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20 Best Songs About Brothers

If you have a brother, you know how special a song about brothers can be.

Songs with this subject matter often use “brother” figuratively, as a symbol of closeness, or literally.

If there is something you would like to say to your literal brother or very close friend without making it sound corny or fake – try using a song. Here are the best songs about brothers.

“My Little Brother” – Art Brut

This inspirational song was written from the point of view of a little brother.

It speaks about how he always has his brother’s voice in his head. Through all walks of life in all situations, he hears what his brother has to say.

“Our Love” – Bee Gees

This song was dedicated to a brother after winning a Grammy. It is a great reminder of the relationship that brothers share and the joy that they will always have.

While fighting happens and hardship happens, there is nothing like a brothers love and this song reminds us all of that. It is an upbeat song that is great for any occasion.

“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” – The Hollies

This beautifully written song was inspired by homeless boys living in London.

It speaks to the real bond and relationship that brothers have no matter what they are going through in life. Whether you are a blood brother or just great friends, this is a top song.

“Boss of Me” – They Might Be Giants

Boss of me paints a picture in your head of brothers playing and fighting and getting into mischief, like all brothers are known to do.

This is a punk rock song that showcases the love that brothers have, even though they may still fight a lot. Whether you are the older brother or the younger brother in the family, you will still love and appreciate all that this song as to offer.

“Brother” – NeedToBreathe

This song speaks about the relationship of brothers, but can truly be applied to anyone in your life who you consider to be a brother or a best friend.

This song reminds us all of the person we have in our lives that we can always count on when the going gets tough.

“Brothers in Arms” – Dire Straits

Brothers in arms won a Grammy in 1985 because of the joys and pain it brought to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

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It is a song that celebrates the unbreakable bond that brothers have, even during uncertain and tragic times. It tells the story of brothers who fought in war and the outcomes of it.

“Blood Brothers” – Luke Bryan

This country hit song has some of the most moving lyrics of any song. It celebrates everything that it means to be a brother.

From blood to friendship to fights to joy, this song reminds us all of the brothers we have in our lives. Blood brothers reminds us all that there is nothing like a real blood brother.

“The Greatest Discovery” – Elton John

This superstar, Elton John, brought the world a classic and emotional song when he released this 1970 hit. This song describes the joy that a little boy had when he got to meet his baby brother for the first time.

It talks about the adventures and joys that they would have together as they grew up. The excitement of having a brother is something that never ends, but only intensifies with age, as you realize how much your brother will always mean to you.

“Does to Me” – Luke Combs

This newer country song is a growing favorite. While this song is not primarily about brothers, it has an incredible line in the middle of the song about what brothers do for each other.

It speaks true to the bond that brothers will always have, even when one of them is in trouble.

“Highway Patrolman” – Bruce Springsteen

Highway patrolman is one of the sadder songs on the list, but is able to evoke emotion unlike any other. This song is sung by one of the most famous singers of all time, Bruce Springsteen. While it is a classic, it is also one of the sadder songs about brothers.

It talks about the relationship that brothers have to one another and the responsibilities they have to their families. In this song, a police officer must shoot his brother when he creates a situation that he cannot get out of.

“Daniel” – Elton John

Another smash hit by Elton John, “Daniel” follows the story of a young boy waiting for his brother to return from a trip to Spain.

With quote like “your eyes have died”, the song implies that the brother has been fighting a battle of some sort, either personally or for his country. While this song is pretty sad, the upbeat percussion throughout could make a listener think otherwise. 

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“Brother” – Kodaline

This song celebrates, mournfully that is, friendships that feel like brotherhood but aren’t in the traditional sense. Kodaline even accepts that the song’s subject doesn’t “share the same blood”, but continues to repeat “I’ve got you brother”.

This song is especially important for those who may have grown up without siblings or people who have chosen their family throughout the years, especially if their relationship with their biological brother is fractured. 

“Hey Brother” – Avicii

Probably one of the most popular songs on the list, the late Avicii’s hit “Hey Brother” topped the charts and touched peoples’ heartstrings.

In fact, this song was inspired by the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou”, so much so that the the lead singer of The Soggy Bottom Boys sang the lyrics for this tune. This song is about a boy’s father who perishes in the Vietnam War and the child subsequently creating the idea of an older brother in his head. 

“Brothers on a Hotel Bed” – Death Cab for Cutie

While this song isn’t directly about the lead singer’s brother, several nods to a brother-like relationship in between the singer and his former lover are made.

For example, he sings ” we say goodnight from our own separate sides like brothers on a hotel bed”, implying that their relationship is no longer romantic. 

“Brothers Under The Sun” – Bryan Adams

Created for the soundtrack of the children’s movie Spirit, Bryan Adams sings of sending off his sibling into the unknown on an adventure. He sings, “follow your dreams, but always remember me, I am your brother, under the sun.”

While it isn’t clear if this is a literal or metaphorical brotherhood that Adams is singing about, it’s clear the narrator views himself as a brother figure to the unknown subject. 

“Brothers” – The War On Drugs

Instead of referencing a traditional brotherhood, alt band The War On Drugs discusses brotherhood from the perspective of a soldier on the battlefield.

The lead singer talks of “friends down in combat”, a theme which can be seen over and over again in songs about combat or the military. It isn’t clear right away if this song is serving more as a metaphor than a literal discussion of combat loss, but the sentiment is the same, our relationships are important. 

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“Severus and Stone” – Radical Face

In this lesser known song, the band Radical Face tells the tale of two twin brothers, with one reminiscing on the family tree and the subsequent suicide of his twin.

Later in the song he declares that he “wears this face for both of us”, due to the loss of his twin. While this song isn’t for the faint of heart, it is an important discussion of the impact that suicide can have on a family and those left behind. 

“Unknown Brother” – The Black Keys

One of the more different songs on this list, “Unknown Brother” takes the perspective of a father whose child’s mother experienced a pregnancy loss of a boy.

“Your sisters loved you and all that you did” is possibly the most heartwrenching lyric in this whole tune. This song appears to be the father’s way of processing the miscarriage of his child and the emotions that follow. 

“Little Brother” – Ella Vos

From the rarer perspective of the sister, Ella Vos sings of her relationship with her young brother.

She pleads her brother to “stay close” no matter how much they age or grow apart. Many people can relate to this sentiment, especially as they grow older and see each other less frequently. 

“Brother, Brother” – The Isley Brothers

Possibly the most classic of the songs on the list, this 1972 hit from The Isley Brothers has been an American mainstay. While it’s not clear if this is about a biological brotherhood or a friendship, the feelings behind the song are the same.

The Isley Brothers want the unknown subject to know that they are supporting him and to “keep hanging on”. Regardless of the meaning, this song is very uplifting to anyone who listens. 

Final Thoughts

These songs are some of the best songs about brothers that you could ever listen to. The love that brothers share spreads across all music genres and generations. No matter who you are or how many brothers you have, these songs are a great reminder of the love and bond that you will always share.


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