10 Best Songs About Sunday  

Most people spend their Sundays enjoying a football match and a good time with their loved ones. The day refers to aspects of leisure, pleasure, and pleasant off days with family and friends and preparing for the workweek. It is not a surprise that many songs about Sunday have been composed by different artists in the entertainment industry.

The songs on the list are all about that wonderful day of the week that everyone looks forward to starting on Monday. Anyone who wants perfect songs about running on a Sunday, whether a calm, chill feeling or a livelier, faster jam, has a song on this list to be enjoyed. Here are the best ten songs about Sunday one can enjoy;

“Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon” – Queen

Name a better feeling than discovering all the day’s duties are finished and the rest of Sunday afternoon can be used to relax. Even Freddie Mercury, the king of partying and having a good time, needs to take a break now and then. Here, he boasts he will do amazing things all week, but Sunday laziness tops it all. The song is brief and to the point, much like a relaxing afternoon.

“Another Park, Another Sunday” – The Doobie Brothers

Not every Sunday sensation is pleasant. Sundays can be the most boring days of the week, especially when people go through tough times. However, no matter how dull they can turn, they can be fantastic when spent with the right person. The song addresses the inverse, is passing a lonely day at a park and wondering about a person who is away. Doesn’t everyone need a little Sunday love?

“Sunday” – Nick Drake

Life is made of twists and turns, and nobody understands what will happen next. The singer recalls a nice Saturday full of sunshine and happy people in the song. However, the situation immediately changed as rain and gloomy weather arrived on Sunday. In this situation, Saturday and Sunday can be viewed as good and worst moments in one’s life. The world can be easily turned upside down, but the happy moments are remembered.

“Easy” – The Commodores

In this world, relationships can be difficult, and accepting go can be more difficult. However, sometimes the best decision to make is to leave everything toxic and focusing on positive energy. Commodores sings about a relationship continuously driving the narrator down in “Easy.” What are the most he can do? Breaking up might be the most relieving experience in the world. He compares the sensation to a relaxing, calm Sunday morning, earning him a well-deserved spot in the playlist.

“Sunday Morning Call” – Oasis

The celebrities appear to have everything that they need in this world. As Noel Gallagher explains, those who enjoy that kind of life mostly take it for granted. He believes that the song is about some of his famous pals who have everything they could want but are still determined to wreck it all with their responsibilities. They likely lead their pals down the same path, and it appears that the narrator has had enough of it.

“Sunday” – Sonic Youth

One thing is sure; unlike a wild Friday night, Sundays may be exceedingly slow, and not much can make them memorable. However, they can be very enjoyable when spent with a precise person by the side. A person’s life is made brighter and more serene when he finds someone who matches his energy. The narrator of the song explains how their person can make anything extraordinary, even when the Sundays are long and boring.

“Sunday Morning Coming Down” – Johnny Cash

Weekends are known for parties where we meet with friends and enjoy after a long busy week at work. However, Sundays are notorious for one thing: a hangover. After partying all Friday and Saturday night, the effects are realized on Sunday. Johnny Cash is all about presenting the truth about life. For those who have never experienced a hangover, this song accurately portrays it – hoping for it all to end, even if it involves carrying on with what began the night before.

“A Sunday Smile” – Beirut

It is difficult for someone to fake a smile and hide how she is feeling. Many people always find themselves in this situation at some point in life. The character in this song promises to desire the best for their companion. They are informed that they are unhappy and have been faking their Smiles the whole week. However, it is good to pause, lower their guards, and allow themselves to feel. They are all human, and it is only natural.

“Sunday Morning” – Maroon 5

Nothing is more enjoyable than experiencing a lazy Sunday with loved ones. The lovely melody is likely to put anyone in a good mood. Sunday morning by Maroon 5, one of several love songs, is all about the gentle and lovely kind of energy that love brings. Cuddle up with your loved ones and listen to this great song because it is a Sunday, and there is nothing better to do.

“Sunday Morning” – The Velvet Underground

Saturday nights might be enjoyable for partying and socializing with friends. However, it isn’t easy to maintain the pleasure one experienced the previous night when it reaches the following morning. The Velvet Underground nailed the feeling of being down and worried after a night of partying in this song. The sensation of being empty and regretful, especially when he had been drinking the night before.

In Summary

Sunday is the first day of the week and, along with Saturday, constitutes the weekend. Many musicians have composed songs about it since it holds a special spot in people’s minds and lives. Many composers have linked the day with various parts of life, and several musicians have written songs using the word “Sunday” in the title and between their lyrics.


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