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10 Best Gospel Music Songs

10 Best Gospel Music Songs

What makes you listen to a gospel music song? Maybe the lyrics or how it makes you feel. It could also be how the band sounds or something about their appearance. 

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As a gospel music lover, you should know that many songs have gotten written in the genre. You can look for a tune that will remind you of your childhood, friendship, or even one that you can use as inspiration in your work or personal life. Below are the ten best gospel music songs you should check out.

This genre signifies a religious and spiritual experience where sometimes it is the lyrics of the songs; others are its upbeat rhythms or big sound.

Gospel music is a genre of Christian music that developed in the early 17th century. It has progressed to incorporate contemporary styles and instruments while still embracing a vocal style characterized as having strong or emotive singing.

“Here I Am To Worship” – Hillsong Worship

“Here I Am To Worship” is one of the best gospel songs ever written. The song is simple, and yet it is so powerful. It is a song that can easily make you worship the almighty.

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Hillsong Worship is a famous praise band from Australia that has been making waves in the Christian music industry. The group is most well-known for its modern worship songs.

“Days of Elijah” – Robin Mark

Robin Mark is one of the best contemporary gospel artists and worship leaders from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He has been making music for some time and released this particular song in 1997, which hit the charts.

In this song, Mark tells Christians to prepare for the coming of the Lord. He uses the analogy of Elijah in this song. The lyrics are pretty simple and thus easy to remember. It is a song that you can sing along with while guiding your loved ones toward God.

Other songs written by Robin include “All To Jesus I Surrender,” “Be Unto Your Name,” and so many more.

“Imagine Me” – Kirk Franklin

“Imagine Me” is one song you wouldn’t miss on your gospel songs list. It was one of the best songs written and produced by Kirk Franklin, which won several awards, like the Grammy Awards.

It is a song that reminds believers to focus on their faith and relationship with Christ. It also preaches about overcoming obstacles in life.

Kirk Franklin is an American gospel singer and songwriter. He has produced several albums which have won him several awards.

“10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)” – Matt Redman

Matt Redman is a Christian worship leader and songwriter who has released 16 albums. He has been nominated for Grammy and Dove awards, making him one of the most popular gospel musicians.

This gospel song is about the appreciation of God for all that he has done for believers. This song conveys the message of thanking God for all his blessings. It aims to inspire people to worship God with their whole hearts.

“I Will Sing” – Don Moen

Don Moen is a famous gospel artist who has released several albums. He is one of the best contemporary gospel artists who have been making music for several decades. Many of his songs have won awards and such.

This particular song got released in 2000. It is a song that encourages believers to sing wholeheartedly despite the challenges they face.

“I Need Thee Every Hour” – Annie Sherwood Hawks

Annie Hawks was a gospel hymnist known as one of the best women gospel vocalists. She was born in 1836 and later died in 1918. She released several albums during her time in the music industry, and “I Need Thee Every Hour” was among them.

This song encourages Christians to pray to God despite their life’s odds. It teaches believers that they cannot make it through their challenges without God’s help.

“Break Every Chain” – Tasha Cobbs

Tasha Cobbs is a famous songwriter and an American gospel musician. She has released several hit singles like “Break Every Chain,” “Gracefully Broken,” and many others. The singer received an award in the 56th Grammy awards for the best gospel music performance.

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This song calls Christians to break the chains of oppression and sin they may be experiencing in their personal lives. It calls Christians to reject the evil within them and let God have control over their lives.

“I Know Who I Am” – Sinach

Sinach is a Nigerian gospel musician who has been writing and producing songs in the music industry for some time. She has won several awards, including the GMA Dove and Nigerian Entertainment awards.

This song came out in 2013. The song is about discovering yourself and finding out your purpose in life. It is a song that teaches you to realize your strengths and use them for God’s glory.

“You Are Yahweh” – Steve Crown

Steve Crown is a famous gospel music artist and Lake Light Entertainment founder. The singer was born in Nigeria and is known for producing other hit black gospel songs like “We Wait on You” and “You are Great.”

This particular song got released in 2019. The song talks about God and how he is the source of all existence. It encourages believers to recognize the power and greatness of God.

“Here I Am To Worship” – Maranatha! Music 

Maranatha is a famous Christian music record label founded in 1971 by Calvary Chapel. The label has been making waves in the gospel music industry since its founding. 

This song is considered one of the top gospel songs you should listen to on any occasion. It is a song that talks about the greatness of God and how believers should worship him. It encourages people to worship him wholeheartedly and serve him with their hearts.

Final Thoughts

Gospel music has been around for a long time and is still strong in the industry. It is one genre of music that many people love, and singers who have been making gospel music are still working hard to ensure they keep producing hits.

Therefore, whether you are listening to old gospel songs or free gospel songs, you can be sure that gospel singers are coming up with new songs that will make you dance, scream, and even rejoice.

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