10 Best Songs About Heat 

Heat is a great aspect of human living. Additionally, it is a source of strength and energy and a common topic among musicians. Many people have released good songs about heat, unsurprisingly given that concerts and dancefloors are hot environments.

In a song, heat has different meanings, including love, sex, drugs, and other prominent topics that musicians use the term. Here are the best ten songs about heat you can listen to.

“In The Summertime” – Mungo Jerry

The song is a summer staple when the temperatures are high for you to do any activity. Listen to this calm tune while relaxing in the shade and drinking a beverage.

Do you have happy music that brightens the day and prepare you for the summer? This song is perfect for you. It’s a classic song that focuses much on having fun and appreciating the seasons and all it gives: heat, quality time, and perfect memories.

“Heat of The Moment” – Asia

When we are in the center of a conflict and need to be the better humans and reconcile before it’s too late, is a new sort of heat. The song was the band’s first hit, and it reached the fourth position on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1982.

At the start of the track, the powerful guitars serve as a great transition into a softer apology. The lyrics about a man who realizes that the nasty things he said were misinterpreted fit John Payne’s voice perfectly.

“Burnin’ For You” – Blue Oyster Cult

Do you often think like you are going through the motions of life, oblivious to what’s going on around you? If that’s the case, you are not alone, and we’ve got just the tune.

The song’s protagonist passes through life without pausing to choose what it all means. He’s lost all control of his activities and feels like a comet scorching through the days.

“This Planet’s on Fire (Burn in Hell)” – Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar, your red-clad weatherman, is here with a planetary prediction that will terrify you. If you are hearing him correctly, it seems that our wicked acts are to blame for the extreme heat. Indeed, our selfish ways have sentenced the whole world to burn eternally. Now is the time to drink, right?

“Hot “N” Cold” – Katy Perry

Is there anything more annoying than someone who cannot make up their mind? This behavior is commonly known as ‘hot and cold,’ and Katy Perry has a song about dealing with someone like that.

The song is about an inconsistent guy, as he is into her one day and doesn’t bother her the next. It does not look easy to maintain a deep connection with someone like this.

“Kokomo” – The Beach Boys

Envision a scenario where anything you find is love and compassion, and you forget about your concerns. If you want to go somewhere like that, Kokomo is the place to go.

The iconic beach tune had to be included in a playlist like this. The lyrics explain the narrative of two lovers who plan to go to Kokomo, a warm island where they can focus on their life and make lasting memories.

“Sun Is Shining” – Bob Marley

Bob Marley is usually a good option when temperatures are scorching. His calm reggae feel is so soothing that it makes you forget it is very hot outside. The song is about a new day and all the possibilities ahead. The theme is happiness and encouraging people to have joy every time.

Marley’s voice and flair will keep you cool on the scorching summer days. Sitting in the backyard with a cold drink while enjoying the tune is the best feeling if the heat index is through the roof.

“Some Like It Hot” – Power Station

Since love experience feels like heat, some people avoid it for fear of being burned. The song shows the stress a person can undergo when deciding whether or not to pursue a relationship with their romantic lead.

Although this kind of strain can seem like rising heat, the song urges us to pursue our emotions and enjoy a little warmth.

“Love is Like a Heatwave” – Martha and the Vandellas

Attachment to someone can have a powerful effect on our mind and body, and we can even experience our body temperature increase. At least, that’s what our vocalist thinks.

Martha Reeves sings about how this intense passion influences her in this cheerful pop song. She can notice her temperature increasing as the guy turns her on.

“On Fire” – Van Halen

Okay, we have had enough talking about the weather. You could always embrace the heat if you didn’t fight it. At least it appears to be Eddie Van Halen’s motto as he tries to equal the sun’s energy on the searing guitar excursion from the band’s 1978 launch. David Lee Roth has his back and a solid plan for making the most of the heat.


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