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10 Best Songs About Tennessee

10 Best Songs About Tennessee

From the Great Smoky Mountains to the quiet streams located deep within the state, the Residents of Tennessee have a lot to be thankful for and a lot more to sing about.

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In reality, music has captured the essence of the volunteer state perfectly, with jingles ranging from pop to country (because it is Tennessee!).

Whether a person wants to reminiscence the good times they had in Tennessee, celebrate the state, or look to utilize it in a presentation, they will have a great time listening to the songs below.

My Tennessee Mountain Home by Dolly Parton

My Tennessee Mountain Home is a delightful jingle, which validates its place of honor above this record. Dolly Parton is considered one of Tennessee’s most incredible daughters and pride, and this song showcases her deep love for the Volunteer state.

Dolly is not only the state’s heritage, but she also occupies a peculiar spot in the hearts of Tennesseans. The obsession with Dolly seems strange if you do not hail from Tennessee, but the more you learn about her, the sweeter and original she becomes.

The residents of the Volunteer state like Dolly Parton for her big heart as considerably as her music.

Dixieland Delight by Alabama

Ironically, a band named Alabama gifted the world a jingle about Tennessee.

The chime resonated with the masses so much that it became the most loved in the south and was typically sung at Crimson Tide Games.

Unfortunately, some uncouth fans ruined the song for the Volunteer residents, and it was banned in 2014.

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Girl Named Tennessee by Need To Breathe

With the Piano sounding mellow and rich with articulation and color, great backup vocals, excellent percussion, and a rocking guitar, Girl Named Tennessee is everything a person needs in a song. It is probably the most unappreciated track on this list.

Tennessee Waltz by Patti Paige

When a person thinks about a basic song regarding the Volunteer state, the Tennessee Waltz comes to mind.

The melodic tones are suitable for this slow, melancholic croon about unfaithfulness. Patti sings about introducing a close friend to the man she liked and letting him go because they dance away together.

Nashville by Noah Gundersen

Noah Gundersen is notably one of the most talented crooners of our generation. His song Nashville is beautiful and symbolic. It sounds like a piece regarding life’s tricky situations on the outlook.

However, the song is about the demise and how a person deals with it on the flip side. The song reminds you that even when experiencing misery, you should never lose sight of the grand scheme of things.

Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn

Walking in Memphis captures the essence of Tennessee, its stories, and its people.

In Marc Cohn’s jingle, there is a sense of tunes and wonder, which are hard to place into context, for it sounds like a gospel tune when it rents the air and smells like a catfish when placed on the table.

Marc did a great job penning down the lyrics because when you listen to the words, you get transported to Memphis, even if you have never been there.

Again to Tennessee by Billy Ray Cyrus

Apart from being Miley’s dad, Billy Ray is considered one of the greatest crooners of his generation.

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Again to Tennessee, was a beautiful song, which never received much attention as a heartbreak jam, yet articulates its kind of heartbreak.

Tennessee Stud by Johnny Cash

Though there have been many covers on this jingle, Johnny Cash underwent a singular design and style forged at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Tennessee Rose by Emmylou Harris

Musicians have it rough, especially if struggling to make ends meet.

Nights away on the road, which quickly turn into months and then years, can have you yearning for a rose from your home state, Tennessee.

No amount of money can offer Emmylou the joy and pride of the Volunteer state.

Maybe It Was Memphis by Pam Tillis

Pam Tillis might not be the great female artist of her generation, but we all know her hits, especially the “Maybe It Was Memphis” song.

The song had a fantastic, catchy tune that sticks with you as Pam recalls about a lover she had back in Tennessee.

Final Thought

Whether a person lives in Tennessee or not, I am sure that the hits listed do not come to them as a shock.

After all, Tennessee is the home of great American artists and the place of origin for American pop and country music.

The music hailing from the Volunteer state is melodic and relatable. Thus, making the state home to the American sound.