20 Best Songs About Gold Diggers

People’s financial struggles have forced them to adopt various unscrupulous ways, such as gold-digging to get money. Gold diggers are people who like someone because of their money or other items they own. Below is a list of the best songs about gold diggers released over the years:

“Lifestyle” – Jason Derulo ft Adam Levine

Let’s start the list with Jason Derulo’s song “Lifestyle.” The song cautions people against dealing with gold diggers.

The song’s lyrics warn listeners that gold diggers are interested in money, not love. Furthermore, Jason Derulo narrates his encounter with a gold digger and describes how she ripped him off in the past.

He further advises men to be careful when choosing a partner and ensure they are genuinely interested in them and not what they have to offer.

“Lifestyle” has been streamed many times because the message is powerful and it resonates with numerous fans. Listen to the song if you haven’t, since it may help if you suspect your partner is a gold digger.

“Money” – Cardi B

Many people look for money to purchase a luxurious life filled with expensive cars, jewelry, and mansions. Money also offers the freedom to do anything or go anywhere. Thus, it is known to depict success and power in society.

However, in the song, Cardi B. raps about money and the glittering lifestyle it has brought her. She advises women to go out and look for cash, even if it means shaking their bodies to gain it.

From the lyrics, she sounds frustrated and almost desperate to get more money to finance her lifestyle further. However, in the end, she counters herself by speaking of loving her daughter more than money.

The track, “Money,” enjoys significant streaming numbers, showing many listeners resonate with it. Despite its powerful message of looking for cash to finance a lifestyle, it shows that material possessions are not everything.

“Material Girl” – Madonna

Madonna is one of the most famous female musicians in the music industry and must be included in the list. “Material Girl” is a sassy song about the allure of having money and the respect such people get in society.

The lyrics reiterate how people are obsessed with attaining wealth and living a good life. However, they are not concerned about the means of acquiring money, and she mentions gold digging as an example.

Additionally, the song’s title, “Material Girl,” is self-explanatory to men looking for the right partner. It depicts that one should avoid materialistic women because they are not in your life to give you love and companionship.

“Whatever You Like” – T. I

“Whatever You Like” is from T. I’s album “Paper Trail.” The song broke several records after its release because of its amazing video and lyrics. It remains one of the best rap songs about gold diggers.

People may analyze the lyrics differently, but the meaning is apparent for all to see. Some people may assume that “Whatever You Like” means a guy should give her lady whatever she wants to appreciate her.

However, the song is about a man who gives the lady whatever she wants to retain her love. Furthermore, T.I mentions various material things, such as watches and cars, that he can provide to his gold digger to keep her.

While the song is interesting, it has a serious message behind it.

“Gold Digger” – Kanye West ft Jamie Foxx

“Gold Digger” is a song many people know since it topped the US Billboard charts after its release. Moreover, it is among the songs with gold digger in the lyrics.

One interesting thing about the song is that Kanye wrote it for Shawnna, a female rapper. It was written from a female perspective, but she never used it.

The song’s title illustrates the main message. Kanye raps about how a woman tricked him, and he gave her money. In his lyrics, he states that some girls do not like broke men, but they do not classify themselves as gold diggers to mask their intentions.  

The song was released in 2005, but it illustrates today’s society where people want to marry for money, not love. The song is educative, and everyone should learn from it.

“Baby By Me” – 50 Cent ft Ne-Yo

50 Cent and Ne-Yo released this hot jam in 2009. It became a fan favorite because that’s the main expectation when these two artists make music together.

“Baby By Me” is a song about gold diggers. In the chorus, 50 Cent admonishes women who bear children to become wealthy. Such women are gold diggers because they want to become rich by receiving child support money from the man.

The song educates men, especially those with vast wealth, to avoid such women. These women are not interested in having a child and starting a family because they want to take advantage of their pregnancy and use it to acquire money.

“Gold Digger” – Ludacris ft Bobby Valentino & Lil’ Fate

The main message in “Gold Digger” is apparent to all listeners. Ludacris warns men that gold diggers are dangerous and they should be cautious.

The lyrics illustrate that such women will use their feminine appearance to seduce you into giving them money. Some will pretend to like you to trap you into marrying them. He adds that some gold diggers will use sexual advances to acquire your wealth.

Ultimately, Ludacris’s message in the song is vivid because he mentions women’s tactics to get your money.

Thus, one should listen to the lyrics carefully and take note of Ludacris’s warnings. Furthermore, the song is incredible; you can listen to it any time of the day.

“One of Those Girls”- Avril Lavigne

A female musician finally advises women not to become gold diggers. “One of Those Girls” is a women empowerment song where Avril states that she is self-reliant and cannot use a man to get money.

She wants women to work for their money and start a relationship with the right person. Furthermore, she advises men when she says that gold diggers are nothing but trouble.

The ladies who assume that the only way to become rich is to become a gold digger can learn from this song. Furthermore, the song also speaks to men who tolerate gold diggers and warns them that such girls may take all their wealth and leave them broke.

“All ‘Bout the Money”- Meja

Another female musician makes it on the list. The music is about people’s dependence on money.

Meja states that since acquiring money is difficult, some people use dishonest methods to get it. She says that you may think a lady cares about you, but it’s all about the money when referring to gold diggers.

One lesson you should take from this song is that one should find a partner whose interests in the relationship are not financially aligned. The song depicts the importance of finding someone who loves and cherishes you.

“All ‘Bout the Money” has some amazing guitar beats at the start that makes the song interesting.

“Girls & Boys” – Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte released “Girls & Boys” in the early 2000s. After its release, the song became a hit because it takes a different narrative into the gold diggers’ discussion.

The song is about boys who date powerful women because of their money. Many people assume that ladies are the only ones who can be gold diggers, but Good Charlotte contends that men can also be gold diggers.

