10 Best Songs About Strawberries 

Strawberries, like other berries, are high in antioxidants, fiber, minerals, and anti-inflammatory chemicals. They are a very symbolic fruit; their appealing look makes them a symbol of all that is wonderful in life, such as real love, passionate yearning, and attractiveness. So please sit back, take a walk outside, and prepare to listen to our selection of the best songs about strawberries.

Strawberry Fields Forever” – The Beatles

It is considered the best pop song ever created. Its promotional film is also regarded as a groundbreaking effort in music video art. The song was inspired by Lennon’s early recollections of playing in the garden of Strawberry Field, a Liverpool Salvation Army children’s home.

The song’s tune transfixes someone. John Lennon’s melodies have a short range of only a few notes, but McCartney moves up and down and spans many messages over the scale (listen to “Yesterday”). The interaction between all of the instruments and the beauty that emerges from the cohesiveness will make one believe that anything is possible in music.

“Strawberry Vapors” – Luke James

“A musical depiction of two individuals relating less in the physical, but more in the mental,” James says of the woodsy imagery. The images take an ethereal, surreal turn in director Sarah McColgan’s hands, with Luke and his leading woman residing in a dream-like condition. They move from sleeping in their separate beds to relaxing in a forest with smoke, flowers, a horse, and a wolf.

This video for “Strawberry Vapors” marks the start of another hot video from the soulful beauty, who has already delivered some dope visuals this year with plenty more. This love song is great as it makes one feel euphoric. The video appears to be one extended hallucination which makes perfect sense.

“Strawberry Letter 23” – The Brothers Johnson

This is a love song. Otis wrote it for his fiancée, explaining the emotions generated by “Strawberry Letter 22,” the title implying that another letter is on the way. Although it is often assumed that she wrote to him on strawberry-scented paper, Otis stated in a 2013 interview with Spinner that when he was creating the song, he imagined a female sending a guy a pink envelope. So far, the guy and the lady had exchanged 22 letters.

He writes a song for the 23rd one. However, there are no odors.” It’s a groovy, mesmerizing treasure with one of the unique song titles ever! If one hasn’t heard it, it’s a soulful ballad with excellent lyrics and structure.

“Strawberry Bubblegum” – Justin Timberlake

It’s all about falling in love at first sight. It’s about how one passes past a girl and remembers everything about her, even down to the fragrance of the moment. Timberlake uses sex-as-candy analogies to respect a girl’s different features in this smooth and seductive R&B track (most likely his wife, Jessica Biel).

“She’s just like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” he says, “And please, don’t change anything because your flavor’s so original.” Additionally, the mid-tempo pop, R&B, and soul song with EDM and ambient elements make the song one of the best. 

“Strawberry Wine” – Deana Carter

It is about young love. Most people have those early recollections that become more vivid with each passing day. Deanna does an excellent job of assisting us in cherishing those priceless, everlasting moments. Carter compares her love to the deliciousness of “strawberry wine” and recalls a period in her youth when she lost her innocence.

Carter recounts a summer spent on her grandparents’ farm as naive and immature in her desire to experience love, figuratively equating her first love to strawberry wine, which is considered delicious and enticing, but eventually bittersweet in the aftertaste. It is excellent because it reminds one of those early years when love was so young, naive, and pure.

“Strawberry Lipstick” – YUNGBLUD

The singer describes the music as composed “for a person” he “loves” in the opening. Anyone who knows YUNGBLUD knows that he is a lipstick addict. So when YUNGBLUD talks about his lover sucking on his “strawberry lipstick,” he’s talking about a highly intense personal interaction between them. His beloved sucks (kissing) his lips, covered with strawberry-flavored lipstick. It is an excellent song since it’s a unique love song. 

“Strawberry Swing” – Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean has mastered the art of layering sweet sounds with biting undertones. “Strawberry Swing’s” primary mode is one of urgency. Over a bouncy production, Frank sings about the priceless experiences of his youth. The song’s opening chords give us the impression that a miracle is on the way, the marvel of remembrance.

Its beautiful few seconds takes us through a field of chords and, as a result, into the details of Frank’s youth. When one first hears this song, the chances of it bringing back all of the good childhood memories are high. Overall, this is one of the songs about running from the real world. One can listen to when they need a break from the real world. 

“Strawberry Avalanche” – Owl City

This song is in the deluxe edition of Owl City’s album Ocean Eyes, which is a one-person emo electro act. It’s about two youngsters camping out in sleeping bags in the backyard and envisioning what a strawberry avalanche might be like. The song is excellent since it is a dreamy track that begins with Adam’s signature bubbly delay-filled synth, followed by crisp electronic drums and a dancey square synth lead.

Lyrically, the song discusses an out-of-this-world type dream that Adam experienced, with him referencing imagery like ‘candy-coated clouds’ and the namesake ‘strawberry avalanche.’  

“Strawberry Swing” – Coldplay

Martin wakes up in his house at the start of the video. When he notices a woman being held captive by a giant squirrel, he transforms into a superhero and tries to save her. Along the way, Martin faces attacks from the squirrel and a big fish in the ocean. When Martin arrives at the squirrel’s house, he saves the lady by creating a nut-shaped bomb that explodes on the squirrel. The two then take off and begin kissing.

The animation comes to a halt at the song’s end, and Martin quickly rises from the chalk-colored floor and goes away. The production’s tribal influence, the addictive tune, and Chris Martin’s vocal delivery make it a great song. 

“Strawberry Mansion (From Exile)” – The Menzingers

‘Hello Exile’ is the Menzingers’ most conceptually and emotionally charged album. The upbeat “Strawberry Mansion” swiftly picks up the pace. ‘From Exile’ isn’t your typical “punks go acoustic” album, in which a fierce punk band picks up an acoustic guitar and re-records everything; note for note.

The band has given each song a lot of consideration, altering it to suit a more acoustic feel that several of the songs are unrecognizable. It’s almost as if they’ve approached their songs as if they were covering someone else’s, trying to find new ways to personalize each one.


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