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21 Best Songs That Start with V

Music lovers are fiercely protective about their favorite songs, aren’t we? We staunchly defend our favorite artists, genres, and even instruments as we throw on those earbuds and prepare for a lively debate with anyone who dares challenge us. 

The following list of songs is capped with the letter V – expect some valuable information and varied sounds to add some spice to your music list. Here are the 21 best songs that start with V we’ve found:

“V-12 Cadillac” – Jewel

Artist and songwriter Jewel knocks out this lighthearted listen with her V-12 Cadillac.

Portraying an easy breezy day on the beach, she pays homage to simpler days as she paints a perfect picture of sun, fun, and romantic possibilities.

“Valentine” – Olivia Newton John

Valentine is your quintessential schmaltzy ballad that talks about intimate connections with a loved one.

Standing the test of time, distance, and life’s changes, artist Olivia Newton-John promises that she will always love her “valentine”.

“Valley Of Lost Souls” – Poison 

Poison, that classic hair band who scored dozens of hits in the 80s, penned Valley Of Lost Souls to regale the struggle to climb out of the pits and into the Hollywood limelight.

Fortunately for them, their story has a happy ending and millions of hit singles to attest to their success.

“Vampires, Mummies, & The Holy Ghost” – Jimmy Buffett 

Jimmy Buffett’s songwriting genius is evident in the story he weaves through the lyrics of Vampires, Mummies, & The Holy Ghost.

In it, he discusses the fact that his own inner turmoil holds him back more than any external conditions and fears. Powerful stuff, Buffett.

“Vanilla Sky” – Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney’s lyrics may seem convoluted to some, but their poetic nature and powerful imagery beg to be sung, listened to, and enjoyed.

What he was referring to when he penned Vanilla Sky, we may never know. What millions have realized is that the Beatles have a monopoly on unique sound and lyrics that contribute to some truly great music.

“Vegetables” – Beach Boys 

Sometimes, lyrics are just crafted for the fun of it. The Beach Boys song, Vegetables is proof that some songs are just plain nonsense.

If you wrap up those lyrics with an iconic sound and demand that an award-winning band sing them, however, you have a winning combination. Choose your favorite veggie and dive on in.

“Velvet Rope” – Janet Jackson

Leave it to a member of the Jackson family to pen something poignant and thought-provoking.

Janet’s velvet sound lends itself perfectly to Velvet Rope, where she sings about the need to belong, and to “come inside the velvet rope”.

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“Venus” – Billy Idol

Billy Idol shows a softer, more romantic side than his traditional fare of hard rock offers us with the song, Venus. His attempts to woo a love interest result in a plea for Venus to come touch the union and make it unforgettable.

Standing in his power during the final stanzas, he proclaims for all to hear that we are all deserving of a touch of love from time to time, though he does it in smooth and poetic text.

“Vigilante Man” – Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s remake of a Woody Guthrie classic calls into question the efficacy of our system of law and order.

In it, he poses a classic question involving whether it’s better for us to govern ourselves, or if we should continue to be beaten down, oppressed, and punished by those calling themselves “vigilante men”.

Regardless of which side you fall on, it’s a perfect opportunity for this singer/songwriter to deliver some thought-provoking entertainment.

“Viva Las Vegas” – Elvis Presley 

Elvis gets down and dirty with this little ditty. Viva Las Vegas tells the story of excess, intrigue, and dabbling in the Las Vegas underworld, taking part in all sorts of debauchery after becoming hypnotized by bright lights and even brighter entrapments.

Many think that this song was a gateway to Elvis’s downfall and that he was speaking of his penchant for living large while dipping his toe into dangerous waters, both personally and professionally.

One can’t argue, however, that it was a perfect tribute to this city where excess is the norm, and glitter and glitz reign supreme. 

“Vigilante Sh*t” – Taylor Swift

Swift doesn’t dress for women or men in “Vigilante Sh*t” – she dresses for revenge. In this understated electropop track she details how she helped an ex-wife take her husband down, winning the house, his Benz and custody of the kids whilst the husband was handed over to the FBI.

Taken from Swift’s album Midnights, an autobiographical concept album, the song had fans speculating who the ex-wife Swift sings about could be, with many speculating that it might be Kim Kardashian, whose ex-husband Kanye West has a longstanding feud with Swift.

“Vienna” – Billy Joel

In piano ballad “Vienna”, Joel sings about the restless nature of youth. Singing to a young person that might be his past self, he acknowledges their ambition, but tells them that they don’t have to achieve everything they want to just yet. “When will you realise, Vienna waits for you,” he sings.

