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10 Best Songs With a Profession in the Title

10 Best Songs With a Profession in the Title

Songs are therapeutic to our souls as they help relieve us from stress and inform or praise individuals. However, some songs mention professions as real jobs. But some of the titles are used as metaphors.

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The professional songs help voice different hardships with a particular job and are well echoed through dark sentiments. But which are the ten best songs with a profession in the title?

The Beatles by Doctor Robert

Doctor Robert is a composition of the Beatles band. This song became popular because of its instrumentals which are danceable and upbeat.

The song mentions various drugs, leaving fans guessing whether the title Doctor Robert is a real person or imagery. This was a banger hit, and it became a favorite song to the Beatles fans.

Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley

Bob Marley, a popular musician among the reggae fans, has various songs under his name, but the buffalo soldier stands out.

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The icon whose songs have stood the test of times and continues to be a favorite musician to different generations did this song to air grievances Africans face when they migrate to America.

This song’s lyrics have a way of capturing its audience and has a strong message to the fans.

Private Dancer by Tina Turner

This song was done in 1984 by Tina Turner, an American singer. People interpreted it differently, and some believed it was done from a prostitute’s perspective.

However, the song allowed the composer to bring out her powerful sexuality. This song has more than 34 million views on YouTube.

Hot for Teacher by Van Halen

Another best song with a profession in the title is ‘Hot for Teacher’ by Van Halen. The perfect blend of lyrics and instrumentals makes this song worthy of listening to.

Van Halen maintains her style in this song by using harmonious vocals and comments. This art piece infuses solo guitar, erratic drum plays and hype that keeps you enjoying the rest of the song.

The Scientist by Coldplay

You can also enjoy listening to this song to take your memory to the old golden days. The Coldplay uses calming vocals to sing ‘The Scientist’, enabling you to relate to the music.

The ‘scientist’, a popular song by Coldplay, helped their second album sell worldwide. It was filmed in North London and was officially launched in 2002 in the UK.

Politician by Cream

The song politician is a perfect rendition by the cream band. It has a powerful message that you can interpret from various angles.

However, the lyrics portray the politicians’ rot in America and beyond. The guitar solos can be construed as confusion and fights by political parties.

Bartender by Lady Antebellum

The bartender is the lyrical work of American country music songstress Lady Antebellum. In the video of this song which was played in a bar, the bartender gives a woman and her friends many rounds in a challenge to ‘forget his name.

But the friends end up beating up the bartender. This song was written by Dave Haywood, Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley, who were group members.

Temporary Secretary by Paul McCartney

The temporary secretary was officially released in 1980 by Paul McCartney. The song begins as an off-tune but is a great musical work with good drum patterns and voices.

Once you listen to this song, you’ll get yourself singing along with ease. This song got to the 167th position in the NME magazine as the greatest song.

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The lyrics of this song are funny and satirical at the same time. The composer used the word temporary secretary instead of secretary to gain tempo and flow of the music.

Hello Operator by The White Stripes

Hello Operator by White Stripes has been a popular song since its release in 2000. It will keep you dancing to the meticulous guitar chords. The vocals on this song are something to reckon with if you’re into sweet melodies.

Lawyers, Guns, and Money by Warren Zenon

Warren Zenon did this track in 1978 as part of his last album, ‘Excitable’. In the song, Warren is a heartbroken man.

He is willing to work with a lawyer to help him out. But desperation also makes him feel a gun can do this better if not money. It’s a perfect composition with good word flow.

Bottom line

Songs with a profession in the title are many. However, the above are the ten best songs you can listen to any time and get entertained. We hope you’ll enjoy listening to any of them and learn a few things about these musicians.