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21 Best Songs About Seasons

21 Best Songs About Seasons

Music is the food for the soul, and nothing compares to a song that resonates with an experience you’ve had. A song has a way of expressing a feeling or an emotion fascinatingly.

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Artists have an uncanny ability to compose music and tunes that brings a vibe to a particular season – able to take an ordinary event or moment and display it in an expression of poetry that captures your imagination. You will find songs across all genres that bring and stir emotions of a particular season.

Here, we have sampled a collection of the top songs about seasons which are diverse in their genre and message.

“Summer”- Calvin Harris

“Summer” put the Scottish DJ Calvin Harris in the spotlight as it hit the UK singles chart as the number one single and reached a top ten position on the Billboard Hot 100. “Summer” was released on March 14th, 2014. It’s a pop track that paints a picture of summer, remembering a tale of two lovebirds that fell in love in that season. 

“A Winter’s Tale”- Queen

Nothing is captivating as imagery expressed in a poetry-rich song. “A winter’s tale” does not disappoint in this respect. Queen beautifully enters the world of a dreamer and paints a picture of winter and an introspective feeling that comes with it. The song was originally composed by Freddie Mercury, and he died before its release in 1995. Queen, however, picked up the challenge, and the song is mostly attributed to him.

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“Spring Break Anthem” – The Lonely Island

The Lonely Island is a hip-hop group based in California. The group was formed in 2001 by its three members; Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Andy Samberg. In the song “spring break anthem,” the trio portrays an image of spring joy, with the recklessness of youth, partying and hype, and irresponsible behaviors like sex, drugs, and alcohol.

“Autumn Almanac” – The Kinks

The” Autumn Almanac” is a classic rock released in 1967 by The Kinks. Though it did not make it to the Billboard Hot 100, it reached number three on the UK singles chart, and it’s still relevant to date. The song depicts a feeling of the Autumn season with its different colors and serene weather.

“The Boys Of Fall”- Kenny Chesney

If you are a country music lover, then this is the song for you. “the boys of fall” is a country motivational song, and Kenny Chesney beautifully merges the bliss and the feeling of fall with the reality of an American football player and the determination and sweat that goes into the game. The song was recorded by Kenny Chesney and released in 2010 from the album “Hemingway’s Whiskey.”

“Winter Things” – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is a new pop star whose songs target the young generation. In “winter things,” released in 2015, she talks of her homecoming lover and the things they’ll do in winter. It is winter, but she can’t feel the cold, perhaps because of the excitement of her homecoming love.

“Lies of Summer” – Aimee Mann

“Lies of Summer” is a single from the album “Mental Illness” released in 2017. The name of the song is poetic and quite catchy. Mann refers to a boy as a menace and a lier in society and the consequences likely to follow him. She cautions that when he dies due to his behaviors, he will be forgotten. Aimee Mann is a pop-rock artist from Virginia, her music is sorrowful, but she is a good narrator and storyteller. 

“In The Summertime”- Mungo Jerry

“In the summertime” is a best-selling single of all time. It was released in 1970 and recorded by Mungo Jerry, a rock band from Britain. Their lead singer, Ray Dorset, wrote the song, and it brings a “don’t care” attitude that comes with summer. It has reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100.

“Girls In Their Summer Clothes” – Bruce Springsteen

Released in 2007 from the album Magic, girls in their summer clothes is a song of a wishful thinker who would rather sit aside and observe rather than engage In action. Bruce Springsteen is quite a narrator, and the song shows his unmatched ability to tell a story in remarkable detail. 

“Summer of ’69” – Bryan Adams

“Summer of ’69” was written by Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams as a song of conflicting decisions to follow your career or settle down. It was released in 1985 as the fourth single of the album reckless. It is a hype rock song, and the video is so vibrant that it will get you off your seat.

“Summertime” – Sam Cooke

This iconic song dates to a 19th-century Ukrainian folk song and lullaby that George Gershwin turned into a jazz standard in 1935. Adding the summery lyrics to the melody has inspired countless later versions of “Summertime” that span genres. 

Sam Cooke, one of the foremost masters of soul music recorded his version of “Summertime” in 1957, transforming it from jazz to a sensually slow soul song. “Summertime” was one of Cooke’s first recordings as a solo artist, released the year he broke away from the gospel group, the Soul Stirrers.

“Sunny Afternoon”- The Kinks

Written by the Kinks’ lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Ray Davies in 1966, “Sunny Afternoon” mocks the problems that come from materialism and financial success through the point of view of a wealthy aristocrat. Davies wrote it in the morning from an extravagant home, making a farse of his success and material possessions.

