10 Best Songs About Peaches 

Peaches are a luscious and sweet fruit that various performers have sung about in their songs to add a nice touch to their music. Here are ten of the best songs about peaches;

“Peaches N Cream” – Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg released this song in 2015, and it features Pharrell Williams and Charlie Wilson. Snoop raps about a female who grabbed his attention at a party over Pharrell Williams’ laid-back soundtrack.

Charlie Wilson contributes backup vocals to the track as well. This song is one of the finest since it is well-liked by the fans; Snoop Dogg even played it in the final episode of the first season of Empire, where he appears as an artist for the Imperial power conglomerate.

“Peaches” – Justin Bieber

This R&B-centric pop song released in 2002 by Justin Bieber also features Daniel Caesar and Giveon. Justin Bieber speaks about obtaining his peaches from Georgia. Georgia is renowned as the “Peach State” because it produces some of the country’s juiciest, most delectable peaches.

Some feel Justin utilizes the fruit in the song as symbolism for his sweetheart since a “Georgia Peach” can indicate a beautiful and sweet girl from Georgia.

Furthermore, Justin’s wife, Hailey, acted as his musical muse for much of the record, further confounding the Georgia peach reference. This song is one of the best since it teaches about the roots of beauty and crowns what is beautiful.

“Peaches” – The Stranglers

The lyrics of “Peaches,” a famous punk rock song published in 1997, include sexually suggestive imagery. The song depicts a man relaxing on a beautiful beach while admiring attractive women. The song’s peaches are either a loving phrase for the girls he sees or a more sensual reference to their female reproductive organs.

Although there may be some controversies with the song, it is one of the best because it teaches about sensual experiences. The song has been re-recorded with censored sexual themes to educate children about sexual narratives

“Peaches” – The Presidents of The United States Of America

This song is the subject of two theories. The first theory claims that the song has no metaphors and is solely about peaches and how wonderful they are. Perhaps a remark about how fresh peaches are preferable to canned peaches.

However, the lead singer Chris Ballew, appears to be unsure about the origins of peaches. According to the song theory, the peaches are symbolic, and the song is about women’s reproductive organs and sexual acts.

This song is one of the best since it features an intriguing video in which warriors assault the band about two-thirds of the way through the song.

“Peach Jam” – 88rising, Joji & BlocBoy JB

This tune, released in 2018, is a romantic and intimate song as the narrator talks about love and how he treats his lover. The song’s narrator mentions bringing the person out for a picnic and then a ride. This song is one of the best because it is the ideal summer tune, with relaxing, seductive, and soulful vibes.

“Peach” – Kevin Abstract ft. Bearface, Joba & Dominic Fike

Kevin Abstract, well known as a part of the hip-hop-based boys’ band BROCKHAMPTON, released this song in 2019. This song is thought to have less to do with peaches as fruits and more to do with heartfelt matters. Dominic Fike, who sings the chorus, begins the phrase “Peach” with an intro. Abstract recalls and reflects on a previous relationship in the song Abstract.

Joba eventually says peaches in the pre-chorus, implying that everything is peaches and cream, and Bearface completes the sentiment; I’ll be right if you leave your love. This tune is one of the best songs about running that combines well with summer moods and is a great tune to listen to when working out outside.

“Peach” – Chevelle

This song was released in 2021 as part of an album with a significant space theme, but it seems to go beyond that, sparking disagreement among the collective followers. Some fans believe the song is about a politician who steals from the people and gives their worth to the wealthy, while others feel it is about one of the United States presidents.

Fans can agree on one thing, though: the song is supposed to be about space. This song is one of the best since it starts with an exciting, powerful instrumental entrance that sets the tone perfectly. The guitars and drums sound rhythmical, and the vocals are emotive.

“Peach” – The Front Bottoms

This song, released in 2013, is a love ballad in which the narrator expresses his feelings. It’s unclear what kind of love the narrator refers to; it may be his lover, mother, child, or even brother. In the song, the narrator says that the individual is the reason he smiles even when there is nothing to grin about. This song is one of the best since it teaches how to love, feel loved, and genuine love in general.

“Peach Trees” – Rufus Wainwright

This tune is a love song in which the narrator appears to be unsure of what true love is. The song’s narrator wonders if true love is a trip to Chinatown or being held under the peach trees in one’s opium gaze.

On the other hand, the narrator appears to be positive that he is ready for love, stating in the song that he is bored of sitting in restaurants and eating alone while reading reviews and comics. This tune is one of the best peach-themed songs since it illustrates the meaning of love and being in love.

“Peach Pickin’ Time In Georgia” – Merrle Haggard

In 1969, this country tune was released. The narrator argues that the same moment in different parts of the country can mean a different season. For example, when it’s peach picking season in Georgia, it’s apple picking season in Tennessee, and it’s female picking season for him. The song is one of the best because it teaches the importance of appreciating each season for what it is and how lovely it is in its own right.

In Conclusion

Different musicians have distinct songwriting approaches. Some musicians may use the term “peaches” as symbolism for something else to keep the fans engaged in the artist’s musical world as they try to figure out what the artist meant.


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