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10 Best Songs About Chickens 

Ever wondered how many songs contain the phrase “chicken”? Various performers have performed songs about chicken in their music. Here are some of the best songs about chickens.

“Dixie Chicken” – Little Feat

Little Feat’s leader, Lowell George, and Martin Kibb wrote this song published in 1973 as the album’s title track. The song tells the narrative of a man who finds the woman he considers his true love and vows to marry her for the rest of his life. The man even offers the wife a house with a white picket fence on the outskirts of town.

However, the woman eventually abandons him. When the narrator tells the incident to the bartender, he discovers that the other guys in the pub had all been duped by the same girl. Soon, the men all sing and laugh about how they’re all members of this crowded men’s club. The song is dedicated to fans who are broken yet continue to move forward.

“All Birds Look Like Chicken To Me” – Sweet Papa Stovepipe

W.B. Gray of New York released this song in 1899. Two factors contributed to the song’s title. One is that this song was composed by Irving Jones, a black songwriter, in the style of Ernest Hogan’s composition.

The other factor is that Mr. Jones seems to be obsessed with poultry. Sweet Papa Stovepipe recorded it in 1926, and it is perhaps the most well-known rendition. The song is aimed at fans that appreciate poultry and recognize their worth.

“Happy Like A Chicken With His Head Cut Off” – Eric Hutchinson

This song was released in 2018. Eric Hutchinson sings about an antidepressant he started taking in 2016 while considering discontinuing his music career. Eric is content, but it’s a strange type of satisfaction: irritable and disorganized.

Hutchinson’s feeling when on antidepressants while writing the song is symbolic of the song’s title. In addition, the song discusses the benefits and drawbacks of antidepressants toying with one’s head. The song was written for people dealing with a difficult situation in their lives and are still trying to find a way out.

“The Chicken In Black” – Johnny Cash

Gary Gentry wrote this song, published in 1984, and Billy Sherrill produced it. Cash developed a video for this song in which he acts out the tale. In this song, Johnny Cash visits the doctor and discovers that his body has outgrown his brain, so the doctor replaces it with one obtained from a convicted bank robber.

Later, when Johnny enters a bank, he feels compelled to rob it. Additionally, he cannot sing. Johnny finally decides that he should get his old brain back, but the doctor has implanted it in a chicken, which is now singing Johnny Cash songs and performing admirably. This song was written for fans to urge them to make the most of what they have before losing it in the pursuit of more.

“The Chicken Dance” – Werner Thomas

Werner Thomas, a Swiss accordionist, wrote this song, which was released in 1994. He initially heard the melody in the late 1950s while singing at eateries and vacation resorts. When popular dances became popular, he decided to choreograph some simple routines to accompany the tune.

Werner got his avian inspiration while watching his poultry, who could always tell when he was approaching due to his unusual walk. They greeted him with a cacophony of chirping and paddling, which he fashioned into a dance termed “Der Ententanz” or “The Duck Dance.” The dance has become famous, and it is one of the best songs about running to keep the psych up while working out.

“Chicken & Biscuit” – Colt Ford

Colt Ford’s album, published in 2010, featured this song as the title track. Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip, two Peach Pickers, collaborated on this alongside Colt. The song was Akins and Hayslip’s first collaboration with Ford, and it was largely inspired by Colt’s breakfast that morning, which consisted of a box of fried chicken and biscuits.

Then Ben recommended that they include a female character in the song. They eventually came up with this song, which is about love for a girl who is everything to them and symbolizes their love for chicken and biscuits, which they couldn’t get enough of. The song is for fans who are head over heels in love with someone.

“The Chicken Song” – Spitting Image

Spitting Image, a British TV show from 1984 to 1996, published the song in 1986. The show included puppets, many of which were caricatures of celebrities who were mocked.

The show’s cast performed this song as puppets, and it became a frequent gag. The song’s lyrics are about how irritating it is. The idea, it appears, was to produce an instrumental version that would stick in listeners’ heads despite the lyrics alerting them that the music would do so.

“Chicken Farm” – Dead Kennedys

In 1985, this song was included in the album Frankenchrist. The song depicts Vietnamese people’s suffering during and after the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War stretched on for so long that Vietnam was in shambles when America withdrew its last troops from the nation in 1975.

Vietnam was still in the throes of poverty ten years later, fighting to rebuild. In the song, a Vietnamese boy scavenging at a poultry farm finds an explosive left over from the war and is blown up. The song is written for fans to teach them to appreciate their lives because others are struggling.

“Chicken Fried” – Zac Brown Band

This song by Zac Brown Band and his songwriting partner Wyatt Durrette is essentially a list of their favorite things, and it encapsulates who they are. Wyatt wrote the song while working as a bartender in a club where Brown used to perform.

Brown revealed that he wrote music while they were both hanging together one night. Brown sang Wyatt a section of this song that he had written. They then completed the song by incorporating some of the qualities of the South. The song serves as a message to fans to treasure their roots.

“Chicken Noodle Soup” – J.Hope

This song by J- Hope featuring Becky G., was released as a single in 2019. J-Hope raps his verse in Korean, combining parts of the song’s original lyrics into an affirmation of his hard work and determination.

Becky G, a singer from California of Mexican descent, sings her verse in English and Spanish. Becky expresses her admiration for her Latino ancestors. The song serves as a reminder to fans to value their ancestry and respect other cultures.

In Conclusion

Different musicians occasionally employ symbolism to keep their audience guessing what they intended in their songs. Therefore, these chicken songs could have a more significant meaning than just the chicken. The songs are widely received and liked by the fans, regardless.


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