20 Best Songs About Clouds

We all love a good song, and the best songs are those that touch our souls. The ten tracks we have for you today will do just that. They’ll make you want to listen to them over and over again.

All of these songs talk about clouds in some way, shape or form. Some of them may even remind you of your favourite memories as a child – listening to this music might bring back memories from your childhood yourself.

“Cloudbusting” – Kate Bush

Written about the relationship between Peter Reich and his father, Wilhelm Reich, a controversial Austrian scientist who believed in something called “orgone energy,” which was said to be found everywhere. He had even written a book on it.

When he moved to America with his family from Europe, many of his theories were put into practice – including cloud-busting. This is where he would go outside during storms and use instruments to bring down clouds for an experiment that proved or gone energy existed.

In this song, Kate Bush sings: “And when I’m feeling blue / My daddy lets me know / All you have to do is / Just take a look at the sky… And there beyond those puffy clouds / A little bit of blue / That’s where my daddy is and he lets me know”

“Cloudy day” – Tones and I

This song is all about the beautiful things that come from cloudy days. From rainbows to colour, it’s all here in this track.

Some of our favourite lyrics are: “It’s not their fault / The sun has gone away too soon” and “I get so tired of seeing them smile on sunny days.”

“Clouds” – Zach Sobiech

A song about someone who wishes they could be with their loved one forever, even after death. “I have died every day waiting for you / Darling, don’t be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years / I’ll love you for a thousand more” are just some of the lyrics that make this track so beautiful and touching.

Zach Sobiech passed away in 2013, and this song was his goodbye to the world. It is still prevalent today – with over 20 million views on YouTube since its release!

“Cloud” – NF

Another song about heartbreak and longing, NF sings that he wishes he could be with his significant other. “I’m wishing I was there / To kiss you in the rain” are just some of the lyrics to this touching track by NF.

“Thunderclouds”- LSD ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth

This song is about overcoming obstacles, like “thunderclouds” in your life. It’s an upbeat track that will have you dancing around in no time! The music video has over 470 million views on YouTube – it features Sia too, who adds to the gorgeousness of this song.

“Cloud Nine” – The Temptations

This song is off of their album called Cloud Nine, which was released back in 1969. This one’s a little bit more upbeat compared to some of the others on this list, but it’ll still make you want to sway along with them as they sing about wanting “cloud nine.”

Another great tune that was featured prominently during the 60s era – and for a good reason.

“Open The Clouds” – Unspoken

A beautiful track that speaks of God’s love for us and how He is always with us even in the darkest times. “Open The Clouds” was featured on their album Awaken, which came out back in 2009. A great song about finding hope during difficult times!

“Strange Clouds” – B.o.B ft. Lil Wayne

Another upbeat track that’s about how it doesn’t matter what you’re going through – as they sing: “We all feel alone, we wish somebody would call / We all got the same thing on our mind.”

There might be some struggles, but everything will work out in time. A great song for those who are looking to overcome their obstacles!

“Clouds Never Get Old” – Bas

A song about how they might have some struggles, but that doesn’t mean their lives will be over. “The way it is now, I’m alright / The rain will go away” as well as “Crying leaves me empty and cold sometimes / But the clouds never get old.”

It’s an excellent reminder for those feeling blue to know that everything will be alright…and not give up hope.

“Smoke Clouds” – James Arthur

A song about how we all have some darkness in our lives, but that’s okay. “I’m just a man who makes mistakes / I smoke clouds till the day I die.”

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do – there will always be obstacles and struggles. That doesn’t mean that everything is going to fall apart, though!

“Heavy Cloud No Rain” – Sting

Heavy Cloud No Rain is a song written by Sting about his experience of drought. He yearns for the moment when there’s abundance of rainfall to fill up the puddles and supply him with enough water for his daily needs.

In the song, he also talks about how the clouds can bring a sense of despair and that they’re a metaphor for life. The song is about the struggle to survive in the face of adversity and hope for a bright future.

Furthermore, Sting also composed this song during a trip to Ethiopia and it is one of the songs in his album, ‘Tune into Yellow’.

“Black Cloud” – Morrissey

Morrissey wrote the song Black Cloud in 1992 after the death of his mother. The lyrics of the song are about how she was the only person who understood him.

Furthermore, he also talks about how she’s some kind of angel that has come back to life after being killed. The song is about pain, misery and loneliness after someone close dies.

“Clouds” – New Politics

The song Clouds by New Politics is about how the singer can’t get over a past relationship.

He talks about how he’s been trying to forget her for a long time but the memories of her keep coming back. The song is about regret, pain, and how love can be powerful.

“Cloudy” – Simon & Garfunkel

Simon & Garfunkel’s song Cloudy is about the different anxieties faced by people in their daily lives. The singer asks for an assurance from the clouds that everything will be alright.

The song is about hope, faith and how people try to find comfort in unlikely places. Furthermore, it’s about how sometimes the sun goes behind the clouds.

“Get Off Of My Cloud” – Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones song Get Off Of My Cloud was written in 1965 and it’s one of the band’s most well-known songs. The lyrics of the song are about how the singer is fed up with people trying to tell him what to do.

He talks about how he’s tired of the everyday drudge and how he just wants to be left alone by everyone. Furthermore, in the song, he also talks about how he’s not like other people and how he’s unique.

“Little Fluffy Clouds” – The Orb

The Orb’s song Little Fluffy Clouds is about how the singer is in a state of happiness. He talks about how he’s been smoking weed and how it’s made him see the world in a different light.

The song is about love, peace and happiness. Furthermore, it also has a positive message about drug use.

“Just a Cloud” – Lusine

Lusine Icl writes the song Just a Cloud and it’s about the singer’s experience of rain in a desert. The lyrics talk about how the singer is happy to see a cloud after a long time and that he can finally use it as a cover from the scorching sun.

Furthermore, the song is about how he’s happy to see rain even though it eventually turns into a storm and destroys his home.

“From the Clouds” – Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson’s song From the Clouds is about how everything comes from the clouds. It’s an optimistic message to people who are feeling discouraged and says that everything will be okay in the end.

Furthermore, it talks about how people can always look up into the clouds for inspiration. Moreover, the song is also about how we should all be grateful for the things we have in life.

“Clouds” – Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons released the song Clouds in 2013 and it’s about how people want to kill their problems.

The lyrics talk about how everyone wants to take their anger out on someone and that it can’t just be contained with all the pressure.

Therefore, the singer talks about how they just want to let it all out as a cloud and as rain in the song.

“Clouds” – Montgomery Gentry

The song Clouds by Montgomery Gentry is about how some things are out of our control. The lyrics talk about how the singer doesn’t want to be a cloud that rains on everyone’s parade and how he just wants to be happy.

Furthermore, in the song, he also talks about how life is unfair and how you sometimes wish that you could turn back time.


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