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10 Emotional Songs About 9/11

10 Emotional Songs About 9/11
TRIGGER WARNING: This article, or pages it links to, contains information which may be upsetting to some people. If you are experiencing distress, grief or depression please consider visiting Mental Health America or calling them on (703) 684-7722I for support. For readers outside the U.S. we recommend searching the web for support in your area.

The great thing about music is that it can make someone feel more than one thing at once — sad, angry, funny, triumphant, or even happy. It can be hard to find the words to express everything one feels.

In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, it’s clear that many people have a lot to say. Music has a unique voice, unlike any other media format, and it can speak volumes and spark important discussions.

The songs about 9/11 are truly powerful and moving in their message and meaning.

When The World Stopped by Alan Jackson

This is a popular country song; it is a sad song about 9/11. It’s a ballad that tells a story of the events during the tragedy on September 11th, 2001. It talks about how people were spending their time watching the news on TV and listening to the radio.

It also talks about how they could not believe what was happening at first, but soon they realized it was happening. Some lines within the song state that people felt their world had stopped. 

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9/11 by Wyclef Jean featuring Mary J. Blige

 It was written as a response to the September 11th attacks. The song was written by Jean and Blige, who also produced the track with Jerry Duplessis. “9/11” is a hip-hop ballad, with lyrics addressing the pain of those affected by the attacks.

The track reached number 30 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and number 10 on the UK Singles Chart. 

9/11 Freestyle Rap by Jay-Z

When the song was first released, it was aggressive, and people thought Jay-Z should be arrested. Jay-Z goes into a freestyle rap about how he feels about 9/11. He expresses his anger at how America was quick to bomb Afghanistan and Iraq but not quick enough to find Bin Laden.

As well as this, he also asks how America expects them to feel when they are in a war that has killed over 3000 innocent people from their country.

He then expresses his views on how America has become more concerned about security than freedom and democracy, a feeling that many other citizens share throughout America. 

Sacrificed Sons by Dream Theater

It’s a song about the sacrifice soldiers when they’re sent off to war, and it’s like they can’t write an anti-war song without writing an anti-religious one too.

The lyrics are so powerful and emotional. It goes against some people’s whole “glory of martyrdom” thing. The song is about 9/11; however, it was written before the event took place. 

Politik by Coldplay

Coldplay sang “Politik,” and it was about the Iraq invasion. It is on the album “Parachutes,” released in 2000, written by Chris Martin and the band’s lead guitarist Jonny Buckland. The song was striking because of its musical simplicity and because it was a hit.

The lyrics of this song are filled with references to American politics. The world is compared to a stage by the singer. Politicians, he claims, are performers who aren’t as significant as the public believes. 

9/11 by Lady Gaga

9/11 is a hit by Lady Gaga, produced on August 21st, 2011, as the fourth single from her second studio album Born This Way (2011).. The song’s lyrics dealt with emergency services and were inspired by Gaga witnessing her fans’ struggles.

Gaga explained that she “wanted to write [a song] to give the listener a sense of empowerment.” It contains electro and techno music influences while borrowing lyrics from the American folk song “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

The song has received mixed reviews. Some critics praised its dance-pop nature and the lyrics, while others criticized its use of autotune. 

Around My Way by Talib Kweli

The song is a tribute to the police officers, volunteers and firefighters who died on 9/11. This song also shows the feelings of Americans who were angry with Osama Bin Laden’s attacks.

This song was not just about 9/11, but also it was a great way to show how we are all brothers and sisters of America because this attack struck everyone’s heart. Talib Kweli said that he wrote the song after hearing about September 11th.

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He claimed that 90% of Americans did not know how to react to the situation and felt powerless as citizens. 

Patiently Waiting by 50 Cents & Eminem

Fifty cent and Eminem released a song called “Patiently waiting” that directly mentions 9/11. The lyrics mention the World Trade Center attacks. The chorus repeats, “I’m patiently waiting for you to blow up New York City again.”

This particular song stands out because it was released before the attacks had even happened, but it immediately took on a new meaning afterward. 

Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z

One of the most popular songs in the world right now is “Empire State of Mind,” a song by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys that celebrates New York City’s resilience in the face of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.

The song starts with the line: “In New York, you’re either number one or your number two. There’s no in-between.” It then describes how New York was named after a man who saw it as an opportunity to become rich and famous.

The song has a few seconds of silence at one point where someone can hear someone screaming; this seems to be there for dramatic effect. It is supposed to remind people of those terrible moments when people realized what was happening and tried desperately to escape from the falling towers. 

America Rocks by Monty Milne

In 2001, Monty Milne’s America Rocks were one of the only songs to deal with the issues raised by 9/11. The song had a certain amount of controversy.

Some people argued that it wasn’t fair to link 9/11 with the Kennedy assassination, Vietnam, or the Cold War.

The song is about big events that are not supposed to happen anymore, like political assassination and nuclear war. And about how these things have changed people. 

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Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the events of 9/11 reshaped the world for those affected by the September 11th tragedy. Partially remembered, but never forgotten – these are the songs that will forever remind people of the darkest day in the country’s history.

Whether someone believes that music is a form of expression with no real rules or limitations, it has always been a wonderful way for artists to express themselves and let the listener see through their eyes.

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