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10 of Bruno Mars’ Best Songs

10 of Bruno Mars’ Best Songs

Bruno Mars, born Peter Gene Hernandez, is an incredibly talented, seven-time Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, musician, and all-around entertainer.

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He is well-versed in various genres, from funk to soul to r&b, rock, pop, disco, and more. This Hawaiian-born artist is known for groovy instrumentals, riveting vocals, and dynamic dance moves.

Because Mars is so talented, he is a laundry list of fantastic music, but here are ten of Bruno Mars’ best songs overall.


Many of Bruno Mars’ songs are about love, and this one demonstrates how complicated and frustrating it can be, especially if you’re passionately in love with someone.

The lyrics describe how the speaker would die for his lover, but there is no reciprocation. Essentially, he is being taken for granted.

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However, he’s too deep in love to just leave. This is, unfortunately, a relatable song for people who’ve experienced a heart-wrenching, one-sided love.

“Just The Way You Are”

If you’re looking for a sweet, romantic, and melodic song to send to your lover, “Just The Way You Are” is the perfect hit.

Although it’s a bit older than other songs, we had to include it on a Bruno Mars top 10 songs list because it’s so sweet, and Bruno Mars’ voice is angelic in this love song.

This classic hit is about appreciating your partner for who they are, even when they’re not perfect. Bruno Mars serenades his love interest and makes her feel confident and beautiful.

“The Lazy Song”

Along with “Just The Way You Are,” “The Lazy Song” is one of Bruno Mars’ earliest big hits that helped him skyrocket to international fame. It’s a carefree, fun song about not wanting to do anything except lounge around all day and be lazy.

It has a reggae sound that helps the listener associate with the idea of living casually and breathily on an island with no stress, no worries, and a loose sense of time.

“The Lazy Song” is one of Bruno Mars’ top 5 songs for a chill, daytime hangout — or anytime you just want to lay down, ignore your phone, and have a much-needed break!

“Finesse” Featuring Cardi B

This Bruno Mars song is a nod to ‘90s hip hop and r&b with an incredible throwback sound. It features Cardi B, who adds an extra level of sass and fierceness to the track.

“Finesse” lyrics, on the surface, are about wanting to look good and feel even better. But if you listen closely, you realize it’s also about love, partnership, and wanting to hype up whoever you’re with.

It’s another fun party song from Bruno Mars that’ll make you smile and inspire you to get up and groove.

“When I Was Your Man”

Bruno Mars is known for writing sweet love songs, but Bruno Mars – “When I Was Your Man” is a melancholy song about heartbreak and the one that got away because of his mistakes.

In the lyrics, he shares that now that he’s matured, Mars realizes that he could be a much better partner, but he let his ego and pride get in the way.

He could’ve done things differently — both big and small — like gifting flowers and being more physically close, but he failed to deliver, and now his past lover is with another man.

This song is relatable because everyone has, at some point, regrets about a previous relationship. Ultimately, Bruno Mars — “When I Was Your Man” is a regretful ballad that will touch your heart and soul.

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“24K Magic”

“24K Magic” is one of the best Bruno Mars songs to dance to at a party, backyard bbq, wedding, or any lively event. It’s about flaunting your wealth, style, and charisma.

The beat is Bruno Mars’ classic throwback sound with a modern twist that will make you want to groove. The lyrics are also some of his coolest, especially for a party song.

It’s also an excellent song to play when you want to feel confident and smooth — like Bruno Mars!

“That’s What I Like”

Similar to “24K Magic” and “Finesse,” “That’s What I Like” is a funky, retro hit that makes you feel good every listen.

It’s also a song that combines themes of money and love, topics Mars often combines in his lyrics.

Mars is a romantic at heart, and his lyrics describing how much he’d spend on his lover to make her happy are both creative and sweet. But he also doesn’t shy away from mentioning private jets, high-end hotels, jewelry, silk sheets, and other luxurious items.

As in his other songs, Mars’ vocals are outstanding, especially during the last third of the tune.


Many of Bruno Mars’ best songs sound like they’re from the ‘80s or ‘90s, but “Treasure” feels straight from the ‘70s disco era.

The funky bassline, Mars’ falsetto vocals, and the overall high energy of the beat make it a great song to listen to when you need a pick-me-up.

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It’s also one of Bruno Mars’ sexiest songs, with lyrics about his love interest being a treasure and how he wants to “treasure her.”

“Locked Out Of Heaven”

Bruno Mars comes out the gate with serious vocals from the start of “Locked Out Of Heaven,” even before he starts singing actual lyrics.

Any listener can tell that he’ll mean serious business from the beginning of this song, and he proves it during the impressive chorus.

This hit is another sexy and romantic song by Mars. He compares his love interest (and their intimate time together) to heaven and makes various references and metaphors related to heaven.

“It Will Rain”

Knowing how upsetting it will be if you and your partner split is a reality that sits in the background of people who are in deep love.

It’s exciting to be in love, but this song demonstrates that even the thought of losing that person can be a bit terrifying. He knows that regardless of the actual weather, he will be so sad that it’ll feel like it’s raining every day if his lover ever leaves him.

It also speaks to his own faults. He knows he has made mistakes, but he will try harder to be the best person for her so that she won’t leave him.

Final Thoughts

There is a laundry list of incredible Bruno Mars songs, so selecting Bruno Mars’ best songs for this list was challenging.

And if you’re wondering why one of his most popular hits, “Uptown Funk,” was left out, it’s because the song is actually by Mark Ronson, and Bruno Mars is the singing feature.