20 Best Songs About Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most classic stories ever told. It is a story of love, betrayal, passion, and more.

This classic story is told from generation to generation and the love of this play has resulted in many artists creating emotional songs about it.

Here are some of the top songs about Romeo and Juliet that will make you want to listen to it again and again.

“Juliet” – Robin Gibb

This song from 1983 is a new wave pop song that is sure to impress people of all generations.

It not only features great lyrics about idealized love, but also includes music that is one of a kind. This song can relate to love and passion that we all desire to have.

“Romeo” – (Dolly Parton, featuring Mary Chapin Carpenter, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kathy Mattea, Pam Tillis and Tanya Tucker)

With a musical ensemble like this, the song is destined to be great. This classic and iconic singers all come together to sing an amazing song of love and passion. The ladies in the song idealize the man, Billy Ray Cyrus, and treat him as their Romeo.

It is a very modern song for its time because the women are seen as idealizing love and treating the man as an object. This song is sure to get people up out of their seats and dancing.

“Romeo and Juliet” – Dire Straits

This song is a classic song of love and heartache all together. This beautifully played song tells the story and helps audiences imagine the love that the couple shares.

In the end, the couple is unable to stay together and it actually brings tears to your eyes. It is a depressing end to a beautiful song.

“Romeo Tune” – Steve Forbert

If you are looking for a classic song about love and tragedy, this is a must listen to hit. This song is told from the point of view of a man, Romeo, as he tells of his love for a woman.

The song speaks of the desire to leave everything in the world alone and escape with one another forever. It tells of passion, love and desire. Similar to Romeo and Juliet, this song tells of a love story about two people that just want to be together forever.

“Love Story” – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift sings this current country song about teenagers in love, just like Romeo and Juliet. It specifically mentions them in the song as the idealized version of love.

It tells the tale of hardships and the ability of love to conquer all. Even as teenagers, we know what love is and will do anything to keep it.

“Romeo and the Lonely Girl” – Thin Lizzy

This 1976 song is a classic song of heartache. Thin Lizzy sings a song talks about a man who is simply unlucky with love.

He thought he had the girl of his dreams, but when she left him, he was left all alone. This song is a different story of love, but is still a great mention of the classic Romeo and Juliet.

“Romeo and Juliet” – Malcolm McLaren

This mix-up of songs is a unique and one-of-a-kind story of love. It is not well known to many people, but those who know it love it.

It tells the story of a modern love drama that evokes emotion from the lyrics and musical rifts it shares.

“Romeo Loves Juliet” – Rick Astley

This modern-day tale of love is one that all generations can appreciate. Romeo and Juliet are used as a metaphor in this song to idealize love.

The music and voice of this song are unparalleled, making it one of the best songs about Romeo and Juliet.

“Romeo and Juliet” – Kasey Chambers and Foy Vance

While many songs about Romeo and Juliet only talk about the love and the idealized love we all desire, this song mentions the more tragic parts.

This song actually talks about the death of a couple and the horrific feelings that it brings. While the love is great, the appreciation and feelings after death are even more emotional.

“To You I Bestow” – Mundy

This 2017 song is a great option for those looking to hear a tale of love and jealousy. It has impressive lyrics that are able to paint a brilliant picture of love. The metaphors used throughout the entire song allow you to feel the pain, love and passion that the singer sings.

It brings together the entire story of Romeo and Juliet into a brilliant song from love to death. It helps you feel emotions that you have never felt before and relate it to the love you have once had in your life.

“Romeo and Juliet” – The Reflections

The reflections are an American doo-wop group originally from Los Angeles. This song, originally released in 1961, was their biggest hit.

It tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers who meet in secret but are eventually found out by their families and forced to kill themselves so they won’t have to live without each other.

“Romeo” – Petula Clark

This is a song made famous by Petula Clark in 1966. The lyrics resemble the story of Romeo & Juliet, but the concept is that they are young lovers who get married in haste and then later regret it. 

It also says that love is dangerous, even if you understand what you are doing. This song is a perfect example of a love song that paints a negative picture of love, but at the same time, it does so in a way that is still incredibly catchy and memorable.

“Never Say Goodbye” – Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi’s ‘Never Say Goodbye’ is a song about love in the face of death. The song was written by Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora and appeared on their album Crush. 

A video for the song was shot in various places across Italy, including Pompeii, Rome, and Perugia. This is an excellent song to sing when you feel sad or when someone you love has died.

“Romeo and Juliet” – Johnny Drille

The song “Romeo and Juliet” by Johnny Drille is a song written very well and is slow. The kind of rhythm in this song makes everyone want to love. 

It’s love but sad story of young lovers. In the music, you feel as if you are there, making the song more interesting.

“Romeo & Juliet” – Salem Ilese

In the song “Romeo & Juliet,” Salem, please the rapper, talks about how Romeo and Juliet live in the early years of their relationship. 

He describes that they were so happy and innocent in their relationship. This is a good song because it talks about love which is a sad topic to talk about.

“Romeo & Juliet/ My Immortal” – Evanescence

Evanescence is an American rock band that was formed in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1995 by singer Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody. 

After the release of their first studio album, “Fallen,” Evanescence became one of the most successful rock bands in the world. 

The song “Romeo and Juliet” tells the story of two lovers from feuding families who commit suicide together as an alternative to violence.

“Romeo & Juliet” – Mr. Seed

It is a beautiful love song that tells the story of two lovers who are estranged, but they still love each other.

It is written in the third person, and it’s in the perspective of the mutual lover who is saying to his friend that he loves him and nobody else, but he is also telling his friend that she does not know what she has done and she deserves all that love.

Love always wins in the end. 

“Romeo” – Wipers

Wipers are an American rock band from Portland, Oregon, formed in 1977 by Greg Sage. By the time this song was released in 1983, Wipers had already played for more than a decade. 

The Stooges have heavily influenced and frequently covered their songs live. This song tells a tale of young lovers who decide to take their own lives because they can’t live without each other and don’t want to see each other suffer after being apart.

“Romeo & Juliet” – Tom Merrall

Tom Merrell explains how hard his life would be without his love. The girl he loves has left him, telling him that she is in love with someone else and that she will never love him again. 

His life is then turned upside down as he is on a bus going to meet his mother, who was sent to pick him up at the bus stop on the highway, but when he gets on the bus, it turns out that it was a trap set by his girlfriend’s parent’s to end their relationship.

“Romeo” – Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube is a reggae musician, and this song was released in 1996. This song tells the tale of two young lovers who are from feuding families, who, upon finding out about their love for each other, commit suicide together as an alternative to fighting.

This can be seen as a way of looking at the story that Shakespeare wrote and saying that instead of fighting, they are choosing love instead.


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