20 Best Songs About Jealousy

As self-assured as we’d like to be, many of us have experienced that “green with envy” feeling when thinking about who and what we have versus who and what we’d like to acquire.

Seething jealousy can work its way into the psyche, affecting our mental, emotional, and physical health if we don’t acknowledge it and find a way to work through this difficult emotion.

Jealousy is a part of life, and it points to some longing within oneself to improve life and improve ourselves at our core. Deep down, we know it’s not about people, things, and status–we seek inner peace and happiness that supersedes all things.

As you work out these tumultuous feelings of jealousy, consider indulging your inner child–who’s throwing a tantrum right now–and put on some of these tunes that were penned as your fellow musicians struggled to work out their own inadequacies.

Which is your favorite? Read on to add some of these songs to your “rainy day” list:

“No One Else” – Weezer

“No One Else” gives a voice to those possessive feelings about a lover that we all experienced in our youth. The lead singer’s narcissistic view of a role in a relationship has his partner living for him and him alone.

Don’t go too far down this rabbit hole, as a balanced relationship is best when both partners are free to come and go as they please.

“Every Breath You Take” – The Police

What better way to encapsulate the feeling of jealousy than to view it from the lens of a bonafide stalker?

Whether or not Sting has you in his arms, he’s going to be keeping very close tabs on you, and he’s waiting for his next chance to claim you as his own. Watch your back.

“Mr. Brightside” – The Killers

“Mr. Brightside” is the perfect blend of all negative emotions that are wrapped up in the terrible tidy package called jealousy.

Fear, anger, rage, and pain combine to form prison in the mind as the adventurer in this song realizes that he may never get what he truly desires. How ironic that this song should have such a catchy tune and cheerful beat.

“Hey Jealousy” – Gin Blossoms

The Gin Blossoms don’t beat around the bush when singing this song. They speak directly to the angry seething mess that is jealousy, calling her out on her nefarious tricks that make the most cheerful individual downright dark and deviant.

The song ends with the lead singer choosing to self-medicate to numb his pain as he continues begging jealousy to offer him a reprieve.

“Jealous Guy” – John Lennon

What song list would be complete without the masterful creations of John Lennon?

He acknowledges the destructive nature of jealousy, and after a night of overindulgent thinking that allows him to let off some steam, he gives all the hope that jealousy can be acknowledged, controlled, and then released as we choose a more peaceful existence.

“Tell Me You Love Me” – Demi Lovato

Today’s youth are all about instant gratification, feeling good in the moment, and getting our desires met constantly.

With some of these monstrous entitlements in the forefront of our minds, Demi Lovato’s song is the perfect anthem for those who are constantly looking for validation in our lives and relationships.

“You Belong With Me” – Taylor Swift 

Despite her fresh-faced demeanor, Taylor Swift has experienced quite a bit of heartbreak in her short time on stage.

This song captures an unrequited love relationship in which Swift chased after someone who was looking at another prize, and despite her repeated anthems of love, loyalty, and relationship bliss, she still cannot manage to get his attention.

“Jealous” – Labrinth

Labrinth is one of the most talented vocalists of our time, and his lyrical prowess is on full display with his rendition of “Jealous”.

Citing that he is even “jealous of the rain that touches her skin”, he just can’t seem to get enough of his lover as he tries to get closer to her than is humanly possible.

“Love Yourz” – J. Cole

Choosing to embrace a positive message about taking responsibility for one’s life, J.Cole tells his own story about a failed attempt at carving out a career in the NBA and choosing to focus is ambition on a successful career in music.

Someone will always be better, but that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the life we have been given and live it to our fullest.

“Jealous” – Beyonce

How is it possible that Beyonce could be jealous of another woman on this planet?

Maybe her hubby is just not satisfied with one queen, and as she laments a failed intimate dinner, she attempts to make him jealous by calling an old flame and creating some sparks herself. You go, girl.

Regardless of how you choose this list, know that throwing yourself headlong into the myriad of emotions this music is likely to evoke is far healthier than other alternatives for expressing jealousy. Work it out, and enjoy some amazing tunes at the same time.

“That’s Him Over There” – Nina Simone

We are diving into this with an oldie from the jazz queen herself, Ms. Nina Simone. She talks of how she wishes she is the girl her man is in love with.

The song expresses regret over how she handled the situation and the extreme lengths she went to to try and win him back. The smooth sax on the song makes it ideal and relatable to different people. She concludes each verse by stating,” That’s Him Over There.’’

“The Girl is Mine” – Michael Jackson ft. Paul McCartney

We have all had a spell where we broke up with someone but claimed them as our own. In most cases, if the former partner has moved on, your attention will create tension.

”The Girl is Mine’’ reflects a back and forth between the ex-boyfriend and the current lover as they both lay claim on one woman. The ex-lover seems to be holding on to past promises and hopes he still has a chance.

“Before He Cheats” – Carrie Underwood

Jealousy is an ugly trait that, when left unchecked, can lead to level-headed people to do some dangerous and even illegal things.

Even though the guy in question does cheat on the girl, she is jealous that his new love interest can be considered a better replacement. The beautiful Carrie then goes on a destruction rampage before finally accepting the new situation.

“Jealous” – Nick Jonas

The paranoia that comes with jealousy is unmatched and, in most cases, downright unreasonable. The guy in question feels that his lover is too sexy and beautiful and men want her with is annoying for him.

He creates situations in his head where he would fight for her if another man even tried to look at her in a longing way. He shows how jealous he gets and the extent he is willing to go.

“Green Is The Color” – Pink Floyd

The mere act of being jealous makes you blind to facts, and you become more prone to assumptions.

There are references in the song that demonstrate how envy affects your mind to the extent of seeing things that are not necessarily true or real. Green is the color that clearly demonstrates how blind people become when envy strikes.

“Who Is He?” – Bill Withers

Who Is He? The all-so-familiar question he will ask when jealousy starts creeping in. The sheer and utter rage that emanates from the thought of another person having his lady is bewildering to him.

He feels so much jealousy that he acts out when another man stares at his lover, and she turns away, angering him. The song also seems to insinuate that his envy is brought about by his view that she is too much for one man, yet he is unwilling to share her with another.

“Ring The Alarm” – Beyonce

First off, sirens are blaring throughout the song, indicating the alarms she perceives in her head, both real and imagined.

She is jealous that another woman will replace and wear the clothes meant to be hers and live in the house she was meant to live in. Ring the Alarm beautiful brings across how territorial people get when envious.

“Jealous Again” – The Black Crowes

When people get jealous and most of the time will try to cover this fact with meaningless drinking and false affirmations.

The misery involved in envy is annoying to him, especially when she doesn’t seem to recognize or acknowledge his pain. This tune paints it ever so delicately how envy destroys you from within if not put in check.

“When It Was Me” – Paula DeAnda

The height of envy is when she tries to play down all the physical attributes her ex-lover’s new flame possesses.

She also feels cheated because he never expressed the same with her, and since they broke up, the former lover doesn’t care about how she is doing. This song is a sad tale of jealousy that leaves her in a state of fantasy and anger at the same time.

“Treat You Better” – Shawn Mendes

Sometimes envy does not need to be a person hurling insults; sometimes, it can be the quiet rage that makes you degrade a person you claim to love.

Treat you Better describes a twisted form of jealousy that may be at times misconstrued as affection. In some cases, extreme envy will lead to domestic abuse and great harm from the envious partner, leading to devastating effects.


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