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10 Best Songs That Start with E

10 Best Songs That Start with E

Whether E is the “Letter of the Day” or it’s a favorite letter in the alphabet, sometimes creating a playlist is the best way to commemorate this unique vowel. Following is a list of the ten best songs that start with the letter E. 

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“Everlong” by the Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl has remained one of the most innovative rockers in the music scene ever since first appearing as a member of the band Nirvana in 1988. Founding the Foo Fighters after Kurt Cobain’s untimely death, “Everlong” became an instant radio hit in 1997.

Featuring rhythmic guitar riffs and Grohl’s soulful lyrics about true, soul-connecting love, “Everlong” is still in heavy rotation to this day and is one of their most requested songs while on tour. 

“Elevation” by U2

While many people either love or loathe U2, this iconic rock group has remained the biggest band to come out of Ireland since they first formed in 1976. “Elevation” topped the charts when it was released off of their album “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” in 2000.

With bass heavy riffs courtesy of Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr on drums, and The Edge’s iconic guitar work, it’s no wonder “Elevation” gets the crowd on their feet whenever they start to play it.

“End Game” by Taylor Swift featuring Ed Sheeran and Future

No musical list could be complete without Taylor Swift. “End Game” features lyrics of longing and lust, and could possibly be one of the catchiest tunes to hit the airwaves in 2017.

What’s particularly fun about this song is the cameos from Ed Sheeran and Future. This adds to its universal appeal and makes it one of the most popular songs in Taylor Swift’s catalog. 

“Eraser” by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is no stranger to decadence and life in the fast lane. “Eraser” speaks of the excess of fame and the night life musicians are accustomed to, and what happens when this lifestyle inevitable catches up with them.

While the beats are melodic and uplifting, the message behind this song is a great reminder about what happens when the excess of partying becomes too much. 

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“Even Flow” by Pearl Jam

An iconic band that burst out of Seattle’s grunge scene, Pearl Jam is known for their raucous live shows and dedication to their craft.

“Evenflow” is a song about a homeless man who has been shunned from the rest of society and has found acceptance in his situation. Pearl Jam has never shied away from social commentary, and “Evenflow” is a great example of this.

“Every Breath You Take” by The Police

Once considered one of the top wedding songs, “Every Breath You Take” is actually a song about a man obsessed with a woman to the point of stalking her.

While not exactly the romantic ballad people once thought it to be, it’s still pretty catchy and has remained one of The Police’s most popular songs to this day. 

“Everything I Wanted” by Billie Eilish

“Everything I wanted” is one of Billie Eilish’s most personal songs she’s ever written.

Fame is not all it’s cracked up to be, and Billie Eilish does a great job of conveying her feelings about this as she grapples with balancing her personal life with the expectations put upon pop stars.

Featuring a dreamy, ethereal beat and soft piano cords, this song is perfect for rainy days and introspection. 

“Everything You Want” by Vertical Horizon

“Everything You Want” by Vertical Horizon was one of the hottest songs on the radio in the nineties.

While Vertical Horizon has since faded in popularity, they’re still active in the live music scene. “Everything You Want” remains one of the best songs about being in love with someone and that love not being reciprocated. 

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“Everywhere” by Tim McGraw

Keeping with the theme of lost loves, “Everywhere” by Tim McGraw explores what happens when two people don’t share the same plans for their lives together and choose to go their separate ways.

In “Everywhere,” Tim McGraw sings about the love he still has for his ex and how he still “sees” her wherever he travels.

This old, familiar feeling of wondering what happened to a past love resonates with fans, and is a great song for those times when one is feeling nostalgic for the past. 

“Evergreen” by The Psychedelic Furs

This hidden gen by The Psychedelic Furs was released in summer of 2021 amid the era of lockdown and cancelled live events.

Richard Butler’s iconic voice lends depth to the lyrics which touch on the circle of life and what happens towards the end of it.

While some may think such lyrics are too sad for an iconic band known for pop hits in the eighties, this radio friendly song is sure to become a classic hit.