21 Best ​​Songs About Wanting Money

There’s something about making money that gets people excited. Maybe it’s the prospect of having more security and being able to do what we want with our lives. Or perhaps it’s the thrill of earning more than we ever thought possible. 

No matter the reason, there are plenty of songs about wanting to make money. People have been singing about money for centuries. Whether it’s the want, need, or love of money, there’s a song for every aspect of this universal topic. Here are 21 of the best songs about wanting money: 

“Was I Right or Wrong” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

This blues-inspired classic Southern Rock tune tells the tragic story of a man desperately wanting to make more money. One of the best songs about luxury life – the good and bad – this tune tells us a haunting story. 

The singer goes to the big city and becomes successful beyond his wildest dreams. Sadly, when he returns to share the good news with his family, who were always unimpressed with his ambitions, he finds that none of them are alive. 

In mourning, he wonders if it was right or wrong to want money so badly that it separated him from his community.

“Money (That’s What I Want)” – The Beatles 

When it comes to songs about money, lyrics don’t get more straightforward than this one. But that doesn’t stop this song from being a fun listen. This upbeat tune is all about wanting and enjoying the riches that money can bring. 

The Beatles gleefully sing about their desire to make more money. They don’t want the free things in life – no, they want money, plain and simple. 

“Money” – Rico Nasty, Featuring Flo Milli

New songs about money deserve attention too! Just like the Beatles, Rico Nasty is straightforward. Don’t waste her time with pleasantries or romance – she wants money and nothing else. 

While this song isn’t a masterpiece, it will make you laugh. The song features Flo Milli and is full of energy and attitude. It’s worth watching the lighthearted video where Rico Nasty and Flo Milli have tons of fun explaining their desire for more money. 

“Have a Cigar” – Pink Floyd

Songs about money and greed don’t get more perfect than this one. Pink Floyd explores the dark side of wanting money. The song is a scathing critique of their enemies in the music industry and its obsession with money. 

Pink Floyd’s lyrics make fun of the greedy record executives they worked with at the time. They share all the lines the record label used on them to try and pressure them to make more hit tunes. This dark and cynical song is a must-listen for anyone who wants to understand the power of wealth.

“Koka Kola” – The Clash 

This song is not only one of the best songs about money but also one of the catchiest. The Clash focused on social commentary, and this song is no exception. 

“Koka Kola” is a satire of consumer culture and how companies use advertising to control our desires and make us want more money and products. The lyrics are sharp, and the melody is catchy, making this one of the most memorable songs about money. 

“Money, Money, Money” – Abba 

This retro tune will satisfy you if you enjoy clean songs about money. This catchy number is about wanting to be rich and enjoying the good life. 

In the song, ABBA sings about how much easier life must be when you have money. “Money must be funny in a rich man’s world,” they sing, wishing for more money and less stress

“Money” – The Flying Lizards  

This new wave song is a bit more experimental than the other tunes on this list. The Flying Lizards had an avant-garde approach to music – “Money” is no exception. 

“Money” is a playful and quirky tune about their love of money. The lyrics are simple but effective and are an homage to the Beatles tune featured above. 

“Material Girl” – Madonna

Madonna’s “Material Girl” is one of her most well-known songs. It’s all about embracing greed and excess. This anthem for capitalism tells listeners that should they desire success, they must focus on making money above all else. She created quite a stir when this song came out in the ‘80s, but now it’s a classic that artists have covered endless times. 

Madonna sings about how money can buy you the good life and how it’s the most imperative thing in the world. She wants to travel, to have her man shower her with gifts, and she feels no shame. 

“Mo Money Mo Problems” – The Notorious B.I.G. 

“Mo Money Mo Problems” is one of the most famous songs about money rap artists have ever created. It’s all about the struggles that come with obsessing over wealth. 

This cautionary tale is essential for anyone who wants to understand the dark side of chasing riches. Biggie tells a story of how wanting money can cause issues and how it’s not always as great as it seems. 

“Take the Money and Run” – Steve Miller Band

When it comes to songs about making money and hustling, this is one of the most fun singles of the ‘70s. In this playful song, you’ll hear about a couple of criminals on the run from the law and trying to avoid prison

This modern-day Bonnie and Clyde are on the lam – pining for more money and doing whatever it takes to get their hands on a little bit of cash. The song is full of fantastic imagery and humor, making it a must-listen for anyone who loves Steve Miller Band. 

“Rich Girl” – Gwen Stefani ft Eve

Gwen Stefani dreams about all the things she’d do if she had endless money. She describes the lavish lifestyle she’d enjoy, the homes she’d own and the independence she’d get to experience. “No man could test me, impress me, my cash flow would never end,” she sings. But she also decides that all that money wouldn’t stack up against the love that she experiences from her partner.

