10 Best Songs About Frogs

Many songs serenade aquatic animals, including frogs. The 10 best songs about frogs cover all the genres, and we are going to check them out below!

Frogs are the most popular and widely beloved amphibians in the world. Known for hopping around and their role in fairytales, the little, green vertebrates are the center of many musical musings for both children and adults.

Read on to find out what the absolute best songs about frogs are.

“Caribbean Amphibian” – The Muppets

Everyone’s favorite green muppet, Kermit the Frog, sings this song about his kind. Specifically, the song is about his cousin, another frog who lives in the Caribbean.

Kermit sings about all of the fun things that his Caribbean cousin does with a very entertaining rhyme scheme. The frog likes to hang out in coconut trees and hop between islands and play in his all-amphibian band.

The picture that Kermit paints about a tropical island-dwelling frog is a fun one that may have some listeners wishing that they were sitting amongst the pineapples with his cousin.

“Hop-Frog” – Lou Reed and David Bowie

Lou Reed and David Bowie are two of the most notorious rock artists ever. So, it is unsurprising that this quick, little song about frogs that they collaborated on is one of the best songs about frogs for adults who grew up listening to the musicians. You may guess that “Hop-Frog” is a frog song from the 70s, but it was recorded in 2001!

Many believe that the song uses Edgar Allen Poe’s story of the same name. However, the story is about a dwarf who is a jester in the king’s court, which does not seem to follow lyrically with the Reed-Bowie song.

Rather, the two musicians are likely singing about a frog that hops from place to place, including the wood bog.

“Froggy Afternoon” – Lucy Beat

Lucy Beat shares a happy and upbeat dance song about a frog named “Froggy.” In the song, she describes her new pet who wants to play. He has big eyes, a smile, and green legs that help him to hop around.

This fun beat proves how entertaining and catchy a song about a frog can be. Lucy walks the listeners through her adventures with the frog on the “Froggy Afternoon.” She intends to stay best buddies with her amphibian friend.

The song is even complete with a frog ribbitting to the beat.

“Frogs and Princes” – Natasha Beddingfield

Natasha Bedingfield released this fun pop song with a great beat in 2004. It plays to the fairytale idea that kissing a frog will turn him back into Prince Charming.

The singer wants to know how many “frogs” she has to kiss before one finally turns into a prince. Of course, the song has a little bit of a deeper meaning than just the fairytale implications.

Beddingfield wants to know how many inadequate partners she must deal with before she will find the one. In other words, she wants to know which frog will turn into her prince charming.

“Frogs with Dirty Little Lips” – Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa wrote a song that has a beat to it. It is just as dirty as the dirty frogs on the edge of the stream that he describes. It is pretty much as it seems – a song about frogs that have become dirty from living outdoors by the stream.

They have dirty little lips, noses, eyes, and mouths, all covered in mud and flies. If Frank Zappa is correct about these frogs, they are also not the friendliest little frogs.

“This Frog” – Jim Henson

It only makes sense that the best songs about frogs are related to one of the most emblematic pop culture frogs. In “This Frog,” Kermit sings about all of his desires as a frog.

He wants to be happy, he wants to make it, he wants to win, and he wants to try his absolute hardest. He will not just sit on a log and catch flies with his tongue for the rest of his life. While it may seem silly at first, the song is very motivating.

“Kiss That Frog” – Peter Gabriel

“Kiss That Frog” is a groovy number by Peter Gabriel that also plays on the trope of the fairytale frog that turns into a man. Gabriel urges a princess to hop into the water and kiss the frog with lyrics. However, what makes it even better is that the music video shows the frog himself singing the song.

The song might be catchy enough to convince any princess to jump into a bog and kiss the next frog that she sees.

“Five Little Frogs” – Raffi

“Five Little Frogs” by Raffi is fun for frog lovers of all ages. It includes a recurring verse about speckled frogs who sit on a log until one of them jumps into the water. The number of frogs goes in descending order.

While the song is called “Five Little Frogs,” listeners can start the catchy song at any number that they want and go down to zero.

“Mr. Froggie Went A-Courtin’” – Burl Ives

 Burl Ives sings a folksy country song about a frog that goes around and tries to find someone to court. He proposes to a little mouse, who needs the consent of her rat uncle. Unfortunately, after planning the wedding, a cat swallows up the mouse and the rat while a white duck eats the frog.

For as fun as this song is, it sure ends poorly for the frog, his wife-to-be, and his purported in-law.

“Who Let the Frog Out?” – Crazy Frog

The artist Crazy Frog is responsible for this frog-centric play on the iconic song, “Who Let the Dogs Out?” The chorus even follows the same tune, but Crazy Frog puts his signature electronic dance spin on the beat that everyone can enjoy.

In spite of being a play on another song, this fast-paced song has been around for quite a while. It has carved out a little niche for frog and dance lovers.

Final Thoughts

Songs about frogs and toads have proven that even the silliest of amphibians can make for some captivating tunes. With princess and the frog quotes, nursery rhymes and rock hits, both children and adults can enjoy most of these tunes.


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