuses different genres, exceptionally modern indie rock with hip-hop, a rare combination to bring out such a banger. 

Mr Rager

On November 9, 2010, Rager, the second studio album by Kid Cudi, was released with contributions from different parties, including the recording studios, Dream On and GOOD Music by Kanye West.

The inspiration, Kudi said, was from the different themes of loneliness, misery, detachment, and seclusion that especially came with his former addiction to cocaine. 

Cleveland is the Reason

Reminiscing on Cleveland’s childhood hometown, Kid Cudi collaborated with Dot Da Genius to the hit ‘Cleveland is the reason. It is also featured on his lone Mixtape- A Kid Named Cudi, which housed more of his break-out hits like ‘Day N Nite.’ The song gets Cudi flowing effortlessly with amazingly smooth lyrics that pay homage to Cleveland. 


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