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10 Best Songs by the Black Crowes

10 Best Songs by the Black Crowes

The Black Crowes is a timeless bluesy rock group whose hits are still resonant nearly three decades after the band’s debut album. When The Black Crowes released its first single “Jealous Again,” the year was 1990 and frontman Chris Robinson was a mere 23 years of age.

The fanbase of The Black Crowes spans all ages and people who aren’t necessarily rock music aficionados appreciate the talent of this band. Although the group hasn’t released new material in some time, they are still drawing huge crowds at live shows. 

So, what are the top ten best songs from rock group The Black Crowes? Only the most classic of their releases could be considered, although some fans will agree that any one album contains their top ten favorites. 

1. The Remedy

“Remedy” is a song that perfectly marries both soulful lyrics with straightforward bluesy rock and roll. The back-up singers only add to Robinson’s vocals on the chorus.

The guitar is blues perfection. Add to that a strong percussion rhythm, and “Remedy” is the perfect Black Crowes single. 

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2. Hard to Handle

“Hard to Handle” was so popular that it was revamped with a brass section. Some Black Crowes enthusiasts don’t particularly care for this single simply because it was overplayed on the radio (the horn section version certainly was).

Others say that “Twice as Hard” and “Hard to Handle” are really two sides of the same coin. However, “Hard to Handle” showed the vocal range of Chris Robinson, who offered both scathing vocals as well as the ability to scat the lyrics. 

3. She Talks to Angels

Perhaps the most popular Black Crowes’ song at least in the area of air play, “She Talks to Angels” is a classic tune that is so indicative of the time. The song portrays a young woman battling addiction; the single reached number two on the pop charts.

This song broke The Black Crowes into a scene where Seattle Sound was king. The Black Crowes held their own in a time when bluesy rock wasn’t quite “in.” 

4. Thorn in My Pride

“Thorn in my Pride” is another fan favorite whether it’s being played via the radio or live; in fact, some fans prefer the jam in a live setting.

Some prefer this song to the Black Crowes’ iconic “She Talks to Angels,” simply because this song didn’t garner as much radio play as “Angels” did. The instrumentation on this ballad is full and powerful. Robinson’s vocals are brilliant. 

5. Twice As Hard

This song about a love gone wrong is another fan favorite, and it garnered much radio play as well as rotations on Music Television.

Again, the bluesy intro simply pulls listeners in, and the guitar riffs sound much like Zepplin or Eric Clapton. “Twice as Hard” was also on the Shake Your Money Maker album, and it helped put the band on the musical map of the 1990s.

6. Jealous Again

Arguably, “Jealous Again,” the initial offering from The Black Crowes’ Shake Your Money Maker is a fan favorite. Brothers Chris and Rich Robinson penned the tune, and it is everything The Black Crowes has always been – straightforward, unapologetic rock.

The song hit the number five position on the Billboard Mainstream charts, but only made it to number 75 on the Billboard Hot 100. Nevertheless, rock fans love this song

7. Soul Singing

“Soul Singing” is a classic favorite for Black Crowes fans.

The song showcases Chris Robinson’s blues vocals, and the sound of the song is a great mix of Southern Rock, Classic Rock riffs, and a strong percussion backbone. At the same time, the song is all original and the arrangement is captivating. 

8. A Conspiracy

This bluesy and funky track from the Amorica album offers catchy guitar riffs as well as a strong showing of the group’s influences.

Robinson’s strong vocals set off the mesmerizing lyrics. Sounding much like Clapton, Cream, or perhaps even a little Led Zepplin, this song is classic Black Crowes. 

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9. Sometimes Salvation

The Black Crowes’ Shake Your Money Maker has always been a fan favorite, and “Sometimes Salvation” is quite reminiscent of that album.

This track is from the band’s second album, The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion and it offers the signature bluesy sound the band is renowned for. 

10. Wee Who See the Deep

This offering from the 2008 album Warpaint is a blues offering that is heavily anchored in classic rock guitar sounds.

This song is made better only by the presence of the North Mississippi All-stars’ Luther Dickinson, who lent some searing guitar riffs to the track. 

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