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10 Best Songs About Presidents

10 Best Songs About Presidents

Presidential campaigns are an exciting time for Americans, and it’s no surprise that some of the country’s top musicians have written songs about presidents.

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Some of these songs are lighthearted, while others take a more serious tone. It is always intriguing to see what songwriters come up with next. Here we will discuss 10 of the best presidential songs in American history.

1. ”Young Abe Lincoln (Make a Tall, Tall Man)” by Johnny Horton

This song chronicles President Abraham Lincoln’s life from his humble beginnings as a lawyer to the height of his political career.

A powerful and moving piece of patriotic music, this song is noteworthy for its biographical accuracy and historical information about this president.

Johnny Horton was known as ”The Singing Ranger,” releasing over 100 songs during his influential career. He was also inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2004.

2. “Abe Lincoln” by Bishop Allen

Bishop Allen’s song “Abe Lincoln” chronicles this president’s career from his early legal work to his role in the Civil War.

The song is one long narrative describing how Honest Abe could persist through hard times and become a great man.

Bishop Allen is an indie rock band formed in 2003, but their music has been featured in many movies and television shows. They are currently on their second album.

3. “Abraham Lincoln” by Clutch

Clutch needs no introduction as one of the greatest rock bands to come out of Maryland.

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Their song “Abraham Lincoln” follows his entire political career, and it also emphasizes how he was determined not to let anything stand in the way of achieving success and power.

Clutch is a politically-minded band, and their music often reflects that. They have been featured in the Guitar Hero franchise and many video games.

4. “James K. Polk” by They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants are known for their quirky style and song topics, but “James K. Polk” is no joke. It’s a serious analysis of the 11th president’s journey to the White House and how he worked hard to achieve his goal.

The lyrics are full of historical information, including all 12 of Polk’s campaign slogans. They Might Be Giants was formed in 1982 and is still making music today. You can listen to their song while reading the lyrics on this website.

5. “Eisenhower Blues” by J.B. Lenoir

This blues classic is all about the unfair treatment of Americans during the early years of President Eisenhower’s administration.

J.B. Lenoir wrote it in the ’50s, and its lyrics are still applicable to modern times regarding civil rights issues in America. J.B. Lenoir was a hugely influential blues artist during his time who helped popularize the electric guitar.

6. “Funky President (People It’s Bad)” by James Brown

This song is a funky tribute to President Bill Clinton, and it celebrates his various achievements in the White House. However, James Brown was not a big fan of Clinton because he felt that too many people were exploiting him for political purposes.

In this song, Brown praises the president’s achievements and reminds listeners about all the bad things going on behind the scenes. This catchy tune is always a crowd-pleaser, and was the first hip-hop song to reach number one on the Billboard chart.

7. “Re-Ron” by Gil Scott-Heron

This song is a tribute to Ronald Reagan and his lasting legacy. It also points out how he rose above the racial prejudices in American society during his time in office, inspiring millions of black people to get involved with the Republican Party.

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The lyrics for this funk tune were originally taken from Gil Scott-Heron’s poem ”B-Movie.” He was an influential African-American author, musician, and activist best known for his poem ”The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.”

8. “Ronnie Talk to Russia” by Prince

Prince is another musician who’s not afraid to share his political opinion, and he also supports the Republican Party.

This song was inspired by President Reagan’s famous speech in which he called for world peace during the Cold War. It was initially released on Prince’s 1992 album ”Love Symbol,” but it was later re-released on his 2006 compilation ”Ultimate” as a tribute to Reagan.

9. “Bonzo Goes to Bitburg” by the Ramones

This punk song directly responds to President Reagan’s 1985 visit to the Bitburg cemetery in Germany, where Nazi soldiers were buried.

He was criticized for this decision because those soldiers fought against the U.S. during World War II and participated in the holocaust.

The Ramones came out with this anti-Reagan tune as a protest, and it also reminds listeners about other issues like AIDS.

10. “Old Mother Reagan” by the Violent Femmes

This songs about presidents by the Violent Femmes was inspired by Ronald Reagan’s famous slogan, ”Let’s make America great again.” It presents a humorous look at some of his social policies, including his decision to launch Star Wars.

The band has always been politically-minded, and this song is one example of their work on that topic. They have also recorded other political songs like ”To Stop the War” and ”American Music.”


There are many different ways that artists have used to express their political views.

Some of these songs about presidents are serious, and some are humorous, but they all reflect the changing nature of politics in America over the years.

People are putting out more music about politics today than ever before because they feel like politicians need to be held accountable for their actions.

So the next time you hear a political song on the radio, don’t turn it off, even if it’s not your favorite artist or genre of music. You may start to appreciate that song more than you have in the past.