‘Rich Girl’ is a rewrite of a track from the musical Fiddler On The Roof called ‘If I Were A Rich Man’. In the original, the musical’s lead character, Tavye, dreams of being able to provide for his family without struggle.

This lavish pop arrangement of the track was originally performed by Louchie Lou and Michie One in 1993, although Stefani’s version considerably modifies the lyrics.

“Moneyonmymind” – Upsahl ft Absofacto

Upsahl describes an obsession with money and success dating back to an early age. When she meets a boy she likes she finds herself temporarily distracted – until she refocuses and remembers her priorities. “Baby, I’ve been better by myself with money on my mind,” she sings.

Although she eventually wants a love better than money, she’s happy to distract herself with cash in the meantime.

Upsahl has explained that ‘Moneyonmymind’ isn’t about actual money so much as the ability to bounce back when something bad happens. She’s speaking about feeling ‘money’ rather than necessarily having it.

“Work B*tch” – Britney Spears

Spears explains that if you want success in this life, you have to earn it. Or, to put it bluntly: “You better work, b*tch.” She makes it clear that she likes the finer things in life and wants to make as much money as she can, but she’s prepared for the fact that good things don’t come without a little struggle.

‘Work B*tch’ was written by Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am, along with a team of accomplished co-writers.

It sees Spears assume a British accent, possibly to accentuate the wealth-obsessed character she is playing in the song.

“Billionaire” – Travie McCoy ft Bruno Mars

Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars fantasise about the billionaire lifestyle in this upbeat pop track. They’ll be on the cover of Forbes, have their own talk shows and fly to a different city every night. At the time of the song’s recording, McCoy made it clear that although his career so far had made him some money, he was still far from the billionaire bracket. “I think I just made it out the ‘thousandaire’ category,” he told MTV at the time.

“If I Had $1,000,000” – Barenaked Ladies

Barenaked Ladies cheerfully sing about what they’d do if they came into a large sum of money. Their wishes start out simple – they want to buy their lover a house, furniture, a car, a tree fort for the yard.

They’re also hoping to buy her love. In between verses, they descend into chatty conversations about the specifics of these requests. As they continue to talk through the list, some wishes jump out as a little more eccentric than others…

Due to one particular lyric in the song in which the band sing, “We wouldn’t have to eat Kraft Dinner,” a strange tradition began in which fans would throw macaroni and cheese at the band onstage. The band eventually had to ask fans to just donate the food instead.

“Rockstar” – Nickelback

Nickelback want all the perks that come with the rockstar lifestyle, including “a credit card that’s got no limit”. They’re keen to trade their current life for one of “fortune and fame” and they’re happy to do anything to help them get there. The track features spoken interludes from Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top – an actual rock star.

“Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money)” – Pet Shop Boys

The Pet Shop Boys strike up a useful alliance in this disco track. “Ask yourself this question: do you want to be rich?” they sing. Whilst they don’t make their plan explicitly clear, they do assure the listener that it will make them plenty of cash if they’re willing to go along with it.

The band are actually poking fun at capitalist culture in ‘Opportunities’, parodying a typical ‘bright idea’ moment that people believe will set them on the path to fortune and fame.

Writer Neil Tennant penned the track after keyboardist Chris Lowe challenged him to write lyrics based around the line “Let’s make lots of money”.

“Money” – Cardi B

“All I really wanna see is the money,” sings Cardi B. As always, Cardi gets straight to the point in this hip-hop track. Sure, she likes love and sex and human connection, but she’d always rather see a check. Some of her favourite things include diamond necklaces and boarding private jets, and she knows exactly what she needs to keep both in good supply.

“Bitch Better Have My Money” – Rihanna

Rihanna really doesn’t like it when people take advantage of her generosity. “Pay me what you owe me,” she demands as she goes to collect on her debts.

The trap anthem makes it clear that whilst Ri-Ri might have plenty of money already – she just brought a brand new foreign car, after all – it’s the principle of the thing that she can’t look past. She doesn’t say what the consequences for not handing over the cash are, but it’s safe to assume that they won’t be good.

“Money Power Glory” – Lana Del Ray

This blunt track from Del Ray was written in response to her treatment at the hands of the media. In it, she figures that if she’s never going to be allowed to live a peaceful life, she might as well live a profitable one. All she wants now is money, power and glory.

‘Money Power Glory’ was written and recorded fairly quickly, with the original mix recorded on the day of writing making it onto Del Ray’s 2014 album, Ultraviolence. It ended up being one of the earliest songs to be completed for the record.

Final Thoughts

In a world where it often feels like money is everything, it can be refreshing to listen to honest songs about wanting money. These songs can also be a way of celebrating the wealth that we already have or a reminder to get out and make some more.


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