10 Best Songs About Pie

If you love pie, read about the best songs about pie here, the wonderful delicacy we love. It is sweet and delicious. Everyone has at least a favorite sweet or savory pie that speaks to them. Once we taste it, it’s forever part of our lives. We’re not thinking about just any old dessert; it’s a treasured memory with every bite and crumb.

It’s the dessert for which you’ve waited all day. It’s the dessert for which you’ll save up money. It’s the dessert that tastes just as good at room temperature as when served warm from the oven.

“I Want To Hold Your Hand” – The Beatles

The vocals are nice and simple, but they do a marvelous job expressing the essence of the Elvis-like fantastic feeling that you get when you order a slice of pie at a diner.
This version of the classic love song by The Beatles is one of the best. It’s a dream that can only be realized when your like grows old together.

“Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift

It is another song that celebrates pie and all its delicious possibilities. It’s so catchy and interesting it’ll be hard to get rid of the track. It shows you that nothing good comes from an attitude of mourning over what it once was. Shake off whatever it is that’s holding you back. It is a hot tune with a great message behind it. The song tells you not to leave your past behind because everything will slip away from you when you do.

“Baby Don’t You Cry” – Quincy Coleman

It is a wake-up call that will get the adrenaline going if you close your eyes and let the music take over. The beat is fast-paced, and the vocals are breathy, but it’s the lyrics that keep you locked into the song for its entire length. The song is perfect and so catchy, it will go down in your mind as the best pie song of all time.

“American Pie” – Don McLean

This song is about how the American dream has ended for many people. It’s a masterpiece, and this version is one of the best. It’s a classic tune that contains so much meaning to it. It shows how people can find themselves in a dark place when they’re faced with tragedy and how they can pick themselves up again by remembering what brought them together as humans in the first place.

“Pie” – Future and Chris Brown

It is a cool hip-hop song with a catchy chorus. The beat is great, and the lyrics are just as good. You can’t go wrong with it and don’t be surprised if you end up singing it along to it. The message is clear, They may not have much, but what they have is enough to share. Their love is all they need, and of course, the pies are a nice touch.

“Sweetest Pie” – Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa

The song has a decent beat, and the chorus is very catchy. The sound of their voices together is so mesmerizing that you might find yourself listening to this repeatedly on your favorite streaming service. The lyrics are short but catchy; I’m down for the sweetest pie. The song is something to make you smile. It’s a great way to get out of a bad mood, and it will make your day so much better than it was before.

“Cherry Pie” – Warrant

It’s a nice change from all the new music we’re exposed to nowadays. This ’80s tune will take you back to a happier time in life, and it will make you realize that all the modern technology and various distractions are not what holds your interest. The things you love, like pies, can bring you back to simpler times when life was much easier.

“Easy As Pie” – Peaches and Herb

It is another catchy, upbeat song that you can’t help but love. The lyrics are about enjoying the simple things in life and appreciating what you have at the moment. It’s all about having a positive outlook on life, even giving up a few luxuries and necessities. I don’t care if there’s no air or if I walk or crawl, she sings, I’ll never be too high or low as long as we’re here together.

“I Can’t Help Myself” – The Four Tops

It is another fantastic classic tune that will take you back to when life was simple. You’re so wrapped up in reminiscing you’ll be singing along to all the lyrics before you know it. It’s one of those songs that people will never tire of, and this is such an amazing song that makes me want to listen to it repeatedly. 

“Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie” – Jay and The Techniques

The first thing that I’m sure you’ll notice about this song is that it’s a very smooth mix. The vocals are soothing, and the lyrics will make you want to go out and indulge yourself in the good old days when food was just as good as it is now. It’s not just a love song, but it’s also about finding something to hold onto in life and not giving up on what brings you joy.


When it comes to pie, there is no escaping that it’s one of the most popular foods on the planet. It’s not only popular in America either. Everyone loves pie, and countless songs have been written about it to prove that point. These songs have been written by people who truly enjoy and appreciate pies and all that they can do for our souls.


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