10 Best Songs About Wolves

Wolves are among the most misconstrued animals in our universe, and they are linked to death, destruction, and peril in most scenarios. These majestic animals, however, have another side. Wolves are also smart and social animals. They are faithful and defensive of their family, and they deeply care for them. Many songs have been made about these amazing animals over the years. A good number of these songs portray wolves as great animals, while others are more neutral.

So, here are the ten best songs about wolves:

“Lil’ Red Riding Hood” – Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs

This track is so old but so good, beginning with a howl and closing with baaahs from a sheep being led off track. Sam the Sham mines the double meaning of “wolf” found in Charles Perrault’s classic story of the same name to portray a guy who desires a sexual relationship – which is at the heart of the original narrative.

This jingle successfully peels away the figurative and depicts the link between the animal and the guy without disguise. As a matter of fact, it is perhaps among the first jingles to link men’s sexual predation to the menacing cunning of the animal.

“Wolves” – Selena Gomez ft. Marshmello

Within the last decade, ‘Wolves’ by Selena Gomez featuring Marshmello is perhaps the most popular song about these amazing animals. There are multiple theories concerning the connotation behind the track. Many think that it is a track about Miss Gomez’s struggle with lupus or merely about the dark times that everyone goes through in life. Either way, the song is a memorable pop track still played on the radio to date.

“Wolves” – Langthorne Slim & The Law

This song tells the story of how wolves are misunderstood. It reveals how people have always been scared of these amazing animals, although they do not really threaten our lives. It also highlights the pack’s strength and allegiance and how the wolves have each other’s back.

It is an amazing song for anyone who desires to understand wolves’ real nature. It is a jingle about how humans are inclined to view wolves as animals that want nothing but to harm us, while in reality, they are much like us.

Wolves, like people, form close social bonds with their loved ones. Hence, the message derived from the song is that we should never be so fast to judge others and that we have a lot more in common than we might imagine.

“Wolf” – First Aid Kit

‘Wolf’ by First Aid Kit is a bubbly, folk-rock song about a wolf trying to find its purpose and home in this world. The song talks about how the animal is looking for his wolf pack and how he will never abandon hope of finding them. The track has been deployed in multiple movies and television shows.

First Aid Kit has continuously highlighted that the tune is about ‘the thought of being lost and all by yourself.’ Many people can relate to the song because people continuously search for their purpose in the universe.

“Wolves” – Kanye West

It is a track about the dangers of a place. The lyrics to the song are about Kanye and his former wife, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye being ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing.’ Although this is not a simple song about wolves, it is thought-provoking to see how they are used as a metaphor for contemporary society.

“House of Wolves” – My Chemical Romance

Animal cruelty is a challenge that is discussed in this cheery track. The song is based on George Orwell’s 1984 novel. Unfortunately, the band, My Chemical Romance, broke up nine years ago. Luckily, they called it quits after gifting the world this great tune. The track is about three minutes long, and it is a thrilling way of teaching oneself about animal cruelty.

“Furr” – Blitzen Trapper

This song is folky and light-hearted, and it’s enjoyable because it chronicles the narrative of a boy’s maturation. Like a lot of young adults, he gets smitten with the free from care lifestyle, like the vibrant lifestyle of young wolves roaming around in the forest. But the thing that tames his wild cravings is the beauty of a young lady.

The song expresses multiple emotions, which most guys would recite on nights laced with a craving for their youth. It is a well-meaning jingle known to make people smile.

“Wolves” – Phosphorescent

‘Mama, there are wolves in the house’ is a cry for help. However, the jingle is not very clear, and it is up for personal interpretation. Some people believe that the ‘wolves’ symbolize depression; others believe it is getting trapped by another individual, mental issues, and the list goes on. But there is one thing the masses agree on; the song has an appealing vibe.

“Howl” – Florence and the Machine

For the diehard fanatics of Florence and the Machine, the lady’s voice can do nothing wrong. Florence can make songs about running or bathtubs, and it would still be one of the most fantastic songs the masses ever listened to. ‘Howl’ is one of the greatest jingles about wolves.

After all, what can be more captivating than Florence singing at the top of her lungs about these majestic creatures? The wolf is symbolic of the terrifying way love takes and moves us since the magnificent creature exemplifies blatant freedom and sexuality.

“The Wolf” – Fever Ray

This record, which was launched together with the film Red Riding Hood, practically immediately made Fever Ray a household name among the young people. This tune has a bite, with ominous bass rhythms and strange sounds to complement the haunting vocal sound that creeps and screams.

The word ‘feverish’ is not a pun deployed to characterize this song; it is at its heart that is as boisterous and ferocious as a wolf overtaken by the rummage. With Fever Ray’s howls, which punctuate the hook, it is no surprise that the Red Riding Hood’s directors selected Fever Ray for the background music. He has one terrific howl.

Final Thoughts

For the lone wolves or lovers of wolves, these majestic creatures represent the untamed wilderness, which is why they will always be inspiring. And as it is commonly said, many can befriend a wolf and even break it, but no individual can domesticate it.


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