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10 Best Songs About Daydreaming 

10 Best Songs About Daydreaming 

Daydreaming is a common theme in music. It can be a way to get our minds off of everyday life, and it provides us with a momentary escape from reality.

The topic of the songs about daydreaming also provides a musician with lots of room for creativity. It opens the artist up to talk about just about anything. Topics range from daydreaming about the love that got away to fantastic events that aren’t possible in real life. 

The songs listed below are the best of the best. The subject of daydreaming allows artists to be themselves and express exactly what they’re feeling. Below are the 10 best songs about daydreaming. 

“Day Dreamin'” – Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton has one of the greatest voices in R&B, and it’s on full display in this track. Hamilton keeps the song simple as he sings about how he uses daydreaming to escape from the stress he undergoes every day. He also talks about how daydreaming allows him to let his creativity shine through. 

“Day Dreaming” – Aretha Franklin

“Daydreaming and I’m thinking of you” are the lyrics that begin this song. It promptly tells the listener exactly what the song is about and begins to go into further detail. 

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Aretha Franklin uses her beautiful voice to tell the story of a guy who is head over heels with a woman who doesn’t even know he exists. It’s a feeling that most of us have gone through, and that makes this song relatable to just about everyone. 

“Daydreamin'” – Lupe Fiasco

“Daydreamin” allows Lupe Fiasco to express himself, no matter how weird people may think he is. He tells a story about riding inside a giant robot while maneuvering through the city. 

The entire song is a metaphor for social classes in America. The robot itself is a metaphorical project building as Lupe raps about the different types of people that call the building their home

Jill Scott beautifully provides the chorus while Lupe Fiasco raps about the cliches found in rap music, overthrowing the government, and other controversial topics. 

“Blank Space” – Taylor Swift

“Blank Space” covers a lot of topics that are frequently found in Swift’s music. Taylor Swift, who is most known for her abundance of breakup songs, fantasizes about finding the perfect man. 

She expresses her dislikes of past relationships and goes on to tell listeners what her ideal partner would be like. It’s a great song for people who often daydream about finding their Mr. or Mrs. Right. 

“Daydreaming” – Dave East

The music behind Dave East’s lyrics provides the perfect backdrop to help someone relax and drift to sleep

East covers a lot of topics in his four minutes on this track. He begins the song by fantasizing about a woman. He talks about qualities she possesses that he loves and finishes the first verse by saying he can’t wait until he is alone with her.

The song’s chorus is provided by talented R&B singer Floyd Miles

“A Dreamy Day of Daydreaming of You” – of Montreal

of Montreal makes it clear what this song is about from the very start. “You’re my Muse” begins the song, and the song only gets more and more mushy. 

The music in the song gets more and more frantic as the song progresses too. It really takes on the topic of daydreaming with a unique approach as of Montreal goes into a manic display of passion. of Montreal shows that daydreaming can be a wonderful experience, but it can also create a feeling of anxiousness

“DayDreams” – Midi Matilda

One of the most obscure songs found here, “DayDreams” by Midi Matilda is a complex blend of emotions. The song works because it perfectly captures what daydreaming is all about. It’s not all about thinking about one topic. It’s about letting our minds wander and explore parts of ourselves that we often neglect. 

“Day dreaming” – Between Friends

An homage to the previously mentioned Aretha Franklin song, Between Friends modernizes Franklin’s take on daydreaming. While the song is a cover of Franklin’s original song, Between Friends provides their own music and their own interpretation of the original lyrics. 

It’s fun to compare this version with Franklin’s version, and it’s easily the best-modernized version of Franklin’s classic song. It may even be better than the original.  

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“DayDream Believer” – The Monkees

This song perfectly captures the feeling of a daydream as soon as it begins. The singer provides the listener with excellent imagery by describing what is around him during a daydream. For example, the song begins with lyrics about a bluebird. The song was created after the singer of the band realized he had wasted an entire day daydreaming. He decided to make it into a song. 

“Daydreaming” – Radiohead

“Daydreaming” is quite different than almost all of Radiohead’s other musical efforts. The song was released somewhat late into the band’s career, but it still caught the attention of early fans. 

More of a poem than a true song, “Daydreaming” view imagination and fantasy as a negative. The song is short on vocals, but it allows the listener to interpret the song in a number of different ways. 

Despite its less-wordy nature, “Daydreaming” is one of Radiohead’s most revered and beloved songs. 

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