20 Best Songs About Lying and Liars

Lying is understood and expressed by singers (and listeners) of every musical genre. Here are 20 remarkable songs about lying.

“I Love the Way You Lie” – Eminem feat. Rihanna

Eminem was inspired to create the song when he overheard an argument between two people in serious relationships with other people who used hurtful words because they were mad their significant other had done them wrong.

Rihanna’s lyrics make this a duet, with each taking turns singing the verses. The beat is dark and slow-paced, which reflects how heavy the lies they refer to are. Contrasting this with the hook, which is catchy and slow, makes each line feel more impactful than if it had been sung with a faster beat.

“Bad Liar” – Selena Gomez

A song about how it’s hard to trust someone when they keep lying: Selena explains that she knows everything about this person, so why can’t they just admit what’s going on. she wants to be able to trust them completely because her relationship can’t grow if it’s built on a lie. She also hints that she might be a bad liar herself.

“Love Lies” – Khalid

This is written about the relationship between Khalid and his mother. He talks about how their lives would be better if they had more money, but he knows that the problems they’re facing it’s also causing conflict in their relationship because she doesn’t want him to worry. Khalid feels torn between being there for her and going out with friends because he knows she’ll be gone before he gets home.

“Liar” – Camila Cabello

Camila wrote this about an ex boyfriend who cheated on her, but she questions if they truly broke up because he was cheating. She talks about how his lies make it really hard to believe anything else he tells her and that even though she can’t trust him, she still misses him. The lyrics are super catchy and very relatable.

“How do You Sleep” – Sam Smith

Sam Smith wrote this about his ex-boyfriend cheating on him with 13 men, which is the most important line in the song. Sam talks about how he was all alone while it happened and that now he can’t sleep at night because of these feelings. He sings about hating himself for staying with him, even though he knew it wasn’t right. He is extremely hurt by what has happened, so this song is very sad.

“Lie to Me” – 5 Seconds of Summer

5sos did a really good job of covering the song and making it their own, but did keep some lyrics from the original version like “There’s no point in telling all the lies I’m telling you, cause baby all we got is everything and nothing”.

They sing about how their partner tells them they’re overreacting, even though it’s just a lie to make themselves feel better. The lyrics are amazing, and it has a really good beat! They also put a different spin on the song as opposed to just being sad, so it’s also an upbeat cover.

“Lies” – Black Keys

This is a very groovy song! It almost has a jazzy sound to it, which I love. The lyrics are very simple but say so much. They talk about how lies are all over the place, and people make them up faster than they can take them back. It is very catchy and has an amazing sound! The Lyrics are also very true, which makes it a great song. Black Keys did a great job making this song sound like all of their others, but it was still very unique and fit the theme perfectly.

“Lie” – NF

NF talks about being in a relationship with someone that he loves, but they always have to lie about their whereabouts and who they’re doing it with. He sings about how lying is not good for a relationship and how he just wants the truth to finally come out. The lyrics are very powerful, and this song has an amazing beat! NF has such a good voice and knows how to get his message across.

“You Lie” – The Band Perry

This song is about how some people think they can tell you what you want to hear and that there’s no way of proving it. The Band Perry sings about how their partner is always lying to them and saying things just because they know it will get a reaction from them, but in the end, the truth will come out. This song is very catchy and has a really fun beat! It is also very relatable because you can always feel like someone’s lying to you, even if they’re not.

“Beautiful Liar” – Beyonce and Shakira

This song is about how much they hate being lied to. They sing about never wanting to see the person again because of all the lies that have happened between them, but at the same time, they still love them. It’s very catchy and has a more upbeat sound than some of these other songs! The beat is also really fun, and it has some very powerful lyrics.

“Little Lies” – Fleetwood Mac

It’s unclear who Christine McVie wrote this about. In this song, she says the relationship she’s in is built on little lies. She wants to go back in time and fix her mistakes.

She knows she can’t and she should step away from it, but she struggles internally. Even though she knows she shouldn’t, she wants to keep the relationship alive. She wants to hear those “sweet little lies.”

“Lips are Movin’” – Meghan Trainor

Some sources say that this song was inspired by disagreements with Trainor’s record label, but others say it was about a significant other.

Regardless, Trainor talks about calling someone out on his lies. She implies that everything he says is full of lies in this catchy chorus. Trainor explains that she’s not “dumb” or “stupid” and that sweet-talking won’t save him.

“Lyin’ Eyes” – Eagles

Glenn Frey and Don Henley came up with the song while watching a beautiful woman with a noticeably older, wealthy man. The folksy sounds blend well with the story of infidelity. The woman doesn’t love the man she’s with and cheats on him often.

He knows she’s lying about who she visits, and the man she cheats with knows she’s lying when she says she’ll come back to him. Even though she says the right words, both men can see she’s lying. They can see it in her eyes.

“Take It On the Run” – REO Speedwagon

The music makes this song sound like a love ballad, but the first lines describe a man hearing rumors of his lady “messin’ around” and her lying about it.

He doesn’t appear to believe it, but by the chorus, he says if it’s true, she should leave and not come back. By the second verse, he seems convinced that she’s “thinking up her white lies.” The chorus gets revisited a few times and it seems he’s certain she’s lying to him.

“Bad Liar” – Imagine Dragons

Written about a broken marriage, Dan Reynolds talks about his partner’s difficult year and how it’s been loveless. The music starts with a playful melody that comes across as a little sad.

In the beginning, he tells her to trust him. By the end of the song, he pleads for her to believe him. He doesn’t want her to find out that he’s a bad liar, but by the end, she knows.

“White Liar” – Miranda Lambert

The song is about a woman who knows she’s being lied to but doesn’t know why. Lambert talks about uncovering the truth “a little at a time.”

The country singer mentions the other women he’s been lying to, saying she wouldn’t want to be him if they found him out. She talks about lies spreading like fire, and Lambert concludes the song by admitting that she has been lying, too.

“Jive Talkin’” – the Bee Gees

“Jive Talkin’” is a phrase used to mean that someone is lying. Apparently, the Bee Gees didn’t know this, so they changed the original lyrics from “you dance with your eyes” to “you’re telling me lies.”

Barry Gibb sings about a woman telling him lies and embarrassing him. The music does sound gleeful, so it seems he’s made peace with the lies.

“Would I Lie to You” – The Eurythmics

This jazzy tune poses a question from beginning to end. The song is about how the singer wants to leave her lover. She says that her friends know the truth: that when she leaves, it will be for good.

She talks about how she put up with his act for too long and how she was dodging the truth from him until she was ready to leave.

“Honesty” – Billy Joel

This slow-paced song by Billy Joel talks about lies in terms of honesty. In the lyrics, Joel pleads for honesty from someone dear to him.

It’s unclear who this someone is, but it’s pretty clear that it’s not a lover or a friend. He talks about how sympathy is easier to come by than sincerity because everyone is so untrue.

“A Beautiful Lie” – Thirty Seconds to Mars

Used to promote the TV series “Lie to Me,” the song establishes that all lies aren’t ugly. Some lies hide the ugly, like the lies people tell themselves.

The music alternates between soft and heavy sounds as the singer struggles with the lies that make up his life. He calls it a game and tells himself that’s what it is.


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