31 Best Songs about Home and Hometowns

Whether you’re missing home or celebrating hometown pride, these songs about home will hit the spot. Although home may mean different things for different people, we all know that there is truly no place like home. Regardless of where you grew up, home is typically where the heart is. Songs about leaving your hometown, missing home, or returning home are popular topics.

Whether it’s a place filled with fond memories or lessons learned, home is a place many of us wish to get back to. These songs aim to embody those feelings of nostalgia and remind listeners that it is never too late to go back home. Here are ten songs you may want to add to your journey home playlist.

Our Top Picks for Best Songs About Home

“Sweet Home Alabama” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Although this song may be considered a country tune, no one can make a list of songs about home without including it. As such a classic, this song reminds people that home is where the heart is.

As one of the top records made about home, it is widely used to convey a nostalgic feeling across the big screen and television shows. Therefore, it is imperative that is included on this list of top ten songs about home.

While this song was originally released in 1989, its timeless melody has remained a popular sensation for music lovers across the world.

“On Wisconsin” – Bob Dylan and Trapper Schoepp

In our interview with him, singer-songwriter Trapper Schoepp explains the origins of this tribute to his home state, “I was reading Rolling Stone one day and I see this story that says ‘Lost Bob Dylan lyrics about Wisconsin found’ and I immediately just was shook by it.

I sat down at the baby grand piano that serendipity landed in my lap and I wandered off into a dream-like state that I think a lot of songwriters drift into, sort of a fog, when you’re trying to imagine a character or a voice.

The character I was thinking of was the character in the song, which is a drifter sort, who’s pining for the dairy state, which is Wisconsin, my homeland where I grew up.”

The song is a beautiful tribute to his home and as a testament to the song’s power, the famously reclusive Bob Dylan gave him permission to record it.

“Homesick at Space Camp” – Fall Out Boy

This upbeat rock ballad is another song this list could not be made without. Homesick at Space Camp speaks on the emotions of missing home as it’s the place of fondness. If you are feeling a bit homesick, you may definitely connect with this melodic rendition.

“Homeward Bound” – Simon and Garfunkel

Centered on the premise of missing home while on the road, many people fell in love with this song for its relative nature. Although it was written by a famous rockstar, everyone can attest to the feeling of being away from home for work purposes.

While I am sure there is tons of fun to be had while on the road on tour, Simon and Garfunkel put home life into perspective. There is truly nothing like going home to your love ones. Although home can mean many different things, this song embodied home in such a positive perspective.

“The House That Built Me” – Miranda Lambert

Another song on the list is one for the books. Although it is technically a country song, the message behind this charmful beauty is a universal one. This lovely ballad is moving to say the least.

It evokes a nostalgic feeling and memories of simpler times. If you are looking for a trip down memory lane, then you may want to give this one a listen. This song also highlights home in a fond light. The singer Miranda digs deep into her personal memories to deliver this lighthearted tune.

“Home” – Michael Buble

Another song that eludes a tender reminder of nostalgia is Home by Michael Buble. In his rendition, Buble speaks on home as a place of love. Its ability to touch the heart has inspired several artists to cover the song with their own personal flares.

If you are feeling a bit nostalgic, play this record for a sweet reminder of what is waiting for you on the home line.

“Hometown Glory” – Adele

Another noteworthy anthem that will evoke a ton of nostalgic emotions is Hometown Glory by Adele. This riveting and upbeat tune speaks volumes to the definition of going home.

This song is pure perfection as Adele pours her soul into every lyric, conveying the depth of her range and emotions. Whether you enjoy the sweet vibrant melody of the song or the lovely message behind it, this song is a must have for your playlist.

“Homegrown” – Zac Brown Band

This upbeat country groove is another great song for your playlist. Its smooth tune is perfect for easy listening. Furthermore, this song speaks on home in a content light and aura of enjoyment.

While the other songs that were previously noted evoke feelings of nostalgia, Homegrown is an anthem of pride. The Zac Brown Band gives a perfect description of what country small town living looks like for them.

“Almost Home” – Mariah Carey

This upbeat tune is a reminder to keep going and persevere. It speaks on home in the sense of being a place of achievement.

