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10 Best Songs About Kids Growing Up

10 Best Songs About Kids Growing Up

One of the more difficult phases of life is growing up and realizing that the world isn’t everything you once thought it would be. The loss of childhood innocence is a defining moment.

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As always, the artists with a skill for crafting music find the most emotional and heartfelt ways to bring us all back to those moments when we realized that the world was forever different.

These are our picks for the best songs about kids growing up.

“Fifteen” – Taylor Swift

The first experience of heartbreak and rejection is the one that typically stings the hardest. As always, Taylor Swift knows how to relate to her fans on this topic.

The song explores the joy and bliss of blossoming into oneself as the high school years progress. Somewhere along the way, that first big crush comes along, and it doesn’t end in “happily ever after.”

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While the sting of heartbreak hurts, Swift reminds us that time moves us forward, and we always find our path in the end.

“Seasons of Love” – The Cast of RENT

From the first riffs of the piano, anybody who’s ever heard any Broadway tune instantly remembers the words to this classic.

Jonathan Larson wrote this smash hit as the midway point of his world-famous show. The song itself began to represent how people live their lives through acts of love.

Though written for a Broadway show focusing on the AIDS epidemic, this song has defined generations of kids maturing into adulthood. The lyrics inspire them to live with purpose and, especially, love.

“7 Years” – Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham took the life advice his parents gave him as a child and turned it into his meal ticket with this nostalgic look at past days.

With wise lyrics, Graham shares the knowledge his family passed along as he made his way through his childhood, eventually maturing into manhood. Once he emerged into his thirties, Graham began to ponder what the world would hold for him now that the glory days of his youth were in the rear mirror.

The relatable tune is the result of that thought process.

“Grandpa Told Me So” – Kenny Chesney

It’s not always our parents who make a massive impact on our lives as a child. Grandparents also pass along vital information about how to make a life worth living.

Country star Kenny Chesney offers an emotional look at the breadth of knowledge he gained in his youth from the experiences he shared with his grandfather. The impact made upon Chesney’s life is in the lyrics of this country song about growing up.

Anyone who misses their grandparents will easily find solace in the nostalgic vibes of this hit.

“I Hope You Dance” – LeeAnn Womack

This country hit from the 2000s will continue to find its way into graduation ceremonies for years to come.

LeeAnn Womack wrote the song specifically as a message to her children. She wished they never pass up the opportunity to experience the best parts of life, regardless of the curveballs life tries to throw.

It’s easy to feel the love Womack feels for her children in this song. Any mother wants their child to thrive and find themselves. This song is one of those perfect songs about loving your children.

“The Climb” – Miley Cyrus

Those who have followed Miley Cyrus along her career know that this song represents the moment she began to move from teenager to womanhood.

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While this song serves as a heartfelt tune for a motion picture, it became so much more. The lyrics inspire people to continue to climb the hills that life puts in their way. Cyrus empowers her listeners to never quit and always push through, no matter the obstacle.

“My Wish” – Rascal Flatts

Yet another addition to any graduation slideshow, Rascal Flatts puts in words what every parent wishes for their children as they grow.

There is something about the delivery of words by the band. The listener really feels the love and hope radiating from the lyrics.

The powerful song lyrics about their child growing up will have any proud parent in tears as they watch their kids progress through life.

“This One’s for the Girls” – Martina McBride

Martina McBride knew firsthand that growing into a woman is no easy feat. She knew girls and women everywhere needed an anthem to empower them through the process. The result was this powerhouse country hit about growing up.

The best part is this song applies to women of all ages, not just those maturing into adulthood. While this list focuses mainly on kids growing up, adults should also remember that it’s okay to continue to experience growing pains along the way.

“What a Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong

Growing up doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

This song offers a lighthearted look at all the beauty to behold in the world. Louis Armstrong’s timeless classic continues to light up the lives of children as they mature.

The lyrics offer a gentle touch of love and inspire listeners to notice all the tiniest aspects of beauty there is to behold on planet Earth. Life may not always be perfect, but the simplicity in the lyrics of this song gives listeners hope.

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“Don’t Worry Be Happy” – Bobby McFerrin

Whistling is fun and one of the best songs to practice it with is this classic song from Bobby McFerrin.

While many are introduced to it in early childhood, whether hearing it on the radio or in elementary school music class, the song warrants repeat listens at all stages in life.

McFerrin’s captivating vocals and happy beat is enough to make every stressed-out listener turn their frown upside down. The song also carries a beautiful message to choose happiness over worry.

Final Thoughts

Growing up is no easy feat for anyone. The world continues to evolve, and kids experience more stress than ever before.

Music offers everyone an escape from the harsh reality of the big, bad world. It gives us peace, empowers us to push through challenges, and reminds us that we all are working to create the best versions of ourselves.

Even adults need a reminder that growing up is a scary process. Empower yourself through the words of the songs listed above and continue to push through the barriers life throws along the way.