10 Best Songs About Monday 

Mondays are for those who want to make a fresh start, while others choose to take it easy after a long weekend. Various singers have written songs about Mondays to assist their listeners in resuming their weekly routine after the weekend. Here are the best songs about Monday.

“Monday Morning” – Fleetwood Mac

This song by Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Buckingham was released in 1975 on their tenth album. When Mac and his girlfriend at the time, Stevie Nicks, were asked to join Fleetwood Mac, they were recording and had issued one album. The song is about a person who is head over heels in love with a girl and will go to any length to win her over, but she refuses to commit to him.

“Blue Monday” – New Order

Bernard Sumner, the band’s guitarist and main singer wrote and released this song in 1983. During the song’s recording, they all admitted to being under the effects of LSD. When asked about the significance of the song’s lyrics, Peter Hook of New Order remarked it was one of those tunes where Barney just went for it.

However, the song is thought to be about substance abuse, childhood abuse, or a broken relationship, and how individuals feel in these situations. The song serves as a gentle reminder to listeners that they should be loved and treated with respect no matter what they are going through.

“Manic Monday” – The Bangles

The Bangles performed and released this song in 1986, written by Prince. Prince’s lifestyle is unique in that he cannot relate to the daily grind, which he mocks in this song. In the song, he encounters a young lady who is worried about being late for work and is attempting in futility to arrive on time.

In the last stanza of the son, it is revealed that the lady is late because she and her lover, who doesn’t work, were having an intimate night, making her late to wake up in the morning. The song is relatable to those who find it difficult to return to work after a relaxing weekend away from the office.

“Come Monday” – Jimmy Buffet

This song, written and released by Jimmy Buffett in 1974, speaks about the time he had to spend away from his family due to his musical lifestyle. He penned this song for Jane, his future wife, whom he missed while on tour. Although the song has a sorrowful tone because Jimmy is away from his wife and family, he expresses hope that he will be able to visit his followers. This song is a dedication to Jimmy’s fans, reminding them that there is always something positive to look up to in any scenario.

“I Don’t like Mondays” – The Boomtown Rats

In 1979, this song was released, bemoaning the workweek’s start. Brenda, a 16-year-old, is the subject of the song. Brenda claims she started shooting because she doesn’t like Mondays and was doing it for fun to get through the day when she was arrested and interviewed by a reporter. Although Brenda’s actions are inhumane, the song represents how most people feel on Mondays, irritable and melancholy because it is the first day of the week, and people are back to work after the weekend.

“Rainy Days and Mondays” – The Carpenters

This song by Paul Williams and Roger Nichols was released in 1971. Williams began his career as an actor before becoming a songwriter, and after a few years in the industry, he took in his mother, a widow and elderly. Williams was determined to look after his mother and ensure that she never had to work again.

Williams’ mother believed in him and was always there for him, even when his career did not take off as he had hoped and his mother had to seek employment. The song was inspired by the difficult times Williams faced in his acting career, but he eventually overcame and emerged better than before.

“I Don’t Have To Be Me Til’ Monday” – Steve Azar

Azar wrote this song, which was published in 2001. The song’s inspiration came from Azar’s college roommate. The roommate was a talented individual who had established a business successfully. He was, however, coping with the stress that comes with running a business. Because the roommate is from Nashville, where taking time off for self-growth and reenergizing is encouraged, he would be off work for the weekend and not think about work until Monday. The song is a homage to Steve’s fans, emphasizing the importance of taking time away from work for mental, social, and physical well-being. Breaks should be taken whenever practicable to avoid becoming fatigued in the workplace.

“Monday Mourning Meltdown” – Gov’t Mule

The singer Warren, the author and guitarist for the song, released it in 2009. The band had tried a number of different approaches to that song before settling on the middle section being jazzy and hallucinogenic, which was something they had never done before.

Additionally, the song is a great addition to a list of the finest songs about running that are fun to listen to while jogging or working out. The song is also a dedication to the band’s fans, encouraging them to feel at ease when moving outside of their comfort zones, as it is by taking chances that one may measure growth.

“She Left On A Monday” – Bic Runga

This song was included on Bic’s second album, released in July 2002. This song was written with in-depth insights into how to dump a man, according to David Hutcheons. The song is one-of-a-kind because a personal experience inspired it. The song is dedicated to fans in an unhealthy relationship where they feel compelled to leave but don’t know how to do so.

“Clean Monday” – Will Butler

Will Butler composed, composed, and released this song in 2015. This song was inspired by a tale about Greece’s debt crisis, in which Butler expressed a great urge to speak about how he was cheering for Greece and how he believed that people didn’t want Greece to leave the Eurozone and fail on its debts.

Butler thought it was a coincidence that Greek ministers were scrambling to figure out how to escape rigorous austerity on the first day of Lent. The song represents a fresh start after a setback in the pursuit of change, no matter how bad things are.

Final Thoughts

Symbolism is a style that most musicians use in their songs, given that different musicians use different styles in their songs. Mondays symbolize something else in some of these songs, which the fans should figure out if the musician does not bring it down for them.


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