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20 Best Songs About Friday

After a long week, I just want to let my hair down on Friday and cruise into the weekend. Check out my list of the 20 best songs about Fridays to get your weekend started right!

“Cheap Thrills” – Sia Ft. Sean Paul 

While we are all excited to start the weekend, “Cheap Thrills” is all about getting ready for a Friday night on the town.

“Cheap Thrills” is your anthem for a night at the club or just getting dressed up and turning heads on the street. It is high energy with a groovy reggaeton feel to get your feet moving!

“Hello Friday” – Flo Rida Ft. Jason Derulo 

Flo Rida knows exactly how long a Thursday can drag on in this party song all about getting a little more Friday in life.

Flo Rida is all of us when he says that “Thursday just ain’t his luck.” But now that Friday is here, he is “ordering triple and seeing double.’

“Friday Is Forever” – We The Kings 

We are all guilty of not living in the moment from time to time. We The Kings give us a great reminder that we should be in the moment with our friends and partners. Don’t take the weekend for granted. Enjoy where you are right now!

Don’t forget that it takes a week to find out if Friday lasts forever. Maybe it doesn’t but we can try, right?

“Friday I’m In Love” – The Cure 

If you’re into alternative or indie music, “Friday I’m in Love” might just be one of your all time favorite songs.

Singer Robert Smith says that “its a dumb pop song”, but he can’t help but admit that its absurdity is what makes it so great.

“Runaways” – The Killers 

Sure, this list is all about the feel good vibes of Friday. But sometimes Friday gets us down.

Singer Brandon Flowers tells us about his engagement on a Friday night and how now he just feels like he wants to run away from his responsibilities. Not every Friday can be perfect, right?

Now lets get back to the party.

“Friday On My Mind” – David Bowie 

Although it isn’t actually a David Bowie song, (it was originally performed by The Easybeats) Davie Bowie gives a fantastic rendition on his 1973 album “Pin Ups”.

We are all a little bit fond of young love. “Friday On My Mind” is a classic story of the young boy eagerly waiting for Friday so he can spend time in the city with his favorite girl under the lights.

“Friday Night In Dixie” – Rhett Atkins 

This fun country anthem is about a country rave that gets broken up by the sheriff brandishing his handgun. 

But even the sheriff knows that we all just want to let our hair down on a Friday and he delivers perhaps the best line of the entire song. “I sure have done my share of raisin’ hell, and I ain’t too old to raise it with y’all.”

“Last Friday Night” – Katy Perry 

This song does such an amazing job of capturing the magic of a Friday night. You get an unstoppable feeling that you have endless possibilities on a Friday. Katy Perry always delivers with her high energy and upbeat style.

Be careful though, Katy Perry mentions that as she thinks back to Friday that “I think we broke the law.”

“Bright Lights, Bigger City” – Cee Lo Green 

With a killer bass line inspired by “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson, Cee Lo Green tells a story about the magic of a Friday from the back seat of a car cruising the city.

He reminds us of that familiar feeling that Friday is famous for. Sometimes you just need to take a minute to take it all in by yourself.

“Friday” – Rebecca Black 

“It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday”

Surely you didn’t think we would forget about the ultimate Friday anthem. Even though the chorus is mostly just the word “Friday” you can’t help but be reminded that “everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend.”

It might be possible that “Friday” is one of the most criticized songs in music, but all of us have caught ourselves humming this song at one time or another.

“Rich Friday” – DJ Clue

Fridays and party songs go together because it’s the weekend. This song features artists like Nicki Minaj and other popular artists. There’s not much to it except that it mentions ‘Friday’ every so often. People love to dance and listen to this song at weekend gatherings.

“It’s Finally Friday” – George Jones

This is another song about Friday and how it’s the perfect day because it’s the last day of work. This song focuses on working in the sun, which makes one think about working in the fields or construction. It’s the perfect song for blue-collar workers. It is a country song that was released back in 1992. 

“Thank God It’s Friday” – Nikki Williams

Songs about Friday are usually upbeat, and here’s another example of that. This song by Nikki Williams really hits the spot. It helps the listener let loose, which is the perfect way to start the weekend. The song focuses on all the fun one might have on this day, like the parties. It talks about getting drunk and having some fun.

“Livin’ It Up” – Belle & James

People into soul, pop, and a bit of funk will love this song. Yes, this song is a little older, but that doesn’t mean people can’t dance to it. The song was released back in 1978. The song encourages listeners to do everything they can to live it up since it is Friday. The song mostly talks about Friday night when workers clock out and enjoy some freedom for a few days.

“Friday” – Rascal Flatts

Here’s another piece that needs to be on this list. The song is pure country and comes off a bit more reflective than other Friday songs. It focuses on everything a person was able to accomplish during the week. Being productive feels good. It makes people feel like they’ve earned their weekends. One could say that this song encourages listeners to work hard and to play hard when Friday comes around.

“Aloha Friday” – Kimo Kahoano & Paul Natto

Friday songs are usually associated with the working class. These folks have a regular work week that ends on Friday, and it’s something all working-class people have in common, even those living in Hawaii. The song uses a popular Hawaiian phrase that refers to the end of the week.

“Friday Night” – G. Love & Special Sauce

Here’s a song released in 1993 about this magical day of the week. It is a rock song, and it’s got everything people love about rock. The song talks about a simple guy who likes to hear music and relax on a Friday night at his favorite bar. It also talks about falling in love with a woman who loves hearing music on the jukebox.

“Friday I’ll Be Over You” – Allison Iraheta

Friday songs don’t have to be about the fun one could have after work. Some songs are a bit different like this one that has more of a bittersweet tone to it. The song has a modern rock feel, and it talks about moving on from a relationship. It’s a clever way to sing about the end of a relationship and the end of the week. Some people can relate to this as the weekend helps them get over relationships.

“Friday’s Child” – Nancy Sinatra

No singer could replace Nancy Sinatra, and she sang a song about Friday, too. This isn’t a pretty piece though. It isn’t a fun song about the beginning of the weekend. This song has a sad tone to it. The song talks about how the children of this day will lead a life full of woe and struggles. This is probably associated with the superstition that Fridays are bad luck days. 

“Fried Day” – Bizzy Bone

This song is about Friday, but the title is a bit cheeky since it is talking about marijuana. Being “fried” refers to being “high.” The song was featured in the film “Friday,” which is filled with other songs about this day of the week. The song has a cool vibe to it, and the rapper can leave listeners confused since he raps quite fast. It’s a fun yet chill song to listen to, and it had to be included on this list.


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