Although it is very different from the other songs that were previously noted, it will add a bit of diversity to your playlist. Whether you appreciate its positive message or its upbeat sound, you are sure to like this tune.

“Take Me Home” – Phil Collins

This upbeat classic melody from the 80s is a playlist favorite for several reasons. From its beautiful melody to its catchy tune, this song is perfect for journeys home on the open road.

If you are feeling a bit nostalgic, this song will definitely remind you of the good ole’ times you had back home. The artist Collins conveys how home is a safe place away from the world as he pleads to be taken home.

“My Way Home is Through You” – My Chemical Romance

In this rock anthem, My Chemical Romance equates home to tender love. The song speaks of getting home through the love of a person.

Therefore, in this rendition home does not refer to a specific place, but speaks to the feeling of comfort and peace. However, this is definitely a song worth including on your playlist.

“Don’t Stay Home” – 311

Released as the first single from their third self-titled album, this song peaked at number 29 in the Billboards in 1995. Its lyrics encourage listeners not to stay at home, and instead get out in the world to see what they are missing. The album also featured more popular hits like “Down” and “All Mixed Up.”

“Who Says You Can’t Go Home?” – Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora both wrote and performed this song off their 2006 Have a Nice Day album. The song is specifically about Bon Jovi’s home, which is, of course, in the state of New Jersey. Due to the nature of its video (showing Habitat for Humanity workers building homes for those less fortunate), it has also become a symbol for rebuilding homes and supporting Americans. There is also a duet version that features Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland.

“Small Town” – John Mellencamp

Mellencamp’s ode to small-town life in Seymour, Indiana came off his 5x platinum (in the US) fourth album, Scarecrow. The song has been used (or attempted to have been used) countless times over the last three decades, including as recently as Michael Bloomberg’s 2020 presidential campaign. Unlike many of his songs, which focus on the plights of Americans, this song is a great deal more upbeat.

“Mama, I’m Coming Home” – Ozzy Osbourne

One of Osbourne’s, who is much more famous for his heavy metal songs, rare power ballads, this song came off his 1991 No More Tears album. It was and still remains to be his only top 40 single as a solo artist. Contrary to the noun used in the song, it is actually a dedication to his wife Sharon, and is actually a phrase he used to say to her at the end of tours.

“Our House” – Madness

This pop/ska tune was released in 1982 from the band’s fourth studio album, The Rise and Fall. While this was their one and only hit in the US, reaching number seven in the Billboards, the British band was extremely popular in their home country and continues to release new music and tour to this day. The song was used as the theme for a British TV show in 1985 and even had a musical based around the song.

“Home Sweet Home” – Motley Crue

While this song came off bad boy heavy metal band Motley Crue’s third studio album, Theatre of Pain, it was re-released by the band in a 1991 compilation album and has since been covered several times from an assortment of artists, like Linkin Park, Carrie Underwood, and Limp Bizkit. The power ballad only peaked at number 89 in its original release, but hit 37 in 1991.

“Take Me Home Tonight” – Eddie Money

By far, Eddie Money’s greatest hit in the US, this song came from his sixth studio album, Can’t Hold Back, released in 1986. It is widely believed to have saved Money’s career, which had been slowly declining over the years, as his drug abuse slowly increased. Not only does it sample from 1963’s “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes, but it also features Ronnie Spector, the lead vocalist of the band, and briefly revitalized her career as well.

“My House” – Flo Rida

Released as the third single from the My House EP in 2015, the song had a slow start in the charts. But after several highly-publicized performances on Jimmy Fallon, a Pizza Hut Superbowl commercial, and then for WrestleMania 32, it quickly moved up in the charts and became the second-best-selling song of 2016. It was also featured in the 2017 movie, The House, starring Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell.

“I’m Already There” – Lonestar

This country-pop single came off the band’s fourth album, I’m Already There. Released in March 2001, after 9/11, the song was widely associated with military deployments, as its lyrics speak of always be there for family, even if only in spirit. It was inspired by a telephone conversation the lead singer had with his son while out on tour.