“Sunny Afternoon” also marks a stylistic transition from the upbeat, bubble-gummy early 60s singles the band released to a more psychedelic and Avant guard style. The title may not allude to a season, but the chorus repeats “summertime.”  

“Winter”- The Rolling Stones

Ironically, “Winter” was written and recorded by the Rolling Stones during their stint in Jamaica. Mick Jagger and temporary guitarist Mick Taylor wrote the song to express their love-hate relationship with the winter season. 

Released in 1973 for Rolling Stones’ 13th studio album, Goat’s Head Soup, “Winter” gets overshadowed by the chart-topper “Angie.” The song complains about harsh cold winters that can’t be over soon enough while also describing beautiful winter holiday scenes that evoke nostalgia and endearment for the cold weather months.

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“Wintertime”- Norah Jones

A sorrowful, lovesick song, “Wintertime” is a single on five-time Grammy winner Norah Jones’ 2019 compilation album Begin Again. Jones writes about winter being the hardest season to get through when going through the heartbreak of losing a partner.

Winter is a dark time figuratively and literally for Jones as she clings to the light of a single candle to lead her through the cold, dark season of loneliness.

“Late Winter, Early Spring (When Everybody Goes to Mexico)”- John Denver

From folk and country singer John Denver’s chart-topping album Rocky Mountain High, “Late Winter, Early Spring (When Everybody Goes to Mexico)” is one of five songs about seasons changing on the album’s B-side dedicated to the seasons.   

The other four songs with seasons in the lyrics describe every full season with poetic elegance, while this ode to the period between two seasons is an instrumental song. It’s a mix of folk guitar picking and country melody that flows gently and invokes the bright promises of spring that emerge as the last winter snows melt.

“It Might as Well Be Spring”- Nina Simone

Written by famed musical play writers and composers Roger and Hammerstein, “It Might as Well Be Spring” was an Academy Award-winning song written for the 1945 movie, State Fair. Over the following decades, many artists covered this song, including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and the famous Bossa Nova duo Getz-Gilberto.

The iconic Nina Simone released “It Might as Well Be Spring” on her diverse 1959 album entitled The Amazing Nina Simone, featuring a unique multi-genre list of songs. Like many country songs about seasons, the song describes springtime feelings of restlessness and eagerness for a new chapter.

“Spring Among the Living”- My Morning Jacket

Recorded for Indie rock band My Morning Jacket’s 2015 album The Waterfall, “Spring Among the Living” shares the album’s overall theme of rebirth. The album reached number 11 on U.S. Billboards. 

The song combines various musical styles, from folk to psychedelia to R&B. The lyrics are optimistic, expressing gratitude for the arrival of spring. Lyricist and singer Jim James describe animals emerging from winter hibernation holes just as he also rejoices to come out of his dark winter isolation to reconnect with his social life by joining the living. 

“Autumn in New York”- Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

“Autumn in New York” is both a show tune and jazz standard written in 1934 by famed composer Vernon Duke. Its popularity in the Jazz world has produced countless covers from all the historical jazz greats. The version from the famed duet Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong debuted on the 1957 album Ella and Louis Again.

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The song describes the fall in New York as a romantic and glamorous season filled with endless possibilities of love mixed with endearing nostalgia. 

“Autumn Leaves”- Ed Sheeran

“Autumn Leaves” is a bonus track on Ed Sheeran’s 2011 debut studio album, + (plus), which also marked his big break as a successful commercial artist. The song is a soulful poem Sheeran sings solo accompanied by his acoustic guitar. 

The imagery of autumn leaves as the last remaining remnants of the past season’s fruits is a metaphor for love lost. The song is both sad and hopeful, referring to an overwhelming desire to be with a loved one that is no longer there but appreciates the time shared when they were.  

“Summer in the City”- The Lovin Spoonful

The Lovin Spoonful’s biggest hit and only song to reach the top spot on US Billboards, “Summer in the City” is an upbeat rock n roll homage to urbanity. Released in 1966, this song was originally written by lead singer and songwriter John Sebastian’s younger brother Mark. the elder brother adapted the lyrics and melody to the hit song we all know today.

The song describes a sizzling concrete jungle in the summer heat by day, cooling off for a fun all-night dance party. 

“Summer Love”- Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake wrote and released “Summer Love” for his 2006 album FutureSex/LoveSounds as a catchy pop song about steamy summer flings. The song is a certified platinum song that reached the top of the Billboard Pop Songs chart and number six on the Top 100 Billboard. 

Timberlake narrates a typical summer romance wherein he catches a glimpse of an attractive woman driving a convertible and the subsequent pursuit of her heart, attention, and body. It’s a light-hearted, youthful song that describes a relatable lust for teenagers and young adults.