20 Best Songs About Having A Baby

Music is one of the beautiful things that bring joy to a person’s life and, in fact, can be therapeutic to many.

If music speaks to your soul and there is a small human that is about to make an appearance in your life – you may want to be lulled to comfort by listening to some sweet tunes on having a baby.

“With Arms Wide Open” – Creed

The song is about the birth of Scott Stapp’s son and his warming to the idea of being a father. Here, he wishes the son would grow up to be a better man, steering away from the path Stapp took when he dropped out of school to get drunk and use drugs.

This tune speaks to anyone having a baby. It waxes lyrical on the hopes a parent has for their child.

Strapp sings of parents who fear no challenges or hurdles when working on giving their child a better life. It describes an unwavering love from a parent.

“I Saw God Today” – George Strait

This wonderful number describes a father’s perception once a child is born. His entire world changes, and from there he begins to focus on the life of that magnificent baby.

This is a tune that outlines the miracle of childbirth – two humans bringing an unscathed and brand-new person into the world.

“A Mother’s Prayer” – Celine Dion

Celine Dion is a popular musician well known for her ballads. In this song she illustrates a mother’s great love.

She prays her daughter is kept safe, happy, and wise. This a classic tune which is an ode to the great bond between a mother and a child that no human can sever.

“Papa Don’t Preach” – Madonna

We all know Madonna from her iconic performances and her world wide hits, but Papa Don’t Preach is inarguably one of her best.

Here, she apologizes and cries to her father, begging him not to stop loving her for being pregnant. Although she is unsure about what her father’s final decision might be, she maintains she would like to have the baby with his guidance and support.

As the song ends, the painted picture is one of a father who wont stop loving his child. In the music video we see the father walking towards the daughter ready to comfort her.

“Isn’t She Lovely” – Stevie Wonder

Many people incorrectly assume this song was written for a lover, although its perspective is from an emotional father watching over his newborn daughter.

Wonder’s lyrics includes the father’s feeling of amazement and surprise from his daughter’s creation.

The father feels a loss for words and is left only with emotions to try to understand the beauty of life.

“Lullaby” – Dixie Chicks

Giving birth to a child is a life-altering process. In this song, the Dixie’s croon about the kind of love and innocence brought by parenthood.

The amazing song radiates love, comfort, and safety, reflecting all the elements of a lullaby. The lyrics promise eternal love from their parents while they wander through the world.

“There Goes My Life” – Kenny Chesney

Parents sometimes feel overwhelmed by the thought of having a baby, especially if the pregnancy is unexpected. This song is about a young man who worries about his life coming to an end after becoming a father.

However, his daughter becomes his life after she is born. The song speaks of hope and parents who never give up on their children.

“You’re Gonna Be” – Reba McEntire

McEntire’s sings of the great responsibility of parenthood – a dedication to the singer’s newborn baby. The lyrics speak of the importance of the baby’s future.

She sings about the challenges her child will face in life. Although MacEntire as the mother might not have all the answers, she will give everything to love and support her daughter in life. This hopeful song reassures a child of their parent’s unending love.

“All-American Girl” – Carrie Underwood

We all know that some parents, as they expect a baby, may have a gender preference, and of course, others may not.

Carrie Underwood’s tune is on how fast these preferences can change after the baby’s arrival. The beautiful song depicts a parent’s unconditional love for their baby.

“It Takes a Man” – Chris Young

With the responsibilities of being a parent, not everyone is up for the challenge. This country melody explains that it takes a real man to face the great challenge of parenthood.

The lyrics are perfect for those who are are fearful on whether they are able to handle the responsibilities of parenthood.

“I Got You” – Ciara

The song speaks to any loving mother or mother-to-be and accurately describes their love for their babies.

She talks about this unforgiving world and the various ups and downs that people face. She assures her baby boy that she will always be there for him. No matter what, she may even lay her life for him if needed.

“Babies” – David Nail

This song by David Nail hits right in the heart as it describes the unique feeling of becoming a new parent. He emphasizes the responsibilities of a father, where he shifted from a life full of fun and enjoyment to not being able to sleep at night for his babies. He also explains how much of a blessing it was to him since they had tried having kids for years and failed.

He defines what can be called a proud Dad for his babies.

“My Little Girl” – Tim McGraw

Every parent’s love is unique and unconditional. Tim’s song is dedicated to his daughter, where he describes a life where he is always present and available for her. A great example he sets up here for every parent.

In the song, he can be considered his daughter’s confident and first-ever love. They created an unshakable bond. He allows her to go and explore the world, but to one condition, she should always remember her way back home.

He expects her daughter to find happiness in a man who deserves it and vows to keep watch over her until she finds the right one.

“Duduke” – Simi

This song was sung by the Nigerian singer Simi during her pregnancy. She is praying for her yet to be born baby. The word Duduke means “beat of my heart”.
In her song, she cannot wait anymore to finally hold her baby in her hands, as she calls her the treasure she had been expecting. As a mother, she is ready to give everything for her baby even though it might not be the whole world, but she would give it too if she could.

“The Sweetest Gift” – Sade

Sade is taking us into a fantastic world with her song to express the wonderful feeling brought to her by her baby. Although not yet a parent, she is pregnant, and the love she radiates is the purest form, that of a mother for her child.

The peaceful and calm setting of the song is very relaxing and can help parents remember the gift that is their children. This is a type of bond that is bulletproof and should not be tampered with.

“It Won’t Be Like This For Long” – Darius Rucker

This song talks about a father of one daughter, and together with his wife, they know she’s gonna grow fast, and the old days will just be a joke. He wishes for it not to be so fast since his love for her is unmeasurable and just hopes she can get a good life better than theirs.

“A Letter To My Daughter” – Kerri Brown

A loving mother writes a letter to her beloved daughter. The love is so intense she wants her daughter to know she will never be alone. She tells her daughter how beautiful she is and how they will find her purpose for coming to this world together. Every moment passed with her daughter is a treasure for the mom.

This sends a strong message to all parents. They need to support their children’s efforts and see it through with them.

“The Best Part Of Me” – Lee Brice

Lee Brice became famous in 2010. He is both a singer and a writer. This song revolves around a father who conveys his deep love for his newborn daughter. The overwhelming joy of becoming a new parent is really well shared with us.
Parents can enjoy singing this song to their babies even when they are not yet birthed.

“The Mother” – Brandi Carlile

This song is dedicated to Brandi’s daughter Evangeline. She expresses how deep a mother’s love can go for their baby. There is no comparison or anything greater since it is beyond being physical and emotional. It is also spiritual. Parents will always try to ensure their child is safe and satisfied, and mothers can go the extra mile.

“Baby Mine” – Allison Krauss

The song originally is a lullaby, but the important part is the message passed through the lyrics. This song is about a mother’s love for their child. The mother never wants to part with her child. She specifically points out how small babies are, but their value in the mother’s heart weighs more than the world.


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