The name of the song comes from an epiphany Joel had when visiting his estranged father in the city of Vienna. The sight of an elderly woman sweeping the streets led to a conversation between Joel and his father in which Joel’s father made him see that a seemingly depressing and strenuous job to give to an old woman actually gave her purpose and pride.

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“Vivienne” – Sundara Karma

Sundara Karma sing about a teenage love interest who seems to make the whole world revolve around her. Harnessing all the energy and perceived immortality of young lovers, this triumphant indie rock song is a charming ode to an early relationship. Even though time and age eventually begin to make their presence felt, the protagonist retains his love for Vivienne throughout.

“Villain” – Maisie Peters

Peters points out just how differently two people can view one situation in “Villain”. After losing her lover, Peters sees him with a new girl and struggles to process her emotions. Turning up at his house to make her feelings felt, she can’t work out what her new role is in his life. That’s when it hits her that she’s not the love interest in this story anymore – she’s the villain.

The track comes from Peters’ debut album, You Signed Up For This. Peters signed to Ed Sheeran’s record label to release the album, later supporting Sheeran on his world tour.

“Vanilla” – Holly Humberstone

Sometimes a good relationship just isn’t good enough. Tired of feeling apathetic about her relationship, she decides that she needs to pull the plug once and for all, because she’s tired of settling for a love that feels lukewarm and vanilla. “The truth is, I have my best nights without you,” she sings. Ouch.

“Venom” – Little Simz

Little Simz delivers a stream of consciousness rap in the powerful “Venom”. Talking about her mental health and her place in the world, she delivers a stinging takedown of all the men who can’t stand to see her succeed because she’s a woman.

“Venom” comes from Little Simz’s 2021 album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert. In 2022, the album won the prestigious Mercury Prize for Album Of The Year.

“Visiting Hours” – Ed Sheeran

In “Visiting Hours”, Sheeran theorises about a world in which we were able to visit loved ones in the afterlife. He talks about the dual delight and pain in seeing his daughter growing up and wishes that he was able to share her progress with his loved ones who have passed away and ask parenting advice from them.

In the end, he concludes that all he can do is try to live life the way they would have wanted him to and honour their memory that way.

Sheeran wrote “Visiting Hours” for his friend and mentor Michael Gudinski, who passed away in 2021. It was originally written to play at the funeral, but friends and family eventually convinced him to record it for his album.

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“Valerie” – Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse

“Valerie” was originally sung by Liverpudlian group The Zutons, whose lead singer Dave McCabe wrote the song about his friend Valerie Starr. However it is Amy Winehouse’s version with Mark Ronson that endures as the most famous “Valerie”.

The track describes a woman who is having a difficult time after a drink driving incident and is in the process of sorting out her legal troubles and her life in general. Winehouse plays the role of her concerned friend. The track was released on Winehouse’s posthumous album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures and is considered some of her best vocal work.

“Viva La Vida” – Coldplay

Coldplay are not short on arena-filling anthems, but “Viva La Vida” is considered one of their best. A fantastical epic about a fallen kingdom and a king who loses his crown, the song deals in morality, lineage and a very catchy hook. The band have expressed that it was one of the tracks that led them towards a new sound and delivered what they considered to be a much-needed shift in their discography.

“Victoria” – The Kinks

The Victoria that the Kinks sing about in this upbeat track is none other than the former Queen Victoria of England. The track satirically compares the struggles of British life in the nineteenth century to the former ‘glory’ of the Victorian era. Whilst Victoria appears to be the muse of the track, singer Ray Davies spends most of the verses subtly criticising her rule.

“Victoria” was written for Arthur (Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire), which originally supposed to be the soundtrack to a TV play. When the project was cancelled, the music was still recorded and released as a concept album.

“Voulez-Vous” – ABBA

“Voulez-Vous” takes its name from the French words for “Do you want”. The up tempo dance track sees a woman asking a man if he’s going to make a move. The Swedish group compare the nightclub scene to a ‘game’ and capture the excitement of a flirtation.

The group came up with the melody for the track on a song writing trip to the Bahamas, and recorded it in Miami for the sake of convenience. This makes “Voulez-Vous” the only ABBA track to be recorded outside of Sweden.

Final Thought

Peruse your favorites, let the variety and voracious nature of these performances inspire you to dig deeper into the world of V. Perhaps you can add a few more favorites to your list; happy listening!


Born and raised in Austin, David is a dedicated writer and avid fragrance lover. When he's not trying out perfumes, he enjoys traveling and exploring new restaurants.