He is advising rich women to evaluate a man before settling with them. The song’s sweet melody and beats make it ideal for a party.

“No Scrubs”- TLC

“No Scrubs” was a famous song in the 1900s. The song was nominated three times for the Grammy Awards in 2000.

A scrub is a broke man who thinks he is cool. As such, the song is attacking broke guys since they do not have the money to finance their partners’ lives.

TLC also warns girls against such men because they cannot take care of them or their needs.

One should avoid such girls because it is clear that they want money instead of love. You should listen to the song because it has a good message.

“Bills, Bills, Bills”- Destiny’s Child

There is no other gold digger song that fits the description more than “Bills, Bills, Bills” by Destiny’s child. After listening to this R&B track, you will gradually hear about a man who is financially dependent on his girlfriend. He runs up the bills and asks the girl to pay for them, which does not sit well with her.

It also speaks about the girl needing a financially stable man who can provide for her every need and pay her bills.

As a pop music classic, “Bills, Bills, Bills” resonates with many fans globally. It is a relatable melody for all women who have had greedy partners in their lives.

“Billionaire”- Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars

Since Gold diggers are a subject matter in the music industry, “Billionaire” is a good example of how people yearn for money to buy a luxurious life.

In the song, you can hear Travie McCoy speaking of how much he would do when he becomes rich, such as giving out flashy cars to women and dating many women without being named a “slut.” However, he quickly speaks about acts of charity and putting a smile on everyone’s faces.

“Billionaire” may not fully define the gold digger theme, but it sure speaks about the downside of materialism.

“Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”- Marilyn Monroe

The term iconic is nonchalantly used these days. However, if a performance can be evoked years later, then Marilyn Monroe’s song routine “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” is considered iconic.

The song depicts that most women prefer jewelry as a consolation to every deed. Marilyn emphasizes that women may grow old and men may become cold and abusive over time, but diamonds never lose their shape, color or design. They are simply priceless.

The song has been referenced by musicians such as Madonna, who sang “Material Girl” to stress the beauty of loving material possessions.

“You Just Want My Money”- Jason French

Not many people know about Jason French. However, his song “You Just Want My Money” gives a classic description of gold-digging.

French sings of how tired he is of meeting women who pursue him for his money, highlighting the concept of “gold-digging.” Although Jason wants his audience to understand the importance of genuineness in relationships, he hopes to meet a sincere woman to love him for who he is and not for his wealth.

The same applies to all rich people; beware of partners who pretend to love you only to gain wealth.

“Can’t Buy Me Love”- The Beatles

The Beatles are one of the most famous musicians in the music industry. Known for their catchy melodies and smooth lyrics, The Beatles, “Can’t Buy Me Love” needs to be on this list.

The lyrics tell the story of how women pursue rich men to gain financial dependence and security. They sing about how they can offer money and material possessions to anyone needing them, but it lacks any substance compared to honest love.

“Can’t Buy Me Love” depicts the value of authenticating your relationships and choosing love over money, fame, and wealth.

“Moneygrabber”- Fitz and the Tantrums

Although “Moneygrabber” sounds like an old song, it captures its audience’s attention with its Motown song style. The song paints a picture of women stealing from their wealthy partners, walking out to another man, and then trying to crawl back to the one she left behind.

Fits and the Tantrums sing about her crocodile tears and how she is crying to gain something from him again. However, as payback, the guy calls her a “Moneygrabber” and kicks her out of his life.

This song is pretty transparent to men looking to get into sincere relationships. It speaks of looking out for their best interest and avoiding dating women out to get their wealth instead of offering love.

“I Ain’t the 1”- NWA

In the 80s, NWA, also known as Straight Outta Compton, promoted hip-hop songs by concentrating on themes including money, fame, violence, and women. With Dr. Dre and Ice Cube running the group, their music still reigns in the 21st century.

“I Ain’t the 1” fits the gold-digging description well because the lyrics comment on how gold diggers seek money by manipulating men for selfish gains. The rap exposes how such women are all about receiving without giving anything in return, proving worthless in the long run.

Besides entertaining the masses, “I Ain’t the 1” reminds people, especially men, to be careful of falling prey to manipulative gold diggers.  

“Gold Digger”- EPMD

“Gold Digger” is a classic case of manipulation. EPMD raps about how a man (himself) entered a marriage with a woman, had a child to tie him down, and in return, she siphoned money buying expensive things without his consent.

He regrets not noticing that the lady was out to get his wealth. Thus, the lack of a prenuptial agreement and divorcing her would likely result in losing his money to her. He speaks of faking everything in her presence to keep his money intact.

The lyrics to this song are quite relatable to modern culture. Today, many people are out to get money, even if it means manipulating their partners into marriage and childbearing for their selfish gains.

“Money, Money, Money”- Abba

“Gold Digging” cannot get more descriptive than these three words, “Money, money, money.” The song is about a woman working hard to make a living, but she does not seem to get ahead or make it work. Thus, she dreams of being with a rich man who can cater for all her needs.

The song paints an image of how “Gold Diggers” view success in the eyes of a wealthy man prompting them to search for a rich partner. Listen to the song if you need help identifying a gold digger partner.

Final Thoughts

Different artists have used “Gold digger” themes in their songs to express such diverse and deep emotions. These songs agree that people’s financial struggles have resulted in adopting dishonest ways such as gold-digging to gain money, wealth, and fame. 

Despite falling prey to gold diggers’ manipulation, these artists put out their songs as a teaching example and advice to be careful with prospective partners.


Born and raised in Austin, David is a dedicated writer and avid fragrance lover. When he's not trying out perfumes, he enjoys traveling and exploring new restaurants.

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