10 Best Songs About Tuesday 

We have compiled 10 of the best songs about Tuesday for all you Tuesday lovers out there. These songs are about different ideas about the meaning of “Tuesday,” but all are related to a day full of dread, anxiety, or regret. The moods vary in each song, with some being celebratory and others sadder than others.

Whether you need some motivation at work or a little pick-me-up, these ten tunes are perfect for Tuesday. The musical pieces listed here truly show these songs’ conceptual and appreciative thought and why they stand out so much from others. To make your Tuesday less dreary, check out the Top 10 Songs About Tuesday.

“Lockdown On Date Night Tuesday” – Ondara

Ondara’s “Tuesday” is one of the first songs on the Tuesday playlist and is one of the funniest. The lyrical content of this song is cleverly written as well as fun to listen to over and over again. The ska-style instrumental makes it catchy and fun to sing along with. This song talks about how miserable it is when you are stuck inside on a beautiful day because you have to work or school the following day and can’t enjoy it. This song describes that feeling perfectly when you would rather be outside enjoying yourself than sitting inside doing your homework or going through your TPS reports for the week.

“Tuesday I’ll Be Gone” – John Anderson feat. Blake Shelton

The second song on the list is maybe the best commercially known song about Tuesday. John Anderson’s vocals bring out the genuine emotions of a person just thinking about their ex and how they want to forget them once and for all on this day. Blake Shelton takes over for Anderson in his part, as he sings about how it would be so much easier to live without that person and how they are ruining his Tuesday.

“Taco Tuesday” – Migos

“Taco Tuesday” by the rap trio Migos. This song is about the famous Tuesday in which you have a great excuse to eat tacos and get drunk off of Palomas. The song talks about how much fun you can have on Taco Tuesday, accumulating with all the girls, carrying out the bounce, and having enough alcohol for everybody in the club. It also clarifies what day it is by saying “Tuesday be like…” a few times throughout the lyrics.

“Tuesday’s Broken” – Sugarland

Sugarland’s acoustic ballad “Tuesday’s Broken” is about being heartbroken on a Tuesday, as the singer talks about how life is so complex and depressing. She talks about how she meant to have fun on her first Tuesday, but it ended up in a broken mess.

“Tuesday Feeling (Choose To Stay)” – Blood Orange feat. Tinashe

This song by Blood Orange’s “Tuesday Feeling” talks about a man who is so low that he has to stay inside and feel sorry for himself on Tuesday. The narrator says that he doesn’t have any reason to be sad. It’s just because of his depression. 

“Tuesdays” – Jake Scott

Jake Scott’s “Tuesdays” is about the struggles of everyday living on a Tuesday. It talks about how it is hard to get up and drag yourself through the day without being able to do what you want. The song is mainly about a man who shares the same feelings as Scott and has thoughts on how he is steadily wasting his life away on Tuesdays.

“Tuesday” – Burak Yeter feat. Danelle Sandoval

Though this song’s title is “Tuesday,” it is about not wanting to go anywhere on a Tuesday night because you are having such a good time with your lover. Burak Yeter’s smooth vocals take over the song and talk about how Tuesday night is the perfect night for two people to stay in bed until they fall asleep.

“Tuesday” – Hippo Campus

The hippo Campus is a relatively new band but has already placed a couple of original songs on the charts. “Tuesday” is another song from them and talks about how depressed you can be when you don’t have a lot to do on your Tuesday. The singer talks about trying to make it through the day as best as possible but still feeling so upset that he doesn’t have much energy or motivation for life.

“Tuesday Night” – Josh Abbott Band

The Josh Abbott Band’s “Tuesday Night” talks about a man who feels sad about himself every Tuesday and can’t believe that he is so depressed. This issue appears to be fueled even more by the same woman always coming up in his thoughts and causing him to feel this way. Even though he doesn’t want to be feeling this way, he still is upset all the time on Tuesdays.

“Tuesday” – I Love Makonnen feat. Drake

Hip-hop artist I Love Makonnen has the tenth and final song on the list with his music “Tuesday.” This song is about how a man’s ex keeps texting him and asking to get back together on Tuesday. He tries to be as lovely as possible but still doesn’t want to give in to her wishes on this lonely day.

Drake’s verse says that he always has a million different girl problems on Tuesdays, and there is no way he can get rid of either of them. But then I Love Makonnen comes into the picture and says that all you have to do is pick up your phone and call her up right now, but how she would never answer his call if he did so.

Final Thoughts

The songs on the list genuinely show how much passion and thought goes into a piece of art when it is being created. Many artists can link their favorite day, also known as Tuesday, with a hilarious story about love, life, and everything that goes on in between. These songs make for the perfect soundtrack for your new favorite day, which happens to be Tuesday. So next time you are at work or school on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, remember that you don’t have to stay inside any longer! Just grab the closest person to you, and go outside and enjoy the weather while listening to these ten top songs about Tuesday.


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