10 Best Songs About Fishing

Depending on the person, fishing is a means of food, a competitive sport, or just a way to relax

Regardless of the reason that someone fishes, they can all relate to good music that encompasses the experience of heading out onto the water with a rod and a bucket hat.

Put some bait on the hook and get ready to reel in some of the best songs about fishing in the deep, blue sea.

“Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Every Day” – Luke Bryan

This 2015 Luke Bryan country song is one of the best songs with fishing in the lyrics. The singer describes all of the things that he loves to do, and how he would do them every day if he could.

Of course, fishing is one of those activities, and he goes into detail about reeling in fish on the Flint River. Not only is the song catchy, but plenty of true country lovers can relate to the lyrics.

“Catch All the Fish” – Brad Paisley

In the 2009 song “Catch All the Fish,” Brad Paisley offers up one of the great songs about fishing with friends. The lighthearted tune tells the listener that the guys let their wives know they will not be back until they catch every fish and drink up the beer.

While this isn’t one of those songs about fishing boats, you can easily imagine yourself experiencing a day out on the lake.

The song ends on a funny note when Paisley mistakenly says they caught all of the beer and drank up the fish before quickly correcting himself. At least one of the statements was true.

“Shut Up and Fish” – Maddie & Tae

One of the best songs about fishing country-style is this humorous 2015 release, Maddie & Tae sing about a city boy that comes to visit them while they are fishing.

These girls take their fishing very seriously, so they are having absolutely none of the boy’s nonsense.

Besides being an example of funny fishing songs, “Shut Up and Fish” has instant country girl appeal. That’s thanks to its melody and how it perfectly encapsulates the feelings of the girls when the city boy doesn’t stop trying to make moves on them instead of focusing on fishing.

“Tackle Box” – Luke Bryan

This 2007 country song about fishing is particularly moving. Luke Bryan sings about his late grandfather’s tackle box that Luke saw him with as he grew up.

Every time he went out fishing with him, his grandfather would open up the tackle box and tell Luke stories from the past.

The song is a lovely ode from one fisher to the man who taught him the craft and a beautiful tribute from a grandson to his grandfather.

“Boondocks” – Little Big Town

This 2005 hit is the perfect country song for any angler proud of where they come from, and what they do. The American vocal group Little Big Town sings about being from the boondocks and the experiences that they grew up with because of that.

That means tasting honeysuckle, learning about Jesus, and, of course, fishing in the crawfish hole is a part of this pride. It explains their call for the listener to grab the fishing pole and meet them there.

“Fishin’ In The Dark” – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

This country song comes out of the 80s, but the story that it tells is everlasting. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band sings about the experience that the title says plainly. They invite someone special to them to go fishing down by the river in the middle of the night.

Anyone who remembers how the cool grass of spring feels during a late evening fishing excursion is bound to feel nostalgic listening to this feel-good tune.

“Just Fishin’” – Trace Adkins

Trace Adkins’ 2011 single “Just Fishin’” won the Grammy for best country song, and with good reason.

The touching tune tells the story of a father who is out fishing with his daughter, taking in her childhood while he still can. Meanwhile, the little girl with her pink rod and reel believes that they are just fishing.

This is one of the most moving songs about fishing with dad, particularly for father-daughter duos who do not want their time on the water together to slip between their fingers.

“Fish and Whistle” – John Prine

In this song, John Prine reflects on his daily life and speculates whether or not he will ever again see the people he sees every day.

If he does not, he hopes that God will forgive people so that they can all forgive each other and fish happily together in Heaven.

If you’re looking for poignant old fishing songs, this is the one for you. John Prine’s smooth country voice perfectly vocalizes every angler’s dream for the afterlife.

“Five Pound Bass” – Robert Earl Keen

This simple country hit tells the story of a man who, like the other anglers at their camps, wakes up early in the morning in pursuit of a five-pound bass. 

By the end of the song, the listener can rejoice for the humble sportsman, as the giant splash that he hears indicates that he reached his goal for the day.

“Bad Day of Fishin’” – Billy Currington

Every fisher knows exactly what it is like to have a day where nothing seems to go right. This is what Billy Currington’s “Bad Day of Fishin’” is all about. 

Just about everything is done right. He wakes up early in the morning to get his catch, but alas, nothing goes to plan for the day. However, the most heartening aspect of the song is that he shakes it off and notes that everyone has bad days.

The motivational tune, one of the catchiest country-rock songs about fishing, reminds listeners that there will always be more days to try for that perfect catch. 

Final Thoughts

Fishing is a universal experience, but it really stands out in the country genre. That’s not surprising given how fishing plays such a key part in the South’s social culture.

Like the artists in these songs about fishing say, it is an activity that they enjoy with their whole hearts. Most importantly, it’s a chance to enjoy a pastime with the people that they love.


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