“Little Talks” – Of Monsters and Men

“Little Talks” was the first single from the Icelandic band’s first album, 2011’s My Head is an Animal. The song is about a widowed woman speaking to her deceased husband while walking through the house they lived in together. Lead singer Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir says it is loosely based on the couple that previously lived in her own home.

“Home” – Daughtry

Chris Daughtry became a hit rock recording artist after his success on the singing competition show ‘American Idol.’ Daughtry’s modern rock hit “Home” was released in the year 2006 as a part of Chris Daughtry’s self-titled album ‘Daughtry.’ It was the second single released from the record, after “It’s Not Over.” It has also been covered by Kian Egan and by the Kidz Bop Kidz.

“I’ll Name the Dogs” – Blake Shelton

The country song “I’ll Name The Dogs” is all about moving in and finding home with someone you love. The song was written by songwriters Matt Dragstrem, Ben Hayslip, and Josh Thompson. It was released in 2017 as a part of the full-length album ‘Texoma Shore.’ Other popular song releases from Blake Shelton include “Nobody But You,” “Honey Bee,” and Boys ‘Round Here.

“Home” – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Indie folk-pop hit “Home” was released by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in the year 2009. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros were formed in Los Angeles California in the year 2007.

The song “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros was featured in the full-length film ‘Jesus Henry Christ.’ It was nominated for a World Music Award for World’s Best Song and a World Music Award for World’s Best Video. The song is about finding the feeling of home with another person, no matter where you might be geographically.

“Photograph” – Nickleback

The pop-rock song “Photograph” by Nickleback is all about reminiscing on fond hometown memories. In the song, lead vocalist Chad Kroeger sings about his childhood friends and stories. The song “Photograph” was released in the year 2005 as a part of the full-length Nickleback album ‘All the Right Reasons.’ Other popular songs from the Canadian band Nickleback include “Far Away,” “How You Remind Me,” and “Rockstar.”

“Hold On, We’re Going Home” – Drake ft Majid

The song “Hold On We’re Going Home” was released by the Canadian rapper and R&B singer Drake in the year 2013. It also features the artist Majid. “Hold On We’re Going Home” was included on the full-length album ‘Nothing Was the Same.’ This song has also been covered by the rock band The Artist Monkeys and by Christina Grimmie. Other popular songs from the artist Drake include “Hotline Bling,” “Started from the Bottom,” and “In My Feelings.”

“Christmas Tree Farm” – Taylor Swift

The song “Christmas Tree Farm” by Taylor Swift is all about holiday memories at home. Taylor Swift’s hometown Christmas tree farm sets the scene for this charming holiday song. “Christmas Tree Farm” was released by Taylor Swift in the year 2019. This song is not just a song about home in general; it is actually a song about Taylor Swift’s real-life home.

“Lego House” – Ed Sheeran

This song is not about a real home but about a lego home. The legos serve as a metaphor in this difficult breakup song. The music video for Ed Sheeran’s “Lego House” stars Harry Potter series star and Ed Sheeran lookalike Rupert Grint. “Lego House was released in the year 2011 as a part of the album “+.” It was nominated for an MTV Music Video award for Best Male Video.

“Take Me Home, Country Roads” – John Denver

The song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver is about returning home to the state of West Virginia. “Take Me Home, Country Road” was written Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert, and John Denver. The song was released in the year 1971 as a part of the record ‘Poems, Prayers, and Promises.’ Other popular songs by John Denver include “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” “Rocky Mountain High,” and “Sunshine on my Shoulder.”

“Happy Home” – Hedegaard and Lukas Graham

Hedegaard Lukas Graham’s pop hit “Happy Home” was released in the year 2015 as a part of the album ‘Lukas Graham (Blue Album).’ The song was made collaboratively by the electronic dance music artist Hedegaard and the pop singer Lukas Graham. This song is about Lukas Graham’s late father.

“Homecoming” – Kanye West, featuring Chris Martin

The song “Homecoming” by Kanye West, featuring Chris Martin was released in the year 2007. “Homecoming” is the twelfth song on the full-length Kanye West album ‘Graduation.’ Other popular Kanye West songs include “Good Life,” “Good Morning,” and “The Glory.”


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